Saturday, November 27, 2010

:0 !!! I got Fudge from Frankenmuth in the Mail!!!

I still am in shock. Last night I went out to check the mail after dinner, thinking "Maybe that yarn came that I ordered".  I opened the mailbox and there was a box in there. I thought, "What's this?"  Well it was dark out so I couldn't see who it was from until I got into the house. I recognized the sender's name because she had just sent me a card in the Just Because Greeting Cards swap for November.  I thought "Aaaaw, she sent me a box, too?".  My jaw fell open when I saw what was inside!! FUDGE from Frankenmuth, Michigan!!  I had mentioned something (in my card I had sent her) about had she ever gone to Frankenmuth, my family went there a lot and I missed it (fuge~ yummy!).  She wrote that the next time she went to Frankenmuth she would get me some fudge.  :0   (That was fast!!)  Her daughter went there, and she asked her daughter to get me some fudge.  THANK YOU Becky and daughter!!  This means so much to me. I actually started to cry.  I kept thinking "I hope Steve doesn't come in here and see me crying over fudge... He already probably thinks I've lost it"..  lol    I let the kids have a piece last night,  but I am HIDING it!! (They will inhale it in one hour, the way they go through food... And they won't appreciate it like I do.)  ;)    <3  ~~THANK YOU, BECKY!!!~~ <3    She also sent me some snowflakes from Michigan! :D  (I had sent her some "Palm Trees from Las Vegas" lol (Little hole punchy things...) I almost sent her snowflakes, but I was thinking she probably didn't want snowflakes.. living in Michigan she probably wants something warm! 

I helped out in my son's classroom on Wednesday. I was so excited to find out we were going to be making Thumbprint Turkeys!! (No, I'm not an overgrown kid or anything...)  Someone on the JBGC thread had mentioned something about a "thumbprint card" someone had made them/sent them. Well I started thinking "I wonder if that's anything like the thumbodies I do" (a few pictures down)  I googled it, and that's exactly what it is. (Just one site, but a lot of good ideas on it..)  But you make cards with them.  So the very same week, I got to help a bunch of kids make Thumbprint Turkeys. How cool is that?!  I still haven't made one myself. We used fingerpaints in the classroom. This is my son's. :D  I think he did an awesome job!! (Some of the kids got either way too much paint on their thumb, or not enough... I think Eon did his just right..  Of course, he's done this before, but... Not with finger paints, though. ;P) 

This is an art project (?) we did a couple nights ago, me and Eon.  Crayon cakes. :P  He kept asking me for some twisty crayons or something at Walmart (he has Sliders already at home, which are almost the same) and said he wanted to do an art project... So. I thought this might get something out of his system. It's crayons, and an art project..  We've done this before.  Just took all the broken crayons out of his crayone box, and put them in muffin tins @ 250 for about 10 minutes.   The ones toward the bottom of the picture are Eons'. Mine are at the top.  :P

Here are the ones I did, after...   I took a picture of the ones Eon did, too. They kind of all blended in together though.  And, I forgot how to get them out and ended up kind of wrecking his. But, later I thought "Well duh... Why not just put them back in the pan & melt them again?"  So it all turned out good. The trick to getting them out, is put the pan in the freezer.  Then they will just fall out (eventually) of the pan when you turn it over. 

They turned out so cool!!  The one in the middle on the top is one of Eons. (This was before I put them back in the oven, and that one is actually broke in half. I just stuck it back together to take a picture..)  Anyway, he still hasn't colored with them. I said "Well what are you going to do with them? They're to color with..." He said he's just going to collect them. (Sigh..) 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee Cup Card

Well, I did buy a new expensive tool to make cards with... The scalloped oval punch. I got a 10% off coupon from JoAnns. But you could only use it online. (By the time I paid for shipping, I wonder if it was even worth it?... Sigh. Oh well.)  I couldn't find any other size scalloped oval punch. The brown is supposed to be scalloped, just a quarter inch or so smaller than the white. Oh. Well!!  I just cut one out by hand. You can tell, I know. I wanted to glue something, rick rack or something. Around the edge of the brown to "hide" my uneven edges...  Oh well. I am sending this one to my friend; and I don't think she will immediately text me and say "Your edges are uneven on the brown oval on your card. How could you even send that to me like that?!!"  :P     The middle white oval was a punch out from a package of punch outs I got. (A book, really; assorted colors...)  I am grounding myself from spending any more money on card making stuff!! Unless it's a one dollar stamp; or something from the dollar store.  lol   (The tan flowers on this card are from there.)  We (my friend I am sending this card to, and I) used to make cards together sometimes. (Or crochet.)   :(((    I got the idea for this card from a magazine in Walmart. I think I posted about it a couple posts back.   :)    Well that's all the crafty news for today. I ordered Red Heart yarn (can you believe it?). I could not find "Cornmeal" anywhere. I went all the way to JoAnns and they didn't have it. Went to the Walmart in another town, they didn't have it... Sheesh. So, I just ordered it online. (To finish my slippers. Okay, well I never posted about those yet. But I thought I did. I guess I can save that for a different post. Give me something to blog about lol....)  Well that's about it. I guess I'm going to go see if my glue is done drying on my card yet...    ~~** Have a Great Week!!**~~   :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally Catching My Breath...

This has been a kinda crazy week. I don't really know why. We just had two half days & conferences at our two youngest son's schools. Tuesday the elementary schooler had a half day, and his conference was only a half hour later so that wasn't too bad. Then Wednesday was the middle schooler.  It just messed me up somehow.  But... I still managed to finish an afghan. lol  Not all in one day though. :P  I actually started this in December of 2009. It's for a teenaged girl I send things to ("sponsor"?) on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I think she's 15.  I took this picture last night,; so the picture is kinda dark.

Here's a little better one. It's the "Pressed Flowers" pattern by Kelly Robinson. From "The Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans".  This is the second one I have done. I really like this pattern; and I want to start another one, but I know I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally don't need to..    :/    My only rules with this afghan, were: no black or white. But, I did use "Aran Fleck" for a couple rows.   I want to do one with "no rules". Whatever color next...  A total scrapghan.  

I bought some fabric today at Walmart. I got some pretty cool fabric for $2 a yard. It's yellow/green and has coffee cups and "Mellow Out" and what looks like marshmallows (so maybe they are hot chocolate cups?). I thought it was cute.  And,  I got some fabric to make my 8 year old some pajama pants, (orange w/ basketballs & stuff) for  $3.97 a yard.  :0  I can't believe I bought that. But still, I bought 2 yards... so... that will be less than $8 for a pair of pants. Which is still pretty expensive for me. But maybe I will have enough to do more than just the pants with it. Which will bring the cost down more.  They have hardly nothing cool in the $1.50 a yard section for pajama pants..  They did have some material I would have been able to use, but it was so ugly (for pajama pants).  Oh well.  My husband is going to ban me from going shopping alone...  :/      Today was "Pajama & bring a stuffed animal to school Day" for the 8 year old.  :D  He just wore a white t-shirt and his pajama pants. And a big white teddy bear.  So much fun. I want to be a kid again, and have pajama day at school.. :P   I just wonder if most of the kids are wearing the pajamas they slept in? (Eeeeeewwww....) :P

Friday, November 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

I am still here...  And I have proof. :P  Lots of pictures..  It seems like I haven't blogged in forever. But I guess it's only been a few days.  This is my 3SUB progress..  It's 39 inches wide now. I still have no idea who it will be for.  Or what color I should do next..

And, another hot pad I finished yesterday. Actually, started and finished yesterday.  It's called "Pine Tree Hot Pad". It's in an out of print magazine called "Crafting Traditions".  I had never made one of these.  This will go to LuAnne for the CFAC webstore. All the proceeds go to the Propand Fund to help heat different families homes in the winter.

I made these for the store, too. Turkey coasters.  LOTS of ends to weave in. But cute. Pattern: Gobble Coasters

And, a slipper. :P  I have all the ends wove in and the pom-pom sewn on this. Just need to do the second one. I'll probably send this to PR, too..

And, more cards. This one I already sent in the mail. Pretty simple but I like it. It was in one of my card making magazines. I can't seem to find it now.  You can see some of the mess on my table in the next picture, so... That's why... :/ (I swear I had the whole table cleaned off a week ago!!~ I need a craft room!...)

This is a card I am in the process of making (it is in a card making magazine somewhere... I took a picture of it in the store~ shhhh!...).  This is how it will be layed out. I don't have all the tools (story of my life~ lol, but really~ How many new expensive $20 tools do you need to buy to "save money" making your own cards?.. It's getting ridiculous..)  Okay anyway, I don't have a stencil or hole puncher thingy to do an oval with. And, I need three different sizes to do it the way in the picture (I mean, magazine..).  So I had the brown punch out already. Then I traced around a Batman magnet we have. :P And used my Fiskar scissors. But...  It's not perfect. :(  And, I still need another white oval to go in the brown one w/ a saying on it. The one in the magazine says "You're the cream in my coffee". But, I don't have that stamp, either. So I will try to figure something else out.   I have another card that is in the works. But I couldn't find the picture on my puter...  It's with this. (Second picture down.)  I just glued that part (all trimmed and square-ish) to a card.  I have no idea what else to do with it though.. I will try and find the picture and post it here. Maybe some of you have some ideas? :D
I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.   

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sometimes You Are Forced to Relax...

I finished this Turkey hotpad today.  Each pattern in this book says, "Do not use to take hot items out of the oven"...  ??? Okay... ??? (Because of the eyes/fur you have to use in the patterns, I suppose..) Well... I was trying to make a few hotpads/potholders~ Whatever you want to call them~ for the Crafting for a Cause webstore. I already sent some stuff in, but wanted to make a couple/few more hotpads.  There's not many turkey hotpad patterns out there and I think I have about three. I liked this one the best of them all.  My back almost went out today (I should be in bed right now, I have a muscle relaxer waiting for me..) So, I finished this and started a Tulip Stitch dishcloth (with the variegated yarn from the Turkey hotpad). (I figured out what I was doing wrong on the first one I did, btw..)  I ran out of yarn, though. So I didn't want to start anything else.       I was just bending over picking up laundry to put in the washer, when my back went "Crrraauughh".  Okay it didn't make that noise at all. But that's what it felt like. I said "Uh oh". I just walked over to my bed, propped my pillows up; and sat there and crocheted...  I took a bath, hoping that might help.  It doesn't hurt *as* bad as it did earlier, but it still hurts... I think I'll go to bed now..   :/

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Scalloped Owl Card

I've been in the mood to make cards again..  :P  This one is from the September/October 2010 issue of Paper Crafts magazine.  You can download the pattern free at Not sure how long it will be up but it's probably still up now...   Mine looks *almost* identical to the one in the magazine..  I didn't have the stamps to do the stomach part. So I used some patterned card stock instead.  Eon wants me to make him one now. (Sigh... :P)  I am trying to get some made for a card swap I am in. I have another one going, that should be simple.

I also wrote the "Wise-Eyed Owl" poem inside.  Hopefully no one in the card swap reads my blog..  lol  I went to a Craft Show/ garage sale today. The only thing I found that I really wanted was a box (with lid~ Which I washed up and am going to give to Eon for his legos. He's been wanting one) with a bunch of cards in it.  And envelopes. I'm going to use one of the envelopes for this card. (It's red.)  I'm always needing envelopes for some reason. (Maybe cuz I use too many up for lunch money...)