Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Granny Star Ghan, and Granny Square Ghan Progress...

Well I think my COCD has taken over again... (Crochet Obssessive Compulsive Disorder)... or maybe it's CADD (Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder).... ? I know I have a problem. I just can't control myself when it comes to starting a new fun project. I don't care how many I have going... Although, I *have* cleaned out my WIP pile, and got rid of three things (four, actually) I will never finish. A shawl that is all matted and had a glob of (something?) on it that just sealed the deal for me. I didn't like working with that yarn, I could hardly see what I was doing, it got all matted from just laying there... I just threw it away. :0 Then, there was the Granny Chevron sweater I CANNOT figure that pattern out. It's so irritating. So, I threw out the piece I had going, and the back piece is laying there. I don't know what to do with it. Maybe I can donate it for a cat blanket or something to the Humane Society. Just have to weave in some ends.... And lastly, there was a teddy bear cuddle blanket I finished the 'blanket' part, but I am never going to get to the teddy bear part.... (sigh). The fourth one was a bunny scarf/hat/mitten set. I used the blue and white for the afghan below... So, I don't feel totally guilty starting another project right now. Especially when, I just started these afghans, and look how far I am with both of them! I saw Samijofitz's 'Granny Star Ghan' on Crochetville. She said she made it up, and had it written down.... So I patiently (HA!!~ NOT!!) waited day by day to see if she posted it in the 'Seeking Pattern Testers' thread, or in the 'Original Designs' thread... No? Maybe she put a link in the thread where she posted about her afghan.... Sigh.... Well yesterday I checked again, and it was there!! In 'Original Patterns'... I immediately got my yarn out and an I hook (since I couldn't find my J, but she said she crochets tight, so maybe if I crochet loose.... :P) Anywho, I got pretty far just yesterday. I would have gotten farther, but I had to frog about eight rounds, I wasn't getting the 'V'. I think I'll do this one maybe in the same colors she made hers, just opposite stripes... Or, I might do the next stripe in the same blue I made the Diego bag in, if I have enough....
And here is the progress I have made on the Baby Granny Square Ghan! I totally love this afghan. It's so soft!! When I'm done with all the squares, I will do a few rounds around the whole thing. Just something simple, probably.
Yesterday we drove out to the new house, to bug bomb it. UGH.... I forgot the keys!! Duh!! (It is an hour drive there...) Well, we at least got the electric in our name. We'll have to go back today to bomb it (lol) and then tomorrow we are moving. :0 So probably next time you *see* me, I won't be here. I'll be somewhere else. :P (In our new house... hee hee)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Baby Afghan WIP...

This is something else I have been working on for Pine Ridge Reservation. For the annual blanket drive. I had been on and off, making these little baby granny squares, with whatever leftover baby yarn I have... I figured if I wanted to make an afghan 36" wide, I would need two hundred something squares. After mulling it over for a couple weeks (I was just not going to finish it...), I thought, I will just crochet a row of white all around each square and then join as I go. That will be a LOT quicker. And how! Look how much I already finished since yesterday afternoon. One and a half rows. :P After counting all the squares I have, I figure I only need 36 more squares. That's a lot better than 200 something. I was hating this afghan but now that I started putting it together, I am loving it. (I really am glad for that, because I cannot work on something if I hate it....) :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Tree and Some Slippers...

We are still in the process of moving to the new house (slowly, until we can get a UHaul...) Well the other day I noticed one of the trees in the front yard had some (what look like) little green berries on it. Well when I got closer, they look like little green apples...
We picked one and squished it open. It was all white in the middle. I posted the question at Crochetville and someone said it looks like a walnut tree.... (sigh...) I googled walnut trees, and... it might be a walnut tree... :( I have always wanted an apple tree in my own yard... Oh well. A walnut tree is nice, too. (Although I will have to send all the nuts to my Mom since I hate walnuts... :P) I could always plant an apple tree, too... There are more trees, in the back yard and two more in the front. They are all pretty dead/dried up looking. Hopefully with some watering and a little pruning, they will perk up nicely. I love trees.

And, here are some more slippers I finished. I was going to do the mock cable slippers, but I didn't have the motivation and wanted to make some different ones. So I crocheted these, instead. Well, technically, I am doing some different ones 'instead' of those, but... These are called 'Festive Slippers', from an old Crafting Traditions magazine. I don't have the issue here, or I could tell you. I did mine in plum and lt. orchid, instead of red and green, though.... The other slippers I am making 'instead' of the cable ones, are these. I really liked the ones my swap partner Miss Kitty sent me, and looked to see if I could find them online (or similar ones). Well I found some very similar (and later found out that was the pattern she used :P): Desert Boots. So, I am making those in plum. After that I only have one more pair to make for the family I am sending them to. And I will probably make more, to send just to whoever, on the rez.... It doesn't seem like it is cold enough where I live, to where slippers, but my Mom said they are expecting snow in Michigan tomorrow. And I know it has snowed already in other places, too. Yikes! I hope that doesn't mean a bad winter. I can't stand the heat in the summer, but I don't miss winter. Well, until next time everyone.... Have a Great Day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Slipper Swap Package!

My slipper swap package came in the mail today. My first package or mail of any kind at our new house. (Yay!) And look at all the awesome things she sent me. I feel so guilty now. TWO pairs of slippers! One Mary Janes, and one that go up to your ankles w/a cool button on the back. Two huge skeins of Red Heart Strata!! I have never tried this yarn. It feels so yummy. And another skein I think of Lion Magic Stripes (?) yarn, which also feels yummy too. :P And a wooden crochet hook-- :0!!!!!---- I have never had one of these, I can't wait to use it! That's not all.... She also sent me the cutest little heart shaped stitch marker. And the cutest little cat card that says something like 'Too much caffeine' :P lol Thank you SOOOO much for everything, Miss Kitty I love it all so much! I don't know what to make with all the new yummy yarn. It will have to be something special, that's for sure.

While I was at the new house (new to us), and getting ready to leave, I went around the front to make sure the front door was locked. When I went into the front yard, I saw the strangest looking bird! It had feather like fluff on the top of it's head. It reminded me of a skinny (super skinny) rooster. I think it was a road runner!! I googled 'road runner images, NV', and I am pretty sure it was something like this one! HOW COOL IS THAT??!!! I am so excited. Two days ago, we saw a huge rabbit that looked like a baby wallaby, it's legs were so long. Some lizards (and spiders-- which I wish we would NOT see...) But this has to be the coolest one yet (in our yard, anyway...) We have heard there are coyotes there, too.

Well have a nice day everyone. :)

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Slippers....

Ha ha.... I know I'm going crazy, now.... ;) I have been making slippers lately. I joined the slipper swap at CrochetMania, and I didn't stop after making my swap partners slippers... These will all go to Pine Ridge. I've made a bunch of these slippers before, they are 'Ruby's Slipper'. For the blue/blue variegated ones, though; I knew I wouldn't have enough of the dark blue to do the cuff part like the pattern states. Soooo.... I divided what I had left into two separate balls. Then, I did my own thing....
I think it turned out pretty cool. I know you can't really tell very well in the picture. The yarn is so dark, too... Well, the slipper on the right, you can kind of see what I did. :)

These ones I did 'normal'. They were a little tight on our six year old, so they will probably fit a five year old. Same with the blue ones.... I am going to put little treats and toys in them, for the kids. :-D This one has a 'Robin' Happy Meal toy. I am really getting into collecting Happy Meal toys to send there.

These slippers I made in an about 2-4 size? (I hope?)... To send to the youngest grandson of someone I send things to on Pine Ridge. She is raising three of her grandkids, now. With money being so tight (and slippers on the brain, anyway :P) I decided to make them all a pair of slippers. And put little things in them, too. (Well, except maybe the grandma's...) lol Oh, for the Grandma's slippers, I am thinking about making the Mock Cable slippers in dark orchid (like a plum color?). That's what I made for my swap partner, too. She said it's her favorite color. (Yay, I was hoping she would at least like that color, but I didn't know it was her favorite!) Here is another slipper pattern I would like to try: Colorful Knitted Slippers It uses up oddments of stash, just up my alley... :P
I have been trying to make my own stitch markers. They are so much fun, and easy to do! You can see how to make one, too: Here. I have made three, so far. Two knitting ones, which I sent to my slipper swap partner. And one crochet one. Well that's all for now. Have a Great Day everyone. ;-D

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Stripey Bear, a Peppermint Bear WIP, and a Foot Scrubbie w/ a wonky toe :P

Well since the weather is finally cooling off here, I must be getting in the mood to make more stripey bears. :P I finished this one last night. It's a little bit different from the other two girl bears I have done. Not much, though. And, I started a Peppermint, or Candy Cane bear. I just love making the peppermint ones...
I was trying to find other stripey bears online last night. And I found someone else who did a Candy Cane bear, on Etsy! How cool is that? I like hers, too.

And, my 'wonky toed' foot scrubbie. :P Mimi let me test all her tawashi scrubby patterns. I just haven't done the hand, yet. I am saving this one for myself. (Uh, it was actually already used once, in this picture... lol) I will make another one, though. Hopefully w/ no crooked toe. ;P
I have one other thing finished, too. But I can't post a picture here as it is for a swap and I don't want to spoil the surprise.... (I doubt if she reads my blog, but...) Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eon Got an RAOK! All the Way from Australia! :-D

Lookie. :P This is from Essie (a dear lady from CFAC who was concerned about him breaking his arm, and wanted to send him something to cheer him up.) He loves the little koalas and kangaroos! I don't think Essie knew, but he has loved keychains since he was little. On his backpack, on a keychain ring... We gave him some old keys, and he has a big keychain ring that would make even a teenage girl be shamed. ;P Now he has a koala and a kangaroo on there, too. :-D Thank you so much for thinking of our son, Essie. *Hugs*!!!
He has also gotten some cards. This is one of them.... 'These are Special Balloons...' (Or something to that effect).... (inside) 'They are filled with 'heal-ium'.... :P From some friends of ours. He also got a card (and four dollars!!) from my Grandma (his Great-Grandma), which must be put away somewhere now, since I can't find it... I find it somewhat depressing that she and my Mom (his Grandma) are the only Grandparents who called, or sent a card for him. (I happen to know that my Mom is sending him/us a big box full of goodies). I called my Dad the other weekend, (I don't know why....) ....he hadn't bothered to call us. I don't know if I am just feeling sorry for myself, or if I have reason to.... So it meant a lot to me, to get that package from Essie. Anyway..... Moving on to other things....
Take a look at a couple of our 11 year olds' latest drawings!! Yesterday we got a 'How to Draw Transformers' book at the library. And this is two of them (I think he has done more, too....)

Optimus Prime

He drew one for his little brother to color in, too. I have a feeling I am going to have to help him draw some more, since his brother is already tired of drawing him pictures..... (Sigh....)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Drive....

Yes, we are Sunday drivers.... (sigh) We have been going for 'drives' forever.... I know, not very good way to save money on gas!!! I always say. But, my husband likes to explore. And it's better than going to spend money at the mall or out to eat... So.... I pack up snacks and get everyone water bottles. Pick what project I am going to bring to work on... And off we go. Yesterday we drove on a back road that we will NEVER go on again. We almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere on this 'road'. (A one-track, with huge rocks and ruts in it, that we almost didn't make it over...) But, we did. :-D My husband just thought he was going to pop one of his tires. We saw some lizards (well, the kids saw some). Chipmunks (?). I saw these cactuses with bird nests in them. How cool is that? I will have to google that... This one was the second one I saw. Then, I don't know how he saw this, but my husband saw this spider in the middle of the road while driving:
He said 'A tarantula!' We all got out (except the 16 yr old--- he HATES spiders...) I didn't get too close, just handed my camera to my husband and said, 'Take a picture'. :P (I didn't want it to jump on me, or anything...) I can barely see it by the rock here, I don't know how my husband saw it from the truck while driving... I just hope we never see one of these in our house!! :0
I finished one slipper yesterday while on our drive. Yay. :) For the slipper swap at CrochetMania. This is the second year I am doing it there. Only me and one other person joined. So we are swappers. I also started one other thing, too; that I am keeping a secret for someone.... Well I suppose I should get busy here. Hope everyone is having a great day. :-D

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Are You Trying To Save Money...

... In these hard economic times? I have always tried to save money any way I can. I used to go to garage sales and resale stores (as long as they aren't those overpriced-you-can-buy-it-for-that-price-brand-new type stores...), loved getting hand-me-downs from cousins or friends.... (You can always use the stained or torn clothes for play clothes, or clothes to paint or do crafts in...) I haven't been to many garage sales lately. I did go to a resale store about a month ago, but, it was 'one of those' stores. I found another one the other day, but it was closed. I hope to go again, when I can. When my husband and I were first married (and had absolutely no money at all), I tried cutting his hair myself. I said, 'If I mess it up, you can always go to the salon later?....' Well I did all right. And after getting a hair cutting book and a lot of practice, I think I do pretty good. Today I cut two of our boys' hair. I plan to do the third son later. (At least $41.50 saved, plus a tip which I probably would have rounded off to $ who knows where else I might have stopped while I was out?) My husband has gotten really good at just shaving his own head, too. (Another $15 saved.... I don't mind doing his hair at all, either; because it is so quick...) My husband also colors my hair. I buy a box of Clairol Hair Color at WalMart, and he does it for me. I have cut my own bangs, in between (or even a couple times, before) getting a hair cut... (Seems like my hair is the only one that hardly gets a cut...) I googled 'Home Hair Cutting' and found a few sites:Mormonchic , Cutting Your Family's Hair at Home.... this is just a couple sites I found while googling. We have been doing everything we can to save money. To bad we can't get coupons for gas. (sigh) I have a couple books that I really like for saving money: The Tightwad Gazette, by Amy Dacyczyn. You could probably find them at your local library, or maybe a used book store, or garage sale, even. It has tips from using cloth diapers, to leftover wizardry, to hanging your clothes to dry.... I love those books. Some other little things I do are pretty obvious if you read my blog at all: Making my own cards, crocheting to give gifts, baking.... I also get a (free) newsletter from Frugal Living. Some day I hope to have my own garden and learn to can vegetables. And, I would totally hang my clothes out to dry if I had a yard (which, I will... when we move!). I also forgot to mention free address labels. I just 'ordered' some today. ;) This site has a bunch of different links. (I'm not sure if they all still have free labels, or not...) The one I got labels from was the lakota site, and the other one was the 65 roses site (something like that...) Well I hope you are having a nice day. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Diego Bag is Done!

Well technically it still isn't finished (I have to sew the lining in), but... The crocheting part is done. Only took me almost a year to do it (sigh), but.... One more project to cross of my WIP list!! (Yay...) And one that I have wanted to finish. I didn't have graph paper that was big enough, or the know how to do a graph online, either. Then I recalled the 'Tic-Tac-Tote' bag that Momcrochets had done and posted on Crochetville. And Darski's, too. I thought about how he is really into playing games lately, and that I should make the back be a tic-tac-toe game, and his name on the bottom. So I did that instead of what I had orignally planned. :-D
The game side. We've already played a few times. (I let him win a few... but not all... games). ;P I got the 'X' here. For the 'O', I just chained 20, then joined to make a ring. Then 2 dc in each chain. Or, you could probably do the O that's on that alphabet site... He wanted and X and an O like the real game. :P (Instead of the hearts and o's...)
I am working on finishing up a Squiggly-Wiggly potholder I started a looooong time ago, too. It is totally messed up, but I am just going with it.

He's Here!

My latest nephew is here!! He was born on the 4th, I believe.... (I know that's really bad, but with all that has been going on I can't remember....) 7 lbs, 11 oz, 20 1/2 inches long..... And he's so cute!! Everything went extremely well with the delivery~~ My sister didn't even have any type of pain meds, all natural!! She must have gotten an Amazone gene somewhere (I know I didn't get it!!) I'm so proud of her. I only wish I could be there to see him. I probably won't get to *meet* him until he's five years old.... :(

My Mom is in the hospital. :((( She went into the ER (again) on Sunday night, with pain and vomiting. (My Aunt took her.) Well they transferred her to a hospital that takes her insurance. They think she may have had a 'mini' or 'baby' heart attack!! :0 The reason they think that, is because of high enzyme levels in her blood. Also her blood pressure was high: 200/80. They have done a couple EKGs, were supposed to do a cat scan (don't know if they did that yet), and are doing a stress test today. I am so worried. :( And really wish I could be there, for her. I will have to rely on phone calls. I talked to her last night and this morning. She *seems* to be okay emotionally, but then.... She holds everything in (I am a let it all out type person, exact opposite...) so maybe she is not okay.

Our son is doing all right. He isn't even in any pain, so that's good. I hope it will be healed enough/and right so all they'll have to do is put a cast on next week. Or is it this week? Yikes! It is, the day after tomorrow..... I can't even keep track of the days... (sigh...)

Well til next time.... have a great day.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mail Call....

I have gotten a lot of mail today! I recieved my dishcloth swap package from Topazgirl at Ravelry~ Thanks, Jess. :-D She made it in red and tan, to go in my red and/or tan kitchen. :P I forgot to ask what pattern that is, I like it. The other side is reversible. The cotton is a green and off-white, which I love. She sent me a postcard (I always like getting postcards)~ I would love to live there by the water, it's so pretty. And a beautiful blue beaded stitch marker (which I must have dropped while getting up to take the picture, but I found it). Thanks so much, Jess!
And I got a gift package from Linda at CFAC for participating in the Sept KAL. Sticky notepad, point protectors, a stitch holder (I have been wanting another big one like this, I only have one!), and a little pair of scissors pendant. Wow!! Thanks so much, Linda!!
I also recieved recently, a little hat magnet for the CAL, from Cherri. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but thanks so much, Cherri. :-D
I also got a 'leaf' punch for card making, and a pair of bunny slippers stamp which I was going to use to make a card for the slipper swap (long story)...
Well we are off to the Goodwill to see if they have any cheap pants hubby can use for work, and if I can find a couple or so button-up shirts for our son to put over his cast.... (All the ones that are his size won't fit over the cast, so I am going to get a couple sizes bigger~8 or 10's, then they will still fit him later, too....)

Friday, October 03, 2008


Here is the after picture of his arm. (After they pulled it straight... :( They had some term they used, reversing, or something like that....) You can hardly see the bottom bone where it was broken. The top one is still a little off, but the ER and the ped. ortho. doctors both said it will heal back normally. They will take an x-ray next week when we go in before they put the cast on. If it still looks good they will just have to put on a cast. So hopefully it will heal nicely. He said they don't want to mess with it at this point (not in those words, of course...) because it will cause him more pain and possibly do more damage to put a cast on right now. If we wait til the 10 day point, it will be healed more and cause less pain. (Hopefully it will cause little to no pain, but he did give us a scrip for Childrens' Tylenol with Codeine to give 30 minutes prior to the procedure...) Hopefully this will all work out nicely in the end, heal up nice and be okay in the long run.... A side point.... I still get upset looking at the first x-ray. When we were in the doctors' office, other 'personnel' kept coming in the room, 'gawking' at his x-ray. I wanted to punch them! I don't know why, but it irritated me SO bad!! Maybe because I get so upset looking at it myself? I felt at the least, like saying, 'Do you mind?! There is such a thing as patient privacy, and you are violating our privacy.' (I don't know if technically they were, but just to get them out of there....) I know, I am posting them here for the whole world to see, but... for some reason it irritated me. Anyway..... He is doing well and hardly in any pain at all, except at night. I'm so glad for that. :)

I am working on finishing up his Diego bag. Don't know if I ever posted about that or not? Yup, I did, here. (Fourth picture down...) I haven't finished this yet, because I haven't been able to find any graph paper that was wide or long enough to do a graph to say '***'s Stuff' or whatever... But yesterday, I got to thinking, 'He loves games lately. I bet he would love it if I made him a tic-tac-toe game on the back.' Like the Tic-Tac-Tote I saw at Crochetville. At first he said no. I was really surprised. But then later he said yes. I figured out a graph (writing over the one in the magazine.... :/ ) to do his name on the bottom of the bag. I'm about half way done with the back, then I'll have to do the game pieces and the tic-tac-toe part of it & sewing up/liner..... and the handle. It should go quickly though. Then, next time we go to the doctors, he can bring some books, or paper, to draw, while we wait. (Did I mention we waited for an hour and a half yesterday?) :-{

Well have a good day everyone.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can I Cry Now? :(

Our six year old broke his arm on Tuesday night. :( The day he turned six years old. (What a way to remember turning six!) He was spinning around on the computer chair, and he said he was trying to get off and fell. It was horrible. His arm looked crippled, it was really bent (if you can't tell from the x-ray!)... I still just want to cry, remembering the whole night. I was so heart sick. But also so glad, that we could take him to the doctor (ER) and they could do such a good job fixing it! (I didn't take a picture of the *after* x-ray, but it is as close as you could get.) The one bone went right back together. The second bone is just a hair off. He said he thinks it is because of the hematoma (not sure if I'm spelling that right...) and it will go back when the swelling goes down. I hope!! We have an appointment today with the pediatric orthopedic doctor. I suppose they'll take more x-rays, take the splint off and put a cast on. I hope they won't have to do anything drastic. :( (Like surgery.... they kept mentioning the possibility of surgery while we were in the ER... until after they saw the x-rays and the after x-rays....) He has been SO brave, and so tough; though! I am so surprised. The nurses kept saying (he had two different nurses because of a shift change when we went in) to him, 'You are so brave!'. Then, to me, 'Most kids-- most ADULTS, even-- aren't this brave!' I don't know if it was because he was in shock, or what. After he came out of the sedation (they put him to 'sleep', when they ?? pulled his arm back out straight), he started to freak out a little bit. That was really the only time he cried (he didn't even really cry, just the pouter lip...) except for like two minutes when he first did it! He is such a tough little guy. Our oldest son broke his arm when he was about seven (he was in first grade, so maybe he was still six...) but nowhere near this bad! It was the bone on his elbow, actually. And a hair line fracture. It swelled up and bruised right away. I can't believe it, but his arm hasn't swelled up at all! Maybe because we put ice on it right away? Well. I'll keep you all posted.... :(