Thursday, November 01, 2012

Catching Up...

I haven't posted any crocheted or knitted things in a while on here, besides the booties. It's mostly been about food. (LoL)  I have been crocheting, though.. (And knitting, too.)  These are two hats I finished for the October CAL at EEROP on Ravelry. They are the Maia's Hat pattern. (A free Ravelry download.) I used stash yarn.  I really don't like working with that Baby Clouds yarn. (The light blue hat.) I can't see what I'm doing at all.

And an Angry Birds hat I finished. (Watch out for the pop ups on that site.) I was going to give this to my nephew, but someone wanted it for her nephew. I guess it worked out okay, since I don't think it would fit a four year olds' head as well as it would an 18 month olds' head. (Her nephew is 18 months..)  But now I have to make another hat for my nephew. (Sigh....)

I've also been crocheting squares for KAS. This is the Chain Stitch square (also on Ravelry). I love this pattern. It just is so relaxing to do..

I did four more, for the October Challenge. Which was all about Christmas.

And I knitted a Basketweave square (Ravelry, again). (I have another one of these on my needles, too.)

And, crocheted two "picture" squares. I just chained 31 and did a sc in second chain from hook and sc all the way until it is 8". The Christmas Tree pattern I got here:  The reindeer pattern is here:

I thought I would make up some little tags to put on Halloween Goody bags. I didn't have a circle puncher the right size to put inside the black scalloped punch, so I used a tea light candle as a template thingy. :P 

...It didn't come out exactly perfect like a circle puncher would have, so I tried to "hide" that by using a glitter pen all around the edge.  Oh well, just a little something. I thought it would be fun. The kids can hang them on their doorknob or wherever..

The goody bags. These were for three of the kids I send things to on Pine Ridge. Just a little something. Each bag has everything pictured, in it..

Speaking of Halloween...  :P  "Ghould Morning"...   Lol.  This is what Eon dressed up as last night. We went to Trunk & Treat, which was a good thing. Because only six houses had candy. He still had fun, though; and got candy.


Mimi said...

Cute projects Tina! Love the angry bird and Christmas squares :)
That's a scary-looking costume!

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi. Yeah, I wasn't real thrilled that he wanted to be a ghoul. He wanted to be a "gangster" for months, then changed his mind at the last minute. (Sigh..)