Friday, November 30, 2012

Remember Me?.. :P

I have been neglecting my blog lately, I know... RL keeps getting in the way. (Real Life)  Sigh...   I don't actually have any pictures to post, either. I have been taking them, but on my (new) phone, and I don't have them on my computer. (Big sigh...) Anyway, here is another angry birds hat, that I don't think I have posted here yet. I crocheted that red one for my nephew (I don't know if I mentioned this already...). Then someone said "Would you sell this?" So I said yes. (She said she would pay me for it, and she was "Sending the check in the mail"..) That was about a month ago. Still don't have that check she "sent out".  But I did crochet another hat for my nephew. (Turned out that the red one was a little small- I tried it on- and probably wouldn't fit a four year old very well.) So I hope this one will fit/he will like it. Angry Birds Black Bird Hat is the pattern I used. I'm thinking I need to make myself a hat. The Grinch Hat. :/

I have been crocheting some of Mimi's Santa Hats. For a friend. I wasn't going to, because even though she said she liked them, I thought "Oh she's probably just saying that..." You know? But they invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner (this is the third or fourth year in a row we've gone over there for Thanksgiving). And she said again that she loved those; and wanted one. Soooo....  :) I am making one for everyone in the family (five hats), because what she originally said, was that she wanted to do a family picture with all of them wearing Santa hats.    What does any of this have to do with a picture of a Santa kitchen towel and hot pad set, you are probably wondering. Lol.  This is what I made for another friend (who usually goes over their house every Thanksgiving, too. But this year they didn't come because they went to their son's wedding in Indiana).  When we invited them all over to our house for Eon & Steves' birthday, she noticed my towel toppers on my stove and said she really liked those and they reminded her of home. I immediately thought, "Chirstmas present!..." Then I tried finding out what color(s) their kitchen is. But when my husband asked her husband at work, he said "I don't know. I just go in there to get food. I don't pay attention." Lol.  So, I figured I would make a Christmas set for her.  I started with the No Sew Towel Topper, and tweaked it a little to make them more like mine.  I need to sew a button on. I bought some, I just haven't gotten around to it yet...

Yesterday, Eon won two awards in the awards assembly at his school. The Honor Roll award, and Student of the Month award. I'm so proud of him!! I had been meaning to make this dessert for a while. I bought some custard cups a week or two ago, to make it.  But hadn't gotten around to it. Well yesterday I thought, "I should make them tonight, since Eon won those awards.."  :)  

They are Lava Cakes.  See the "molten (chocolate) lava" pouring out? :D  They really weren't all that hard. The hardest thing was you have to grease each cup and dust it with baking cocoa powder. They were so yummy. (I really shouldn't have eaten one. But...)  Here is the recipe: Molten Chocolate Cakes Recipe.  They remind me of Hot Fudge Cakes from Big Boy back home in Michigan.. (We had ours with vanilla ice cream-which I also shouldn't have eaten, but I only had a little..)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ana's Sweater Shell

I finished this set yesterday, for Knit-A-Square. The November Challenge is "Plain Janes". Supposed to be squares (which I am also making some of), but I wanted to do a little vest. And I made a hat, too. The hat is Teen/Adult Ribbed Cap. I wasn't sure if it was right, as I was making it, because it worked up crooked. But once it is sewn together it all works out. (Cool.) And, like the title of this post says, I used the Ana Sweater Shell pattern for the vest.  I guess I need to sew on a button, too. Forgot about that.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Catching Up...

I haven't posted any crocheted or knitted things in a while on here, besides the booties. It's mostly been about food. (LoL)  I have been crocheting, though.. (And knitting, too.)  These are two hats I finished for the October CAL at EEROP on Ravelry. They are the Maia's Hat pattern. (A free Ravelry download.) I used stash yarn.  I really don't like working with that Baby Clouds yarn. (The light blue hat.) I can't see what I'm doing at all.

And an Angry Birds hat I finished. (Watch out for the pop ups on that site.) I was going to give this to my nephew, but someone wanted it for her nephew. I guess it worked out okay, since I don't think it would fit a four year olds' head as well as it would an 18 month olds' head. (Her nephew is 18 months..)  But now I have to make another hat for my nephew. (Sigh....)

I've also been crocheting squares for KAS. This is the Chain Stitch square (also on Ravelry). I love this pattern. It just is so relaxing to do..

I did four more, for the October Challenge. Which was all about Christmas.

And I knitted a Basketweave square (Ravelry, again). (I have another one of these on my needles, too.)

And, crocheted two "picture" squares. I just chained 31 and did a sc in second chain from hook and sc all the way until it is 8". The Christmas Tree pattern I got here:  The reindeer pattern is here:

I thought I would make up some little tags to put on Halloween Goody bags. I didn't have a circle puncher the right size to put inside the black scalloped punch, so I used a tea light candle as a template thingy. :P 

...It didn't come out exactly perfect like a circle puncher would have, so I tried to "hide" that by using a glitter pen all around the edge.  Oh well, just a little something. I thought it would be fun. The kids can hang them on their doorknob or wherever..

The goody bags. These were for three of the kids I send things to on Pine Ridge. Just a little something. Each bag has everything pictured, in it..

Speaking of Halloween...  :P  "Ghould Morning"...   Lol.  This is what Eon dressed up as last night. We went to Trunk & Treat, which was a good thing. Because only six houses had candy. He still had fun, though; and got candy.