Thursday, August 06, 2009

Boring Blog Post of the Year

I watered all the trees today; me and Eon. He helped til the last eight trees. Then I decided to take some pictures of some of them. (Someone I write to asked me for pictures of our 'landscaping' [ha-- don't know if you can call it "that", but...]) This one is (we think) a Mulberry Tree. It got some berries on it that looked a lot like mulberries, my husband said. Stupid me, I was going to pick some when they got ripe. I must have forgot. By the time I remembered, there weren't any. Birds must have got them all.

I don't know what tree this is. We have two of them, one on each side of our back yard. I forgot to mention that when we moved here, all the trees did not look so good. (The whole yard doesn't look good... we're working on it slowly, but...) So they are just kinda coming back you can see the whole top of this one is leafless. I don't know if we should try trimming it or not. I'm afraid I will hurt it since I don't know what I am doing.
Then I took a picture of the view we have of Mt. Charleston. Not a very impressive picture. It looks way better in real life. You can see the whole mountain range in real life....

Guess I'm bored today. I don't know *how* I can be bored, with everything that is going on! It feels nice to be bored, though; for a change. I have enough to do that needs to be done, but... I made some iced tea; the old-fashioned way. That's the only reason I buy regular tea bags, for iced tea. I got some Tetley (British style) this time. Last time I think we had Lipton.
I added another blog in my sidebar. Vik, from 'Like Grandma'. :-D I also noticed some of the songs in my playlist don't play all the way to the end. Sorry 'bout that! (I don't think it is *me*, as I did them all the same...) Mimi guessed my ringtone. Well, she guessed 'Leaving Las Vegas'. But said she clicked on 'Sweet Escape' by Gwen Stefani~~ that's my ringtone.
I made the 12 year old get a haircut yesterday. (I took the 17 year old to get his cut, too~~ figured I might as well...) I cut the six year olds' a couple weeks ago, myself. The twelve year olds' hair grows super fast; out of all three boys, his grows the fastest. Then when we got home, he took a shower. Amazing how a haircut and a shower makes him look like a different kid. ;p He is at an age where he *needs* to take a shower every day, but still isn't at the age where he wants to. (Sigh...)


Mimi said...

That's cool, we have the same taste in music. 2nd son was like that too, when he was in high school. Now in college, he takes a bath everyday. But he keeps his hair long, because it is not prohibited. I do wish he'd get it cut soon...

Tina said...

Oh, that would drive me bonkers, too; Mimi. (The long hair...)

I remember when I got to be a certain age, I HAD to take a shower every day. I think I was about 12 or 13. But I used to love taking baths, too... Oh well. It must be a guy thing? :P