Thursday, November 12, 2009

I got a total surprise in the mail the other day. We were all outside, getting into the truck to go run some errands; when a UPS truck stopped in front of our driveway. I said, "Huh? I never get anything from the UPS..." But I did get something from the UPS... :-D A boxful of scrap yarn for my scrap afghans!!! I had posted it on my wishlist at Crochet Mania. And less than a WEEK later, someone sent me some! Thank you so much, LadyH... :-D

Among the bazillion other projects I have going, I just this morning finished some "pumpkin" scrubbies. I used the Spiral Scrubbie pattern, and an idea Heart posted a long time ago on Crochetville. (The link for the spiral scrubbie is in that link, too... lazy blogger...) They're much cuter in real life...

And, I just last night worked some more on my Central Park Hoodie. One inch away from the sleeve caps, and I realized, "I did the cable wrong"... :( I did the C chart when I was supposed to do the B chart (or vice-versa?). It was supposed to be a double cable. Woops. Oh well. I'm not re-knitting both of the whole sleeves!
We still do not have any boxes to start packing with. Somehow, I'm not really worried or stressed out about it. (Yet...) My husband has been painting over there. (Our bedroom was hideous!!-- an awful pink/purple with blue splotches underneath.) It's white now. :-D It looks so much better. I hope the smell (from the paint) goes away, it was giving me a horrible headache... We also are going to get the carpet steam cleaned. Maybe eventually replace it? I don't know, it's just a rental and we aren't planning on staying there too long. I just hate stained carpet... Well have a nice upcoming weekend everyone.

Monday, November 09, 2009


I am so glad these are finally done. I didn't mind doing the first one. It was kind of fun, stuffing it as I went... By the second one, though; I got burnt out big time. I didn't even work on it for about a week. Then one day I said 'I am just going to finish this and get it over with.' Ugh. I found the pattern in the 2010 Crochet Calender. I didn't know it is also an online pattern. I found that out on Ravelry. (I saw someone else's snake that was the same name as the pattern I used...) Ayame the Snake. These snakes have different names, though.

The black one is a girl. "Her" name is Crusher. Nice name for a girl snake, no?... I guess any name for a *snake*.... would not be a cute, fluffy, adorable name, right?.... :P
The white (off-white) one is a boy. He does not have a name. I don't know if he will get one or not...

I have lots of other things (TOOOOO MANY!!) I have been working on. Two afghans; the starghan and the pressed flowers one, still... I have three potholders going. All at the same time. (Sigh). My Central Park Hoodie is still waiting to be worked on some more.
I got the nicest surprise in my email the other day: A gift eCard (?), to KnitPicks!!! I was (and still am) so shocked and surprised. I couldn't believe it. I have been wanting to knit the "Amused" sweater for some time. I kept dropping hints to my husband that I would like to get some yarn that wasn't (crappy) acrylic... (Well, don't get me wrong-- I think acrylic is good for *some* things. Toys, especially. I use it all the time for afghans. But, I want to knit a sweater with something really nice, and that I will like wearing...) Finally, I came right out and asked him. It actually wasn't as expensive as I thought. (But I still feel bad asking, since money is so terribly tight right now for us, with moving again and all.... [sigh]) But he said to go ahead and order the yarn for the sweater. Well, I wanted to get the Amethyst Heather but it was $2.19 a skein and would have been a lot more. So, I got Fairy Tale instead. Well when I went to check my email later on (I was cleaning all day), there was the email for the gift ecard!!!! Thank you so much again (if you read my blog at all), TX! I know I will want to cast on right away when I receive the yarn, too. Then I will have even more projects going... Which makes me want to hurry up and finish everything right now. But, I'm going as fast as I can with what time I have...
Well, I will try and post again soon. I got another surprise in the mail again today (I will save that for another time, though).

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

More Afghans...

I started two more afghans. I may or may not have already posted that. But, here are pictures of them... This one is 'Pressed Flowers', from a scrap afghan book I have. Can't think of the name of it right now. This pattern is also called Catherine's Wheel. I think I made a 12" square with this same pattern stitch a few years ago. I started this one for some friends of ours who are my parents age (just about, a couple years older). They have kind of 'adopted' our 17 year old as their 'unofficial grandson'. They have taken him to their cabin a couple of times to help out (and they pay him). He gets to ride their four wheelers; (they ride with him) and have fun, too. I wanted to make them something to say thank you. I thought 'How about an afghan to take to their cabin with them?' It's turning out so ugly, no one would want it for anything but a cabin! lol

I also started another Granny Star Afghan. I kind of stalled out on working on both of them. My hand is hurting. Today I tried working on the pressed flowers one, and had to rip out a row because I did something wrong (couldn't figure it out), then re-did the row completely. Then realized, 'DUH!!!' I crocheted only one blue strip, and finished the 'flower' with brown. (You do two rows of one color...) I knew that something wasn't right, but couldn't figure out *what* it was... I'm such a ditz sometimes. Too much going on in my brain right now, I can't concentrate... :(
We are moving (AGAIN).... :( I am really, really, really getting sick of moving!!!! I should just say no! I can understand we need to find a cheaper place to live. But, it's only $100 cheaper a month. Is it worth all the hassle to move? Ugh... Technically, I guess it is. If you look at it this way: That's $1,200 a year we will be saving. But... Ugh. The house we are moving to is on the other side of town. It's on two and a half acres, and has 4 bedrooms. I am really hoping this will help alleviate some of the bickering between the 12 year old and the 7 year old.... Although, I can kind of see it already: "Get out of my room' 'Can you tell him to stop coming in my room?'.... So, I don't know... One of the bedrooms is technically an 'office', but the only thing that makes it an office is that it doesn't have a closet. So, they will have to share closets. Not a huge deal. Maybe I can use it to my advantage with the 'fights'.... =^^= (Catty, no?...) Well, that's about all the news. I hope everyone is having a great 'hump day'. :P TTYS or L.... :P