Friday, July 29, 2011

My "New" Craft Room

Well, it isn't totally organized yet. But... Here is my "new" craft room.  :)   I think I mentioned before that our 19 year old moved out at the end of May. Well we moved the 8 year old (this was his room) into his older brother's old room (after painting & cleaning it!). Then, I moved all my stuff into this room.  (Can you believe all this was in my bedroom?!! :0  Some of it was stuffed under the bed & in the closet... ) 

The book shelves. 

Kind of messy corner (all the bags of stuff were under my bed~ the clothes hanger thingy was for our son, since there isn't a closet in here~ since it isn't a real bedroom..) 

My yarn "bins". And puppy. :P  She loves coming in there. I put all my stuff in her corner (so she can't go back there & hide anymore). So she was pouting. ;P

My window. :D  And sewing machine. Which I *will* learn to use one day! (Maybe after the kids go back to school...)

My Crochetville bag. :P  (I don't know if you noticed the one Mary Jo sent me, too~ third picture from the top?... :D )

This is what it looked like, before organizing it. (Even though I still have a lot more to do..)  This wasn't even after all my stuff was in here. It did look worse than this. I got the two hamsters out, though; and in my sons' room.  I might move them back in here; I don't know~ Once school starts.  We'll see.. 

I hope to get a second hand chair to sit in, in here (and a sewing table & chair, too) ~~~  someday..  :)  I am just happy I have a craft room again.  :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tie Dye T-Shirt

Well, what do you think? I think it turned out all right.  He wanted to squirt splashes of color on the parts that didn't have rubber bands on them. It's a good thing he did, otherwise it would have been pretty pale.  We did forget one of the rubberbanded parts which was the other sleeve. (Sigh.) Oh well.  I think he had fun, and it turned out all right. 
I just realized you can see me taking the picture, in the mirror..  Aaaaah! No make up, I just got out of the shower & I'm in my robe!!...   :0   lol...   (Good thing it's not a close-up :P  )   Eon had just gotten up, too. So that's why he's got bed head and is tired looking... :P

Close-up of the center part which turned out pretty cool.
And the sleeve.  

I got the instructions on Family Fun: Tie-dyed T-shirts.  I was trying to think of other things we could tie dye. Since we still have two bottles of the dye left...  Hmmm... 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holidays In July Crochet..

Here are some of the things I have been crocheting for the Holidays In July RAOK at Crochetville.. I sent this one out to someone today. I got the towels at Family Dollar.  I might make one of these for myself, since my kitchen is roosters/chickens; and the burgundy would go good in my kitchen.  :)   I started another one of these today.

Here are some Angel Ornaments I made. They are pretty fun to make. I got the pattern in "150 Weekend Crochet Projects", by the House of White Birches.

And some more ornaments, Christmas Wreath Ornament by Beansprout Creations. These are so fun.

And, a cute Mini Motif Stocking by Doris Chan. I only made this one (which I sent out today, also). You could stick a little mini candy cane in it. Or other tiny things..  I hope to make lots more. Of all of the ornaments.  I also want to make some big stockings, for the chimney. This will be our first year celebrating Christmas as a famiy.

Okay, well this isn't HIJ crochet, but..  It's another Simple Shrug I started.

This is the Granny Ripple Bag by Carlinda. 

And some cat toys. This picture isn't the greatest. They are supposed to be fortune cookies. I got the pattern at the Lion Brand Yarn site: Amigurumi Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

And Ice Cream Cone Cat Toys. How cute are these? I had to make a couple.  The pattern is by Stormyz, she has some cute patterns. :)

Well, I think the towel topper is the last thing I am going to be crocheting for the Holidays In July. It ends this Sunday. I need to get stuff done around this house. (Sigh..)   Today the 8 year old and I tie-dyed a t-shirt for him. He wanted green and brown. I said "Okay"  (but in my mind thought "oooooookaaaay.." lol)  It doesn't look too bad. We'll see how it turns out, tomorrow. (Have to leave it overnight.)    So... Stay tuned for a picture of a tie-dyed t-shirt. :)  Til next time~~~
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goodbye, Wickett :(((

Poor Wickett died....  :(   He just turned a year old, on July 20th. (He and his sister, Coco~ the two babies we kept.)  He was a funny hamster. Here he is trying to get that piece of dog food from Jetta's bowl. ;P  (He was probably trying to get a drink of water.) 

This one is blurry. But cute.

He was a funny boy.  I can't believe he died.  I kept expecting the mama hamster to die (Mia), since she is the oldest... I never expected one of the babies to die.  I think I get way too attached to animals. :*((( 

These are the only pictures I have of him on our computer.
We will miss you, funny boy. :*(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I somehow managed to finish a shrug. :P  This is from December 2010 Crochet World. It's called Simple Shrug. Which is basically what it is.  It was more time consuming than I thought. But not too bad. And it was easy enough for my pea brain. :P I just had to count to make sure I had the right amount of stitches each row.   I couln't get a very good photo of it. (I know.. On the floor?) But I put it on a hanger and it was too big.

I made it a size large. It's for a 16 year old girl I send things to on Pine Ridge. (Same girl I made the Tea Cake Box for..)  I'm planning on making another one for a 13 year old I send things to there, too.  I hope they like them.   I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease, "Burgundy Sprinkles" for this one. 

I finished a second SBT. This one is on it's way to someone...  :D 

And, I have been getting Friendship Squares!... This one is from Poland! I love the square, and the color. I had to go get some more black yarn. (I'm edging them all in black.)

This is from the US.  She sent me an adorable angel pin, too. And I love the card. <3  The colors in this one are so cool. I can't stop looking at it. :P

And another one! I love seeing all the different combinations everyone comes up with. Thank you everyone! <3 <3 <3  I think I am up to 17 squares now.

And, I got a Holidays In July RAOK! A Harlan Coben book, and a beautiful bookmark. <3  From someone in Colorado. I noticed the sticker on the back was a place by where we used to shop. (But, she lives in a different town~ so it wasn't the exact same store...)  It brought back memories, though. :)  I started reading this. I was going to read some more of it last night, but it was in my bedroom & my husband was already asleep in there. So, I read a crochet magazine instead. :P

A card I made for the Holidays In July. This idea came from an old Crafting Traditions magazine. The little bear is from Sue in Malaysia! I thought it would look so cute in this card.  <3  (And it did, don't you think?)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jetta Has a New Cousin!

Oh, just look at the adorable-ness!! Isn't he the sweetest thing? Meet Max, Jetta's new "cousin". Hee hee.  My brother got a new Boston Terrier puppy a couple days ago. He's six weeks old. He's SOOO cute! My brother fell in love with him. (He originally was going to get another full grown one, a female. But then he saw this puppy..)  :)

Sweetness <3

Look how little he is! That's my brother's foot. :P

Jetta is so happy she has a new cousin! (Not!...  Ha ha..)  I took this picture of her yesterday. She was acting like a Wild Dingo. (Yeah, like I have ever been around a Wild Dingo..) She was being crazy, though.  I got her pictures, in a few calm moments...  She will be six months old next Thursday. You can compare my profile picture of her to this, and see how big she's gotten. :)

This is the closest she has EVER been to one of the hamsters, and not ran away cowering, or thrown up. (For real.)  She just sat there, and watched the hamster.
:0 !!! She even smelled it! My husband said "The next step is eating it".  (He just is hoping..) I got the keyboard down for Eon yesterday and he was "playing" it. I said "Don't you want to take Piano lessons so you will know how to play some real songs?" He said "No I just want to do this"  (Boys...)  I did a couple videos on my phone. But I don't know how to upload them to my computer. :((((   I used to be able to, but we downgraded my phone plan (toooo expensive).   Oh well. At least I could make a video.  :)  

Here is a picture of a shrug I am crocheting for a (now) 16 year old girl on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I am completely done with the ribbing on one side, and about to this point on the ribbing on the second side, now. I worked on it a little last night; but I was too scatterbrained, and put it down...  I had been working on an SBT (Stash Buster Tote), but I ran out of yarn. This is my second one. Sue (TurtleLvr) gifted me two of her patterns on the Friendshipghan Squares CAL. I picked the Pockets-A-Plenty one, but she gave me the SBT, too.  <3

This is the first one I did. I thought it came out way too big, but then I went back & looked at the pattern and it said 14 inches tall. I didn't actually measure it, but... I think I'm good.  :)   I am sending this one out in the Holidays In July RAOK.   I made it with "Royal" blue, and "Delft" blue.  
Tomorrow we are going out to dinner with my friend from high school. She's coming in to town and we're going to meet for (Anniversary) dinner. She married her high school sweetheart (I knew him, too. Went to his house a lot, actually.)  I'm kind of excited. And really nervous. I don't know why?...  (Maybe because I haven't seen her in about twenty years..) 

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Iris Folding Cards

This is my latest fun thing to do. Especially when it's just too hot to crochet. Even inside with the air conditioning on...  O.o   My 19 year old came over and saw the "hamster" card I made for his little brother (last picture).  He thought it was really cool. He kept going on about how cool it was and couldn't stop looking at it. I kinda laughed and said "Do you want me to make you one?"  "Yeah... But I don't know what."  So...  Since he likes to play guitar, I thought I would try and make him a guitar one. :P  It turned out pretty cool, huh? Well I think it did, anyway.  I actually didn't make this one for him, even. But since I like how it turned out so much; I will try and make one for him, just like it. :D

Here is the very first Iris Folding Card I ever made. I made this one up, too. I didn't post about it, since I sent it to someone for the HIJ in Crochetville. But since she has gotten it now, I can post about it. :)   I have since then printed out an Angel pattern from this site. (Which is my new favorite site..)  :)

And, here is the "Hamster". I don't think I have posted about this one yet. It doesn't much look like a hamster to me. It looks more like a tail-less cat to me... Lol.   (It is the "Squirrel", I just didn't put the tail part on..) But..   Eon likes it.  (This is the one Evan saw & liked so much, too.)  So...  I guess it's all good.  :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

"Recycled" Earrings

I crocheted some earrings today. I actually made the earrings in the last picture, first. Then I went on Ravelry and CPC to see if I could find any other ones I liked. I did find one pattern. But I didn't have the supplies (bone rings or the type of beads) I needed. So I decided to do my own thing. I used the rings from plastic pop bottles. :P First I tried cotton thread. But it didn't work very well. Then I thought what about thin yarn? So I looked in my sock yarn drawer. I found this yarn. It worked really well (IMO).  I wrote up how I did it on my pattern blog. I called them "Simple Circle Earrings".  Not bad for leftover sock yarn and something you would just put in the recycle bin anyway. I like them.

I only had four plastic pop bottle rings. I'm keeping the blue pair for myself. The yellow pair I am sending to a girl on PR.  (These were all done with the same ball of yarn~ I did have to cut it in spots to make them almost the same).

And the pair on the left were made with rings from gallons of milk . :P  I think I might keep those, too.

These were the pair I crocheted first. They're the Dainty Earrings. I've made several pairs of these before.    Well I should get dinner started.  I guess that's what happens when you crochet all day. It's time to make dinner, before you know it.. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summertime Fun

I feel like I am crocheting my hands off lately. But I don't have anything to show for it...  lol. Here is a couple things I have done, though. Another Iris Folding Card, a snowman. I got the "pattern", here.  All my kids thought it was cool. Even the 19 year old, who stopped by; thought it was cool. The scarf was an old school newsletter. :P  And the center, "Iris", a Hershey's bar wrapper. Hee hee.  I love making something neat out of "nothing" like that, though.  My 19 year old wants one. He said he didn't know what kind he wanted, though. But I have something in mind, that I think he will like. If it turns out okay....

Here is something I finished crocheting. For the Holidays In July RAOK at Crochetville. I used this pattern: Little Wilds Crochet Business Card Holder. I did everything exactly the same, except I chained 28 to begin with. So it will be big enough for coupons (hopefully).

The lining fabric I sewed in. It turned out so cute. I want to make one for myself, and I don't even use coupons. :P  Oh, and I used this flower pattern for the flower: crocheted flower tutorial.  I am doing another one, in a different color; too.

Pool fun!! This is not our pool. (I wish!) We went over a friends' house this weekend for a BBQ.  They said "Bring your suits". I didn't bring mine. I did put my feet in the water, though. It was SOOOO hot. I had to go inside after a while.  The kids had fun, though.

They threw some water balloons at each other. :P

The 14 year old got a sunburn, because he wouldn't let me put sunscreen on him. It wasn't too bad, though. 

I think even he had fun. :) 

Then yesterday we went to the Fireworks in the Park, here in town. It was fun. But smoky (and HOT).  I was having a hard time breathing. I was worried about this guy, since he has asthma (and cigarette smoke will trigger an asthma attack). Plus there was all the smoke from all the fireworks... But he didn't have one. So that was good. :)

I hope everyone's summer is going well ~ or whatever season it is where you live! :)