Sunday, November 27, 2005

Since I haven't crocheted anything in a while,

and since Blogger still sucks... I will post a picture our eight year old painted in school. Through a different way than blogger. I should email them and tell them how irritating they are. GRRR.. Well we still haven't moved, yet, either. We were supposed to leave Friday morning. Guess what we are still here... I am so irritated about that, too. I signed the kids out of school, everything is packed, I don't know where any of it is. Now I have to unpack some of it and live here for another week. Then RE-pack it all, RE-clean it all. I could just scream. Some guys who work with my husband thought it would be really funny to put his truck up on some blocks, and pull the distributor cap off. Well apparently they did more than that. My husband keeps defending them; I don't know why. It was running fine before they touched it. And, they had to break into it to do all this. So, technically, we could press charges. Which, I am tempted to do. If I even knew who it was. It's so frustrating. Then, my husbands' back went out. (It just keeps getting better.) He has put over $300 worth of parts in his truck (which I had to go pick up and order, because he can't even walk...); trying to fix it, (with his back out), and now it won't even start.
I guess I should count my blessings, and not be so negative.

Isn't that a good painting? I think we may have an artist in the family... :) (We do have some artists in the family, my brother and my cousin... Oh, and I guess some people would say I'm an artist, too. A fiber artist...)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm a Machine lately...

This is scarf #2, for our oldest son. I now have one to do for the youngest. His coat is red and grey. I will see how it works out. His hat is grey and so are his mittens. (I knitted them, last year.) He also has some Sesame Street mittens that are blue, red, yellow, and green. Anyway... I think the hubby might want one, too, he keeps saying 'Is that for me?' I also have to make a scarf for my brother but I have no idea what to make. I bought that 'Knit 1' magazine for ideas for him. He lives in California so it has to be COOL! ;)
The free pattern for this scarf can be found at my pattern blog

Monday, November 14, 2005


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Here is a scarf I just finished for our middle guy. I wanted to put the colors of his hat and his coat in it, to tie them together. Ha ha get it... tie... scarf... (ugh I know, that was bad...) Anyway. His hat is orange and his coat is khaki. So those were the colors I used. The green in this photo is more khaki, and the brown is more of a rust color. Not a very good photo as usual with my camera...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Some of what I've done...

Here are two of the comfortghan squares I've finished. I'm on #3, I think I might have enough plum to do four squares.
I also bought a new magazine last night (gasp!) Had I realized how much it was, I probably wouldn't have bought it, but... There is an article about Men Who Knit. And in it is Crochetville member Drew Emborsky, 'The Crochet Dude'. On Page 12 they have a little piece about him, and on page 27, in an article 'Real Men Knit', he has his profile too. Pretty cool! I bought the magazine to knit a scarf for my brother, and they have some cool hats, too. (And, seeing how we have three boys, I'm sure I'll get good use out of this magazine. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mine and Mimi's Pumpkins

I just thought I'd put them next to each other, to see how much bigger mine turned out. I must be a looser crocheter. Or using a heavier weight yarn. (I just used Bernat Super Value, which is just like RH in my opinion...) I think these pumpkins are so cute! Mine may also be stretched out a little because I tried to stuff a whole bag of candy corn in it. (It didn't fit.) I am thinking about making three more of these, and putting candy corn in them, for the kids. I like to leave little surprises in the boys' rooms when they get home from school. ;)


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Here is my pumpkin I made. I don't know what Blogger's deal is, I still can't post a picture with them. Grrr...


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Look what I got the other day!! Yay! I found these at Michaels here. Aren't they cute?

Field trip tomorrow. Our middlest son is going to a planetarium. I remember going to the planetarium when I was in school. He might like it more than I did. Especially if he's anything like his dad.

Two weeks tomorrow is the date we have set for moving! I can't believe it's almost here already. Two weeks will fly by. Especially with all the packing I still have to do!! YIKES!

Comfortghan Squares... Like I need another thing to do...

With moving and packing... ;) I think I want a diversion from it all, though... And I love making comfortghan squares. It's not a whole afghan, and you can do it when you want you aren't on a time schedule.. (Especially when the person doesn't even know you're making one for her.. like with an RAOK....) :p I still don't have batteries for my camera, but this is the square I am making, and in almost the exact same colors. The purple is a deeper plum color, though. I finished one square about five minutes ago, and will make them until I run out of the plum. I think I have enough to make two more probably...
I finished a pumpkin like the one Mimi sent me, a couple posts ago.. Mine turned out a little bigger, but the perfect size to put some candy in.This is going to the same person I am making the comfortghan squares to. With some candy corn in it. :)) I love doing RAOK's.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Reveal Package Came Today, And More!...

Today was an awesome mail day! I got both my reveal package and my sock/slipper swap package, too! I don't have any batteries in my camera, or I could post pictures. As soon as I get batteries, I will. Everything is wonderful! My Secret Pal is Cheryl, aka 'Diamond'. And, she sent me a 'diamond' paperweight, in an elegant red velvet drawstring pouch. It's just lovely! She also sent two rose earmuffs, with a sample tube of Chanel No 5! in the middle of each rose!!! I love
that perfume! My husband doesn't even get me roses and perfume, I felt so pampered. ;) A hydrangea magnetic notepad, a pelican knick knack, very cute. A magnet that says 'You Don't Frighten Me, I Have Teenagers' LOL! (I am beginning to understand what that means, believe me!) A package of dolphin buttons! More crochet leaflets, and a fun fur leaflet, too. With scarves and mittens and hats. I haven't made any hats or mittens with fun fur yet. And a lovely notecard from Cheryl, too. She has been the greatest swap partner. And even with a hurricane damaging her house; she still sent me a package with everything going on in her life. I was so fortunate to have such a good Secret Pal, and hopefully we will be able to stay in touch in the future.
And, my sock/slipper swap partner is great, too! Joanne sent me a pair of socks and a pair of slippers!! The slippers are so thick and comfy, I didn't want to take them off today! They were made with a burgundy/brown mix yarn. I love those colors together! And the socks are awesome!! They are navy blue, and have a one inch ribbed cuff. I remember her saying in the beginning of the swap that she wasn't a great crocheter, but they are awesome! I must be a really bad crocheter, if she isn't all that great of a crocheter!! Because the socks are just perfect. I want to find out what pattern she used, I want to make some myself.
If all swaps went this well I would join every swap! I know some people were very disappointed with their swap partners. Not sending anything, not responding to things sent. I feel so bad for them. Especially when they were good to their swap partner! I don't think I am going to join any more swaps for a while, just because we are moving and the next few months will be hectic. And then we will have to move yet again. I will do the RAOK thing, though. In fact, I just sent one out two days ago, and I have a box ready to go for someone else, too. In between packing, cleaning, cooking.... and all the regular stuff...

Friday, November 04, 2005

This is the pumpkin Mimi sent...

I am going back to using the way I used to post pictures to my blog. Blogger is having issues with theirs. I guess.
Well now you can see the pumpkin Mimi sent me. And, how tiny it is, too! Next to the card she sent. I love it it's so cute. I haven't decided what I'm going to put in it yet. Thank you again Mimi!

In less than three weeks we will be moving, I can't believe it. I've been having panic attacks lately, and this is the only reason why I can think of. Usually once I figure out why I'm having them, I can sometimes talk myself out of having them. Usually I just try not thinking at all about anything (that is bugging me), and sometimes that works... Ha ha... I must not think much... I know some of you were thinking it.. ;) I am waiting to hear back from a landlord we might be renting from, he's checking all our info out, then he said he will let me know. I guess that doesn't matter, we can find another place to live if that one doesn't go through. Which, I kind of hope it doesn't, because I would rather have a month to month or six month lease somewhere (in case I absolutely can't stand it there...) This one will be a year lease.

I still miss Koda. He must be doing good with his new owners, they haven't called me with any problems yet. I emailed one of the other people who bought one of the puppies, to see how she is doing, and he is supposed to email me some pictures of her. He said they just got her spayed last week (which also relieves my mind, now there won't be any grandpuppies, and people coming to me... 'Can you take any of these puppies?'...) I just want to see what she looks like, and how she is doing... I suppose I could drive by the other peoples' house and see if I can see the other male, too. I was thinking about sending them a card with a gift certificate to PetCo or something. And hopefully they will send me a picture of him...

We have company coming over today, and we are supposed to go over someones' house for dinner tonight, too. I should probably get the whip cracking.. ;))

Okay what is the deal with Blogger? This is what my pictures keep turning out like. It doens't matter what the picture is. I

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the heck is up with blogger lately? I can't post any pictures, anyhow. Ughhh....

Well I found a home; loving, I hope, for our last puppy. A retired gentleman and his wife wanted a companion. Stupid me forgot to get his phone number to call him and see how everything was going. (And caller ID battery is dead....) This puppy had a problem with being in his cage too long, and some people might not be able to handle the yelping every morning, first thing. I wanted to see how he is. I miss him... :(( I think I have 'empty nest' syndrome or something. sniff.... Well I hope they love him and are taking good care of him. I am not so worried about the other two; I did call the people who took them, and checked up on them a couple of times and they seem to be happy with their puppies. Well.... I guess if there's a problem, he'll call. Every time the phone rings, I think, 'Oh, maybe that's him!'

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Look What my Secret Pal sent me!

Now this is my secret (to her) pal, not Peekaboo. I got this in the mail yesterday. Isn't it cute? She also sent a little black cauldron with a face on it, and a towel she had started which I think will use for a runner on the table in the living room. What an unexpected but nice surprise! Thank you, Mimi! ....Okay for some reason the picture will not post. Hmmm... I guess I will try tomorrow or something. It is a cute little pumpkin with a lid, to put things inside. I love it.

Well only three weeks (and one day) until we move. I am trying not to get stressed out about it. A lot has happened that I'm happy about with the whole thing, though.