Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just For Something More to Blog About...

I took some pictures of a couple of my WIPs. The sock: One more inch (I'm now on the heel flap, since I took this picture).

My SSShrug!:
And a new pattern book I got in the mail from my husband's Great Aunt from Canada. She told me about this 'Noah's Ark' afghan she did, from a pattern. But she changed it to work for her. (Well having just finished my Noah's Ark afghan, I was thinking it was the same one, but it wasn't...) Well she told me (she writes me) that she wanted to send me the pattern book she got it from. I would never have thought it was this one. I had written down on a piece of paper this book, that chrisdfriend had used a square from this book for an afghan she made and posted about on Crochetville that I liked. (Was that a run-on sentence, or what?...) I forgot about it, but now I have it...

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. Going to go watch my show! (The only one I really watch...)

Boring Blog Post of the Year

I watered all the trees today; me and Eon. He helped til the last eight trees. Then I decided to take some pictures of some of them. (Someone I write to asked me for pictures of our 'landscaping' [ha-- don't know if you can call it "that", but...]) This one is (we think) a Mulberry Tree. It got some berries on it that looked a lot like mulberries, my husband said. Stupid me, I was going to pick some when they got ripe. I must have forgot. By the time I remembered, there weren't any. Birds must have got them all.

I don't know what tree this is. We have two of them, one on each side of our back yard. I forgot to mention that when we moved here, all the trees did not look so good. (The whole yard doesn't look good... we're working on it slowly, but...) So they are just kinda coming back you can see the whole top of this one is leafless. I don't know if we should try trimming it or not. I'm afraid I will hurt it since I don't know what I am doing.
Then I took a picture of the view we have of Mt. Charleston. Not a very impressive picture. It looks way better in real life. You can see the whole mountain range in real life....

Guess I'm bored today. I don't know *how* I can be bored, with everything that is going on! It feels nice to be bored, though; for a change. I have enough to do that needs to be done, but... I made some iced tea; the old-fashioned way. That's the only reason I buy regular tea bags, for iced tea. I got some Tetley (British style) this time. Last time I think we had Lipton.
I added another blog in my sidebar. Vik, from 'Like Grandma'. :-D I also noticed some of the songs in my playlist don't play all the way to the end. Sorry 'bout that! (I don't think it is *me*, as I did them all the same...) Mimi guessed my ringtone. Well, she guessed 'Leaving Las Vegas'. But said she clicked on 'Sweet Escape' by Gwen Stefani~~ that's my ringtone.
I made the 12 year old get a haircut yesterday. (I took the 17 year old to get his cut, too~~ figured I might as well...) I cut the six year olds' a couple weeks ago, myself. The twelve year olds' hair grows super fast; out of all three boys, his grows the fastest. Then when we got home, he took a shower. Amazing how a haircut and a shower makes him look like a different kid. ;p He is at an age where he *needs* to take a shower every day, but still isn't at the age where he wants to. (Sigh...)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dishcloths, and a Baby Bat! :0

I was thinking of "Fishes, Dishes, and Bats" for a blog post title. But, oh well. That would be too much thinking for me... ;P I knitted this dishcloth today to give to my Dad. He loves to go fishing. And he also has to do dishes every day. I'm sure he would much rather be fishing than doing the dishes, so... I made him this one.

Better?/different angle:
I got that one at Digknitty Designs. FUN dishcloth patterns.
And another Grandmother's Favorite/Idiot's Dishcloth, also for my Dad:

Tonight I was walking over to get something from the closet by the front door, and I said 'What is that?' The kids said, 'What?' Me, 'That black blob...', pointing to this:

The 17 year old says 'It's a baby bat!' I said 'Are you sure?...' 'Yeah!' He went and got the ladder and took a better picture:

And zoomed in:

We kept watching it to see if it would move. Sure enough, it did. I got the camera out to try and take a video of it. By then he had already put the ladder away, though. And by the time he got it, the bat had already flown away. We got to see it fly, though. It was neat. It was so little. I hope it doesn't get in the house somehow. I don't know if I will be able to sleep now. :(
*Don't read any farther if bats creep you out*....
Okay if you read this far, bats must not creep you out, so... My Grandma once had 130 bats in her house. :0 They kept getting into her attic, through a hole in the outside of the house. Well when she had someone come out to take care of it they closed up the hole, but (DUH!) in the middle of the daytime. The bats were all inside, asleep. They started to creep into her house. By the time they got them all out/killed them :( they counted 130. ~~ Anyway, guess what I am going to lay in bed tonight and think about? And worry about getting in MY house... sigh...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another Dishcloth and a New WIP

I finished this dishcloth a couple of days ago. I saw an idea for scrap yarns on the Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong Group at Ravelry. I had been wanting to try it. Do the ballband cloth; but using scraps. I think it turned out pretty cool.

I also started another sock. I don't know why. Probably to take my mind off things...

New Playlist in Sidebar!

No pictures today, but I have been messing around with creating a playlist~ it's so cool! I have been wanting to do it for so long, but didn't think I could figure it out. This morning I just did it. Okay, it sounds like one of the cd's my son made for me ("Um, Tom Petty does not go on the same CD as Natasha Bedingield...", but... :P) Guess which song is my ringtone for my phone?