Friday, August 26, 2005

I am still in shock from all the awesome things I got in the mail yesterday from my Secret Pal, Peekaboo! I just love everything. While I was making dinner I burned one of the Chanel #5 incense (the boys wanted to see how it worked). I LOVE that scent!!! After dinner and dishes I sat outside with all my new stuff and looked through the Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendar. I can't believe how many patterns there are! Well. Duh, how many days are in a year? It is AWESOME!!! I will never be able to make all those. Then, if that wasn't enough, my secret pal gave me the 'Big Book of Crochet'!! I already see some baby bibs in there that I want to make for a friend. This book has everything! (I guess that's why they call it the 'Big Book of Crochet'...(I'm a little slow this morning... need more coffee....) It even has some bathroom baskets to crochet with fabric strips. I've never crocheted with fabric strips, but I have crocheted with bag strips which reminds me, that bag that I am making my mom is in the Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendar! I've seen a lot of people from C'ville have patterns in there- I won't say any more in case there are some people out there who haven't gotten it yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise... Oh this is hard... I'll just say there is a LOT of stuff in there that I want to make already!! And, last but certainly not least (crochetwise, anyway..) A Family Circle easy CROCHET!!!! magazine!!!! I am LOVING this! I buy FC Easy Knitting all the time, had I seen this (I haven't gotten out much since we've moved.... not knowing where things are kind of has something to do with it...) anyway had I seen this I definitely would have bought it!! Come to think of it, I am going to go see if I can find one for my secret pal.... I am going to be busy with some wonderful, wonderful, new patterns for a loooonngggg time! I feel like a kid in a candy store (with money) hee hee! Then, Peekaboo also sent all three boys a Pez Walgreens truck dispenser. They all loved it (even the thirteen year old had a smile on his face!) Which isn't rare, but... And the two (okay, he's almost three...) year old carried his Walgreens truck with him everywhere yesterday!! I am not kidding, when he went to bed last night, he had his Walgreens' truck in his hand! He loves it the most I think. :)) I just love everything you've sent me, secret pal Peekaboo!! I don't know how I can ever 'repay' you, except maybe by after the 'secret' is out, and I find out who you are, I can make you some things out of the books you have sent me!!

Thank You Peekaboo!! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to School...

Today is registration day for our oldest son. He's going to a 'real' middle school now! (They both went to a small charter school where we used to live). This school is a LOT bigger. He doesn't seem to be intimidated by it, though, so I'm not going to 'feed his fears', like my mother does to me... He's actually excited to be going here, so I'm not going to say anything. I/we haven't heard anything from our elementary school yet. Maybe I will call them later after I get everything else done...

I am working on things to send my Secret Pal. And I'm going to the store today to pick up a couple things, too.

Have a Nice Day!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My computer is eating my pictures. I took a bunch of pictures today at a family get together I went to. I plugged the chip into the computer....nothing happened. I didn't want to bring up the Dell picture thingy, because every time I do that, there are pictures underneath the pictures I want to upload, (that aren't there before I click on the pictures I want to upload!?) that get uploaded instead. I don't know what I am doing; it's very frustrating. I should just go buy an old-fashioned camera again and do it the old school way, at least I know what I'm doing then; I can put the pictures on CD, and the computer won't erase them. It's so irritating. Fortunately I took this picture before it started doing all this. This is what my secret pal sent me!! I've taken way too long to post it here, but my life has been CRAZY lately. And it's about to get crazier, with school starting. We are starting new schools; have to go and register (I thought I did that already? Maybe I need to go back to school...) Ugh... Anyway... My secret pal, Peekaboo, sent me so much awesome stuff! I can't believe it, still. Four skeins of Lion Brand Micro Spun in Coral. Yummy! I can't wait to make something really special with this. A top for me, maybe. Is four skeins enough? And, a tube of blue beads from the Beadery!! And a bag of beads, too, all different colors. A sheep measuring tape (I didn't know what this was...) hee hee (She told me later) A box of my FAVORITE tea!!! A lovely box of stationery, very unique... I love it! A Starbucks gift card!!! I LOVE this! I've already used it once. I don't want to waste it. Some chocolate covered coffee beans, with coffee and my crocheting (okay, well it hasn't happened yet, but I hope this next week I'll get some quiet time just for me, and I will get all these things together and be on crochet cloud nine! ;) She also sent a "Hug" token. Everything is so wonderful; my secret pal is spoiling me. I still can't believe all she sent. I have a lot in common with my secret pal, too. (The one who I don't know yet...) I better get busy and send my secret pal some better packages now!Speaking of which, I do have a couple things on the way (in the mail), and a couple of things hidden. I just need to get it all together. I hope my secret pal is as happy with me as I am with mine!!
I bought a cat collar for our puppy tonight. I am so sick of taking it outside every morning first thing in the morning after I wake up, stand outside in my pajamas, wait for the puppy to go to the bathroom.... Ugh... Well tonight I put his collar on, and he wouldn't move. He sat there, eating grass. Then he pukes!... UGHHH! Not somewhere out in the back of the yard, right on the patio. Five minutes after I bring him in the house, he pees on the floor. (In his pen, on the tile, but.... I just had him outside for fifteen minutes!!???) I am just getting so tired of this. I am never breeding my dog again. The only possible way I would breed her again is if we somehow got a ton of acreage with a barn on the back forty, and I could put the dogs in the barn so I wouldn't have to hear them, or potty train them, or clean up their mess. Of course then they wouldn't be as socialized then... I just think I am done. I put another ad in the paper for ten more days. I really hope someone will buy him. I don't know how much more I can take!

Not to end on a complaining note,
Have a lovely day, all... :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do You Think I'm Obsessed?

Okay. Is this bordering on obsession or something? I have one dishcloth on knitting needles. Another dishcloth, from same skein, being crocheted. I didn't think anything of it until I stopped to look and thought, "Uh someone might think I'm obsessed or something if they saw this...." Hee hee. Well now they are separated. Now I only have one dishcloth left for the dishcloth "In Hot Water" swap. I don't know if I can stop now, after seeing this picture of what I've become.... (Insert evil laughter here...)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Here's the picture

Here we go! This is the picture I was trying to post. This is the puppy we have left (Taz).

Two down, one to go...

Blogger won't let me post a picture today. I was going to post a picture of the puppy we have left. I have sold his brother and his sister. Now he's so lonely... :( No one to play with (fight with or bite.) :) I sold the little girl puppy (Duchess) to a man with no kids, a girlfriend or wife, I think; he already has one dog and one cat. And the big boy puppy (Sumo, he was my favorite!) to a family with three kids. He called me and asked me about 100 questions. They came over to look at the puppies. Then came back the next day and got one. (Yesterday). I hope they send me pictures and keep me updated. As much as the puppies drove me nuts, I will miss them and wonder how they are. (I guess I could do this all over again next time she goes into heat!...)

In knitting/crocheting news: I am on my third dishcloth, the 'Idiot's' dishcloth. Well I must be a true idiot, cuz I can't even get it right! I think I must have not been paying attention and increased a couple times when I was supposed to be decreasing.

I have an appointment for a free foot massage today (for one whole hour!) I should go get ready to go so I'm not late!!

Have a Nice Day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

#2 Dishcloth is Finished!

Well here is dishcloth number two. It's from the Bernat site. I think I found it at Knitting Pattern Central. It's called "Simple Ridge Dish Cloth". Now I'm onto dishcloth #3: 'Idiot's' Dishcloth (link is in yesterdays' post.)

I am also thinking of starting a baby afghan (as if I don't already have enough on my crochet/knitting plate! I already started one motif. I'm not quite sure yet. The baby shower is September 10. I think I would have enough time, but I also want to knit a sweater, so I have to make a decision.... (I think I would want the sweater, personally.) The mother can knit but not that well I don't think. So maybe a sweater would be better. I just have to find a suitable pattern. (It's a girl BTW.)

Have A Great Day!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One Down, Four to Go

Well here is my first dishcloth finished for the "In Hot Water Dishcloth Swap"! (I had a head start, I started this before I even knew about the swap, and decided to join since I was already crocheting a dishcloth...) Now I've started a knitted one. I need to find a pattern where I don't have to count rows, though. I had a garter stich one in one of my FC Easy Knitting magazines, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.... I also only have off-white, black, navy blue, and orange dishcloth cotton. I really don't want to have to buy more, but I would like to do some 'different' colors. Maybe I can find some on sale somewhere. I have to run out today, maybe to go 'back home', and post some fliers up for the puppies. I can't find anywhere around here that will let you post fliers up anymore. Well, I take that back, WholeFoods has a board in back; I did put a flier up there. It's a pretty busy place, too. Plus an ad in the Ann Arbor News, and an ad that's going in todays' paper in The Detroit News. My mom said that's the paper they sold all their puppies from. So, hopefully we will start getting some phone calls.... I've only gotten one call from the Ann Arbor News so far.
My husband says we might move sooner than he thought. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I'm excited!! I hope he doesn't get the job he was hoping to get. That doesn't sound good. But I really want to move! The whole plan when we moved here was to be moving to CO in a couple of months. So... We will see...
Edited to say: I found the pattern I was looking for, at Knitting Pattern Central. It's called the "'Idiot's' Dishcloth". That would be me! LOL!

**Have A Great Day!**

Monday, August 08, 2005

Another Swap!

Another swap I have joined! The "In Hot Water Dishcloth Swap". I missed the Kitchen Swap; I was so bummed. This swap will be a lot of fun, and even easier than than the Kitchen Swap, since this is only dishcloths. Which I like to make. I have one dishcloth half way done, actually. I started it before the dishcloth swap, so it worked out good. :)

**Have a Great Day!**

Monday, August 01, 2005

My Parents are Moving to Tennessee!

YAY! I can't wait. Last spring my mom moved to Florida (they picked the perfect year to move there, eh?) After wanting to move to Florida SO bad, now she wants to move 'back home' so bad.... (Don't ask me, I can't figure it out either...) She would enter sweepstakes to win a home in Florida, talk about Florida all the time.... Then when they moved there, all I heard was "There's another hurricane coming towards us..." They never got hit (they're on the gulf coast), but... Well, now they got a 'better' job offer in Tennessee, and will be moving there probably by the end of the week. So they will be a lot closer to us in Michigan. I guess my brother and his wife are moving there, too. And my other sister and her husband will be moving way up north. So now I only have one sister, and her husband, in the area (about 20 minutes away).... :( Oh well. It actually works out better for us this way, because we are on our way to Colorado! (eventually) Now we won't have anyone saying to us, "You can't move out of state!" When they all did!... It will give us all a reason to travel and go visit family at the same time.... So I'm happy. I think my mom is too. (I don't know though..) :)

Have a Great Day!