Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Last night after dinner, I decided to make a big pot of rice pudding...   I usually just make vanilla pudding, then put leftover cooked rice in it.  This time I wanted to make it the way my friends' Mom made it.. When I was little we used to be family friends with someone. She was a single mom with four kids (three boys, one girl-the girl and I were friends). We used to go over there just to hang out.  Once in a while she would make a big old pot of rice pudding, on the stove top.  I think all her kids were like, "Ugh.... Rice pudding, again?"  But it was new to me, and I loved it. I don't know exactly how she made hers. But I followed a recipe I have in a cookbook.  It called for six cups of milk, and only one cup of rice. You are supposed to simmer it for an hour...    Well that didn't seem like it would be enough, so I added another cup of rice.  Maybe I cooked it too long (I had the timer on for one hour)...  Next time I will shorten the cooking time, I think/watch it till I think it is done..

Anyway, it turned out good...   Here are the kids'.  (My Mom gave me these two bowls with a chili mix kit last year.)  Eon likes them. So....  :P  

I thought I would post last months' donation I sent in to the OB Unit...   

We were low on the sweaters category, so I made three more- plus three mittens, too. I also had a Santa Sleep Sack/Hat; but that category got filled, so I didn't send it. (I will send it this month, though.)