Sunday, August 14, 2005

Two down, one to go...

Blogger won't let me post a picture today. I was going to post a picture of the puppy we have left. I have sold his brother and his sister. Now he's so lonely... :( No one to play with (fight with or bite.) :) I sold the little girl puppy (Duchess) to a man with no kids, a girlfriend or wife, I think; he already has one dog and one cat. And the big boy puppy (Sumo, he was my favorite!) to a family with three kids. He called me and asked me about 100 questions. They came over to look at the puppies. Then came back the next day and got one. (Yesterday). I hope they send me pictures and keep me updated. As much as the puppies drove me nuts, I will miss them and wonder how they are. (I guess I could do this all over again next time she goes into heat!...)

In knitting/crocheting news: I am on my third dishcloth, the 'Idiot's' dishcloth. Well I must be a true idiot, cuz I can't even get it right! I think I must have not been paying attention and increased a couple times when I was supposed to be decreasing.

I have an appointment for a free foot massage today (for one whole hour!) I should go get ready to go so I'm not late!!

Have a Nice Day!

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