Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some "Spring" Planting...

Last year, my husband noticed a bunch of baby pine trees underneath one of the pine trees. He dug one up and put it in a pot. It was getting kind of big for the pot it was in, so I got some potting soil and re-potted it in some of the pots the landlord had left behind, here... 

When I was watering the apple tree, I noticed a little green thing. I looked closer, and it was a baby pine tree. Underneath the apple tree. :P  I think probably because of the pine cones that *someone* put under there..  

I dug it up. Look how teeny it is.

And I potted that one, too..   There are still about seven little baby pine trees under that one tree. I don't feel like digging them up, and potting them all right now. It would be enough to make a row along the property edge. But, it would take years for them to get big...

This is a lily that opened up after all the other flowers my husband got me had pretty much died..  I LOVE this flower. I used to have some lilies a long time ago. Well I started looking up lilies online and found a site that showed how you can grow a lily plant from a cutting. I don't know if it will work, but I tried it...  It's out there with my baby trees, in the shade.

My husband did some landscaping in our front yard.  We got three plants, and a lime tree.  We have had some rocks in the back yard that still had not been spread out since who even knows how long (since they built this house).  So he took some of them, and put them in there. 

:)  We got a dragon tree (the one he's watering)-I think we are going to have to move that!!, two lilies (lily of the nile), and a lime tree. Not much, but it's a start. And it looks so much better than before, in my opinion. (It was just all dirt in there, before..)

A Scorpion Spider was in the dirt. :0  (My husband stuck his hand in there.)  It's up to the right of the big rock..

Here it is all done. We also got some red rocks to put in the middle.   I have since then, bought two red yucca plants. I don't know where we will plant them. They are supposed to get pretty big.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hook Case

I was looking through patterns at Ravelry this weekend, trying to figure out what I could crochet with my new skeins of ILTY. I think that was how I found this. I don't remember. So in between waiting to hear what to do for a pattern I am testing, and not having printer ink to print it out, I took this in the car one day & I finished it: Hook Monster.  I attached one of the stitch markers I made to it & am going to send it with an RAOK.  I'm planning on making another one, too.  Maybe for people I don't have anything else to send anything to... 

Happy Memorial Day!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Can't Keep Up...

I feel so unorganized and scatterbrained lately... I don't know why. I need Summer Vacation to be here, I think. Speaking of summer, I got another Summer Wishlist RAOK.  From Janet in NY.  The most awesome pink variegated sock yarn ever! I don't think I could have picked out a more perfect yarn if I had tried myself. I love it. Thank you so much, Janet!! :)

This is something I have been working on lately. Somehow, I finished it. I'm sending it to someone.

And another thing I somehow managed to finish. During the ride to and from Hobby Lobby yesterday!! (This was the cotton that mumbles17 sent me, btw~ And I still have one skein left. I'm not sure if I will use it for another potholder like this one, or for a discloth.)  I also have a little bit left of the first skein, that I already want to use for a scrap ballband dishcloth. :D

Look what I got yesterday at Hobby Lobby! I Love This Yarn. :D I can finally buy it myself!!  I missed Hobby Lobby a lot. We had one in Colorado, and every time we got to go back there, I HAD to go to Hobby Lobby.  I had been wanting some "red, white and blue" variegated yarn.  I have no idea what I will make with it yet. But...   I'm thinking this bag.

I also got two skeins of this variegated yarn, cuz I like it. :)

I have been having problems with my camera taking blurry pictures like this. I don't know what the problem is. I hate technology and trying to figure stuff out...   :(  It's not that old of a camera, either.

I also made some beaded stitch markers with some earring clasp thingies I got at Hobby Lobby, too. I wanted to make a stitch marker to send the woman who crocheted me the slippers. I had a ladybug one that I made with a claw type thingie. (What are they even called?)  But they are so hard to get open when you are trying to put the stitch marker in, IMO.  I have one that someone made me that I really love, it was made with this type of earring clasp. So I got some to make one for that woman. While I was doing it, I thought I would make a couple more and see which one I like better to send her. Then I thought, "I should make a few to send for the Summer Wishlist RAOKs"...  So, I used every single last (?) thingie I had to put beads on.  Lol....   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chocolate Cheesecake

I can't get enough chocolate lately... I've been wanting to try this recipe for a while. I finally did it today. It's Hershey's Best Loved Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe.  The recipe was a little vague in some parts. Like it says to mix a 1/2 stick of butter with the cookie crumbs. Softened? Melted? What?...  And it says 3 packages cream cheese, but not what size package. So I made it with the big packages.  I do not own a Springform Pan. So, I made it with this pan. I do want to get a springform pan though...  For future cheesecakes. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Got Some Slippers From New York (I Think..)

I got a package from my husband's Aunt, who lives in Canada. But the address was from New York, it was sent by her daughter at the Monastery there? Her neighbor crocheted these...  (I know, I'm still confused... Lol)  But the card was from his Aunt.  It's a mystery.  :P And they fit me perfectly~ Like they were made just for me.

I'm really curious what pattern it is. I was going to try and figure it out, stitch by stitch, if I have to..  :P  But I won't be able to for a while. I am testing a pattern. I might go on Ravelry and see if I can find some like these & what pattern they used, though. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yin Yang Bracelet

Look at the pretty bracelet Sue sent me!! I got it in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much, Sue. I have been wearing it ever since (except when it might get wet or doing dishes, etc..)   I love it. :)  And I love the turquoise/blue color (and silver)! You are so thoughtful to send it to me, it's beautiful. <3

Square Bears, And A Graduation Bear

Well I got some things done I needed to finish. These squares were one of them. I made them for Comfortghans for Kristopher and Karlee.  So very sad, I felt like I had to do *something*...  These are for Kristopher.

And these are for Karlee.  I finished those up yesterday.

And today, I sat my butt down and worked on this all day long. :D  This is for an 8th grade girl who I sponsor on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  She is "graduating" 8th grade. (I still can't get used to that... graduating for kindergarten, fifth grade, eighth grade and high school?...) Anyway, I thought I would make her this bear. And I got her a card, and I'll probably get her a necklace or something.  I was going to get her a gift card. But...  I decided not to, and to go with the original idea of a necklace.  What are you going to do when they graduate high school, then?  ;)   Anyway, I wanted to finish these things asap so I can get them in the mail.  

Now I can test a pattern.  :D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Graduation Bear WIP

I received a puffy envelope in the mail from one of the "Elders" I send things to on Pine Ridge. She made me this beautiful beaded pen. (I don't want to use it, it will get ruined...)  Isn't it beautiful? She wrote me and told me that her grand daughter is graduating from the 8th grade.  So... 

Last night, I started crocheting her a Graduation Bear. :D It's the same pattern I used for Eli's bear when he graduated from 8th grade; Amigurumi Graduation Bear. I am already using the eyes that the FGM sent me. :D  I got her a card yesterday. I have been trying to think if I should get her a gift certificate to Walmart or just buy her a necklace or something?...   I am thinking a nice necklace.  I went to the Walmart site to see if there were any Walmarts in South Dakota. It said there was one-in Pierre. So then I went on Mapquest to see how far that is from Wounded Knee- it's three hours away. Sheesh... So I guess a necklace will have to do.  I think that's a nice gift. I gave my own son a bear, and I bought him a CD, I think? (He didn't even care about "graduating", I don't think...) 

Friday, May 11, 2012

"International Museum Day" Cards, And A Dress

For the month of May, in the Just Because Greeting Cards Group I am in, we are doing "Special Days". There's Mother's Day (of course), Mother Goose Day (May 1st), National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15th), and (the one I chose), International Museum Day. :P  I know, I'm strange.. But I love museums. I think it's because I love History. I love Historical Fiction, I love old houses and buildings...   So, I made some museum cards. These two are the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Our family has been there a few times, when we lived there.

And, one of my absolute favorite "museums" (it's also a castle!), Miramont Castle Museum in Maitou Springs, Colorado. We lived right by it for a while when we first moved to Colorado; and would walk by it all the time. We've been inside once. (It isn't free to get in..)  And the whole castle is not open for touring. (That would be so cool if it was!)  It's been a long time since we went in. Before we even moved there. But you can go to their website and find out more if you like: Miramont Castle. They have a Tea Room (which we had never been to-but wanted to), also.

And, don't ask me why, with three boys (and the youngest is 9) I crocheted a baby dress... :P  I have been seeing a lot of crocheted dresses lately, online. Maybe because it's Spring?  I just HAD to crochet one. So yesterday, I did.  I used the Girls Lace Pinafore pattern from Bernat. I made the 18  month size. I crocheted the headband today. I used the Genius Headband (it's a free Ravelry download), and the flower from this pattern.   I don't know if it was just "me", but the dress pattern was a little confusing in some spots. For the 18 month size you skipped some rows but then there wasn't a stitch count for other rows.  So, up until row 6, following the pattern exactly, I had 96 sc. But then the "All Sizes" row (which is the next row, for size 18 months), it did not work for me doing shells with only skipping 2 sts...  So, I had to skip 3 sts 11 times, and 2 sts 17 times.  I will have to try and figure out if there is some way I can break that down. I just kept counting and trying to figure out "Should I skip two or three now?" as I went. I did this row at least three times, trying to figure that out. But I ended up with 28 shells. So from then it was easy.. :)  I'd like to make more of these, too. I'll probably send this to Pine Ridge Reservation this summer. Or soon..   :) 

Summertime Wishlist RAOKs!

I signed up for the Summertime Wishist RAOK at Crochetville. I wasn't going to post anyhing, but after thinking for a while, I decided there were some things I really did want. Like eyes for making toys with. I cannot find them anywhere in this whole state. (Yet, anyway..)  I got a few bags when we went to Colorado a couple years ago. But I was almost out.  Well look what my very first RAOK was!!! Eyes!!  I am not exactly sure who sent this to me (but there is an address). Thank you SO much, FGM! I love them. And they're the all black ones (I like those).

Then, look what I got the VERY next day (yesterday)!! Another RAOK!! I couldn't believe it. From Fiona, the Sunshine Elf. (I love that.)  Dishcloth cotton in "Fourth of July" colors. This combines 2 of my wishes, "Fourth of July" and dishcloth cotton. And the cutest cupcake card.  Thank you so much, Fiona. 

<3 <3 <3

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Well once again I am not on top of things, and didn't know it was Teacher Appreciation Week...  Eon wanted to get his teacher a present.  I showed him the Cup Caddy (I had been thinking about giving it to his teacher, but needed an excuse.. :P). I said "It's a cup caddy. She can put it on her desk to hold all her pens, pencils, markers, scissors..."  Well he thought that was cool. And, we got her a box of chocolates because she said she can't let a day go by, without having some chocolate. (I can sooo relate to that! :P)  And, we got her a pen that says "#1 Teacher". And Eon made her a card.

I was reading blogs yesterday, and saw a recipe link for Snickerdoodle Bars. YUUUUMM! I have been seeing (and wanting to make) a lot of snickerdoodle recipes lately. First I saw Snickerdoodle muffins, and then these Snickerdoodle Bars.  Well I was in the mood for some dessert. So I printed out the recipe, pulled out the butter to soften, and I made these last night.  I took a few over to the neighbors, and now there are only 3 left. Guess I will have to make some more. :D Sorry about the yucky picture; my camera was recharging, so I took it with my phone...  Oh, by the way, I did not use Gold Medal flour. I used Great Value brand flour. I also had to mircrowave the brown sugar; because SOMEONE~ I'm not naming any names, but it starts with an E and ends with an ON~ keeps getting the brown sugar out to eat some, and leaves the bag open so it gets all hard.  :/  AND, I didn't have enough butter so... I used 2 Tblspns of vegetable shortening to make 3/4 cup~ and they still came out good. Yay...    (Just thought I would share that. When I want dessert, I don't let nothing stop me.. Lol :P)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yard Sale and Thrift Store Finds

I saw a yard sale sign last week, when I was on my way somewhere. (I think to Walmart, and I stopped at the Salvation Army, too.) Well on the way back, I stopped at the yard sale. I couldn't decide which tea pot I liked better. So... I got them both. :P  And I thought the lighthouse picture frame was cute, so I got that, too. I already sent it to someone.

This is what I got at the Salvation Army, for $5. $1 each...  I got some  cards & envelopes, too.

...and these. I'm not sure exactly what they are. But... They're roosters. So they will go somewhere in my kitchen.

And I didn't get this at a yard sale or the Salvation Army. But I did *find* it in my mailbox. :P  Someone sent me a thank you card and a crocheted angel, for sending them a Friendshipghan Square. So sweet..  :)   That was so nice of her. I want to try and thread a piece of gold glittery thread (crochet thread) through the head so I can hang it from our Christmas Tree this year.  Thank you so much, Carole.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Toe-Up Socks Progress

I saw some socks that HomekeepingGran had knitted. (They're green, too.)  :D So I thought I would post my socks progress...  It feels like it's taking me forever to knit these. :(     And I doubt I will EVER get as good at knitting socks as HomekeepingGran. But..   I still like doing it.

I did finish another pair of crocheted socks, for PR. I finished them last night while watching World War I in Colour.  I didn't take a picture of those yet, though.  My 15 year old was laying (face down) on the couch. I kept asking him "What are you doing?"  "What's wrong?" But he kept talking into the couch and I couldn't hear him.  A minute later I heard him in the bathroom, throwing up. :(   So Eli's home from school today. Eon was home yesterday. Headache, stuffed up, stomach..   Maybe I should take some Airborne...  :/