Thursday, April 25, 2013

I finished some more squares for the Sea, Sea Shell, and whatever else sea-related monthly challenge at KAS.  This seahorse pattern is from EverLaughter's Etsy store. She has so many cute applique patterns. The square I just did myself. And the "seaweed" is a fluffy yarn; I just did surface crochets.

And I had been thinking about doing a snail square. Then I got to thinking, "Hey Gary is a snail...  I could just make the snail the same colors as him.."  Then I thought, "I should try and do Spongebob, too." So this is what I came up with. Nothing big but maybe it will make a child smile.  The snail pattern is from Bernat, the snail baby blanket. Here is the Ravelry link.

And, two shell squares..  I used this sea shell pattern.

I am a little bit irritated today.. Actually this started a couple of weeks ago. I went on to Ravelry, and I had a message from someone asking me if I "could help her with a pattern" (the short sleeve bolero pattern, by Lisa Gentry.) I am, right off  the bat, wondering why she is asking ME for help, if she has a problem why not ask the pattern designer? Then she proceeds to say how pretty it is, she wants to make one for her Mother, for Mother's Day, she's really new to crochet, blah blah blah..   I shouldn't have even responded to her message. Because it has been year since I made it, and I can't even remember what I did last week- how am I going to help her with this?...  So I said what exactly do you need help with?  Well, it turned out, she wanted help with me telling her how to crochet it. (Without her having to actually buy the pattern- Oh my god. Seriously? She couldn't spend $2.99 on a pattern-especially since it's going to be a gift, for Mother's Day?...)  GRRRR!!    Then, today, I have a message from someone asking me if I could send her a pattern because she "lost hers, here's my email adress". ????  Am I the pattern designer? NO!! Do I look like a big pushover? NO!! Do I have a big sign on my Ravelry profile saying "Please ask me if you want any patterns-especially if they're not free?"..... GRRRR!!  I am going to change my avatar to Grumpy Cat saying "NO"; on Ravelry. People are really pissing me off. I might not have gotten so irritated with sending this person today the pattern, it was a free pattern (but it's not MY pattern- again, why not try to contact the pattern designer?). But 1. It was the way she *asked*- more like, told, me. 2. My scanner is broke, and I am out of printer ink. I again might not have minded going to the library, paying to get a copy made, go to the store, buy something to mail it in, go to the post office, and mail it. But she did not ask me very nicely. So. No. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eon's "Office"

:P    I think I have mentioned before how Eon likes office supplies. He likes toys, and xbox games, like any other kid; too. But a lot of the time we'll go somewhere (a Thrift store, or even Walmart); and he will want to get a stapler, or markers, or a desk organizer.. (The black thing on the left of his shelf is what I am referring to, we got that at a thrift store.)   He has been wanting a desk for the longest time. Well Thursday night he was in his room for a long time. I thought he was playing legos or something. So I went in there to see what he was up to, and it was this. His "Office".  :P  I love it!  He did this all by himself. The shelf sits lower on the wall (don't ask me why- the people who built this house did their own thing- I think just for an extra shelf/closet space). Anyway, it is a little too high for a "desk", but Eon doesn't care. Maybe we'll have to get him a real desk soon. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello, It's Me..

I have been waiting to plant all my baby trees that are in pots, until it gets warm enough to do it..  My husband said he would plant the big one; because he wanted it behind the bedroom window for shade. I don't know how long it will take to get big enough to make shade. (We might not even still be living here by then. But..) It has grown fast since I put it in a bigger pot, so maybe it will take off now that it's (back) in the ground. I measured it and it's 15 inches tall. So I can see how fast it grows. ;)  Now to plant the other 10..  I want to plant them along the edge of the back yard. You can kind of see in the picture where the rocks en in our yard. That's where. :)

Here are four "Sea" squares I crocheted. They are the "That Turtle Square" from Crochetville. I did run out of blue on the one, and used a different color blue. I also bought a seahorse pattern. I'm going to do at least one square with that. It's so cute.. :D I have the sea horse done, I've been trying to get a square that is 8 inches wide to sew it on to. I made some before but this square isn't turning out the same as those. So  it took four tries to get it right this time..  The April Challenge for Knit-A-Square is "Sea, Seashore, and Shells". So...  This is what I have so far. 

And look what came in the mail today from Sue~ Mango Treats!!! I LOVE mango, lately. I don't know why I never ate it before. I wasn't too big on fruit when I was a kid (except apples). But I have been trying different foods/fruits lately and Sue sent me some from where she lives. Eon loves them, too. (The gummies.) He kept coming back and saying, "They're so yummy." "They're good."  You would think I never let him have food or something.. ;)  Thank you, Sue!! <3 td="">

Eon was home sick today from school today. I almost made him go, but when I asked him what was wrong, he told me the same things I woke up with, too. :(  I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I felt pretty yucky.  I didn't do much today, either. I did sew a pillowcase. :P  I was googling minecraft "arts and crafts", then I thought "Oh, I should do this on Ravelry!!" and then of course I had to pin a bunch of cool ideas on Pinterest. (Sigh..)  I was thinking about what to do for Eon's next birthday. I found a cool Minecraft Cake idea that I think I might try myself this year. :D  And Minecraft "cupcakes". Although it is really a cake, cut into square cupcakes. Legos, a t-shirt, a baseball hat... I want to crochet a Creeper, and a Creeper Afghan (I might do that one for Eli, for Christmas), and a hat for Eon: This one or this one. (Sigh...)  And now here I am blogging about all the stuff I found while googling and pinning and Ravelry..  Anyway, while looking for Minecraft stuff on Google, I found a cool melty beads Creeper. I thought, "Eon would love this!" He's always saying "I'm bored..."  So I am always trying to think of cool arts and crafts to do. This one was a winner. :D

Then he made a Minecraft wolf, for Eli. But once it was done, he said "Oh I messed up." (Ugh.)  I thought he was going to have a meltdown...  I thought this one was still cool. But he wanted it to be perfect for Eli. I don't know why, when he isn't very nice to him half the time.  :(  But...  He loves his brother(s).

So he made another one. :)

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I finished another Eye Dazzler Afghan. I really like how it turned out. I am going to send it to Alice on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I will wait until this fall to send it though. (Give me enough time to save up money to do it, lol..)  

A different view. My husband asked me who it was for. I told him. He said I should keep it. I asked for who? Yourself. "Um, I already have one just like it, practically.."  

I have been trying to eat healthier lately. Besides cutting out sugar and eating less (so I can lose ten pounds), I have been eating more fruits and vegetables. (Trying to eat organic, too- not always possible, though; especially when buying meat).  Anyway, I saw some Banana Split Bites on Pinterest and I wanted to eat them, so I had to make them. :) It's just fruit and chocolate. I melted chocolate chips and dipped the fruit in the bowl...  I might try the other ones, in cupcake liners (originally posted?), next time. Easier/less mess..  Except without the coconut or nuts.  I hate coconut- and don't like nuts, unless they are almonds or dry roasted peanuts, out of the can or jar. Or cashews. Oh yeah or pistachios..  :P

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Chicks and Peeps

I was googling stuff the other day, and saw the cutest "Peep Cookies" online. I HAD to try making some! After googling and trying to find cookie cutters (almost thought about making my own, after reading that someone else did it); I finally saw someone else's idea to make a template- (same person/blog that I found they Peeps Cookies on), and I thought "Duh.. This will work". Especially since it was only about three days until Easter, and I knew if I ordered a cookie cutter online it wouldn't make it in time. I didn't want to drive all the way to Hobby Lobby and see if they had any, and it just be a wasted trip if they didn't. So, then I googled "Bunny Peep outline", and... Ta Da! I used a plastic lid from a "throw away" casserole dish from Thanksgiving last year. This way you can wash and re-use your template. I wish I had something a little sturdier, but this will work until I get a bigger lid or something else. :D  I did find a couple places online that sell Peep cookie cutters, besides reading that Hobby Lobby sells one that would work. But, now I have this. So. :) I saved a few bucks. :D

Sugar cookie dough and a knife. (Flour the template, then it won't stick to the dough..)

First batch.

Pink Peeps. I bought a container of four different colored sugars at Walmart.  I did frost them (just with plain old sugar cookie frosting-homemade of course), then the sugar would stick better. 

Purple Peeps.

And yellow.

Eon wanted to decorate one one time when I was using the sugar. I said, "Why don't you use some of the leftover sugars on that plate? You can make an Ugly Bunny cookie."  :P He thought that was a good idea. 

...So did I. :P  This wasn't all the leftover sugar. That actually only was enough for one cookie. But... I went with it and just made them all different colors..

Not that the kids needed any more sugar, after all their Easter candy. But...  I had to try these. I have been trying to limit the sugar/junk food we eat. I've been making fruit smoothies and getting more healthy things. But... It's Easter.

I want to use the plastic lid template idea to make some Lego Man cookies someday (maybe for Eons' birthday). Incidentally, that is also the blog I got the idea to make the plastic lid template from. :)
I saw these Party Chicks on Pinterest, and I thought they were cute. I also thought, "Hey I can make those with all the eggs we dyed."  They are just deviled eggs, and I used a sandwich baggie with a corner cut off to "pipe" the filling into the eggs. Then used sliced up sliced black olives, and tiny carrot pieces for the noses and eyes. 


Did you have a nice Easter? We never usually do much. Eon is our youngest, and I don't even think there is an Easter Egg Hunt or anything in this town.. So, I hid some eggs in the house. I think Eon thought it was fun. Here he is with his eggs.. 

I just put stickers, money, and little stuff in them. (Since he was going to get enough candy in his Easter basket-- even though he didn't know that yet.) :D

I even hid a few eggs for Jetta, with Milk Bones in them. :P

"Um, are these balls? Can I play with them?.."  Lol

Their Easter baskets..

I think he liked the Storm Trooper chocolate bunny. :)

"Wut? Is he almost smiling?"...

We dyed some eggs... But not too many, since I didn't think they would all get eaten.

I dyed a couple, too. I saw a cool rubber band dying idea on Pinterest. So I had to try it. Eon did all the rest. :)