Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm Still Here..

Hello... Yes, I'm still here.  I don't even know if I posted that we were going to be moving again.  Across the country. Again.  But. We did.  To the Northwest. For my husband's job. Again. We've been here two and a half months now.  This move has been hard on everyone (except Eli, maybe..). Eon had a really hard time adjusting to his new school/making new friends.  I was almost to the point where I wanted to pull him out of that school (long story/lots of issues), and move back to Michigan since I can never be happy anywhere.  I spoke to the Principal (about another issue-not how Eon is having a hard time), but I did mention he is having a hard time and asked if maybe there was a counselor who could talk to him...  Later that day the counselor did talk to him, and called me as well. She suggested an after school program, "Lego Robotics".  I signed him up.  Since then, things have seemed to turn right around for him.  (Although he won't admit it, I can tell by his actions- getting up first thing when I tell him to in the morning-before he wouldn't get up/fake sick [yes, even at 13 years old]...  After his third group meeting, we asked him if he was making any new friends. We finally got out of him, "Yes".  I am glad he is doing better, that's a big relief for me. (I still do not like that school, though!)

I'm still crocheting (and knitting) baby things..  I've finished a few blankets. This is one.  The Corner-To-Corner Afghan.  
This is a baby sweater set I did. There are (surprisingly!! In this small town with nothing) two stores that have yarn!  I found a blue/brown variegated that became my new favorite baby yarn.  

Another blanket I finished (this one I had been working on for a long time), my pattern.  I decided that I don't really like my own pattern. Lol  Too many ends to weave in.  I made it (originally) as a doll blanket, using up scraps. Then thought I could do it with a baby blanket (or adult), too.  

Another Corner-To-Corner. They had some Pound of Love yarn on sale at Jo-Anns (in a town about a half an hour away, which is where we go grocery shopping mostly)..  So I bought a skein, and did this. 

A pumpkin set.  

And a "Pumpkin Bear" set.  Well, that's what I was thinking anyway with the orange and the bear hat. Didn't turn out so cute. But it will keep a baby warm..  (I do love the hat though.)

We had Steve and Eons' birthday last month..   I made cupcakes on their birthday. (Long story, we had Steve's brother/wife over that following weekend for birthday dinner, too..)  

Eons' presents.

I saw this bag and said "That's Eon's personality, I have to get it.."   

This is what he does most of the time when I try to take his picture. (Grrr)

Opening his gifts.

Eli smiled for Eon.  :P

The candles lit..

Eon being silly (but still with an attitude...)  :P