Monday, August 01, 2005

My Parents are Moving to Tennessee!

YAY! I can't wait. Last spring my mom moved to Florida (they picked the perfect year to move there, eh?) After wanting to move to Florida SO bad, now she wants to move 'back home' so bad.... (Don't ask me, I can't figure it out either...) She would enter sweepstakes to win a home in Florida, talk about Florida all the time.... Then when they moved there, all I heard was "There's another hurricane coming towards us..." They never got hit (they're on the gulf coast), but... Well, now they got a 'better' job offer in Tennessee, and will be moving there probably by the end of the week. So they will be a lot closer to us in Michigan. I guess my brother and his wife are moving there, too. And my other sister and her husband will be moving way up north. So now I only have one sister, and her husband, in the area (about 20 minutes away).... :( Oh well. It actually works out better for us this way, because we are on our way to Colorado! (eventually) Now we won't have anyone saying to us, "You can't move out of state!" When they all did!... It will give us all a reason to travel and go visit family at the same time.... So I'm happy. I think my mom is too. (I don't know though..) :)

Have a Great Day!

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