Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Boring Post About Plants..

Remember how we dug up the rose bushes to plant these? (Second picture down in that post..) Well guess what won't go away? Lol...  Rose bushes. Three baby shoots are growing up in there. One..


And three.  I dug them all up...

..and put them in here. There was a cactus in here. Sheesh. I hope  another cactus baby doesn't come up next year. ;)  I haven't decided what to do with these yet. I might plant them somewhere else in the yard. Or see if someone wants them.

See all the baby pine trees growing under this big one?..  I have been wanting to dig them all up and put them in pots, and re-plant them in different spots in the yard. I have done two so far since we've lived here.

Well over the weekend I did the rest. We had a really nice day one day, and I just did it with whatever pots I had in the garage. I just wanted to get it done. There were 11 little trees growing! Some I planted two or three in one pot.  

This is the first one I potted. It just grew like crazy since I've put it in this pot! I want to plant this one somewhere in the yard, once it gets warm enough. I want to get some kind of wire "fence" to put around it, first. I would like to plant them all along the back edge of our yard. I think I'd have enough to do one side and the back. The other side is fenced, from our one neighbor. So that side I don't care about. :)  

Here is the other one I potted. It's grown, too. But not like the first one. You can see them when I first put them in these pots, here.  That dragon tree we planted, and the two flowers, all died. We are wondering if the Lime Tree is going to make it, too..   Can't grow anything here. :(  You can see why I'm so happy when something does well. :p

Monday, February 18, 2013

Here are some more crochet projects I've finished recently. A couple more hat and scarf sets for Pine Ridge, for the Jan/Feb Challenge for Pass Creek Elderly center.  The hat pattern is the Reversible Strands Hat pattern. The scarf pattern I used is here: Crochet Ribbed Scarf.  I used an I hook and chained 220, for the scarf.

Different colors. Trying to use up what I have in my stash. Now I just have to mail these out. 

I also have been doing a "Transportation Challenge", for Knit-A-Square  for the month of February. The car applique pattern was free, I found it here: Car Applique.  I thought it was so cute! 

And, I did an airplane, too. Airplane Applique.  I did not buy this pattern, I confess. I looked at the picture and guesstimated.  

Look what I got in the mail over the weekend, from Melissa at EEROP. :D  It was a little giftie (although it's not so little) for participating in one of the Challenges. Or the Ravelympics. I don't remember. I said she didn't have to send me anything, but it was nice of her to do. Thank you, Melissa! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look what I woke up to this morning.. Aaaaaaw!  I love my husband. 

We didn't buy any valentines or anything for any of Eons' friends. The teacher said "If you want to bring in a Valentine for anyone, you have to bring one for everyone." Which kind of makes sense, then no one gets left out. But Eon said he didn't want to. Which was a good thing, since we are low on cash this week. :(
At the bus stop this morning, he started talking about cupcakes a girl had brought in for her birthday. "They were the best cupcakes ever." Me -> "What flavor were they?"  Eon -> "Chocolate. With chocolate frosting."  Me -> "Did her mom make them?" ... Lol  You should have heard him going on about those cupcakes. (He is such a Prystup- going on and on about food, Lol!!)  Well then I said "Do you want me to make some cupcakes just for us, today?"
I had bought a cupcake "kit" for a little stick-in for a package I sent out earlier this month, and I kept thinking "I should have gotten one for us, too."  So today I did.   

Here they all are. I made 24. But I ate one. :D  I had to taste test it! Tee Hee...   I made the cupcakes from scratch. Betty Crocker's Best Chocolate Cake Recipe. I baked them for about 20 minutes.  I obviously bought the frosting. It was cheaper than buying sprinkles and frosting. (Or even just buying sprinkles!) How come there is more than enough frosting, but not enough sprinkles?  Oh well. I'm sure they will still get eaten.   Besides us, Eli is having a friend over tonight. So..  :)  

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


I've been doing some sewing lately..  We got a new bedspread set a few months ago (because we got a new bed/bedrom outfit, after 20 years of marriage Lol).  Well a couple weeks or so after we got it, I tried to wash it. This happened. :(  It's way too big for our washer. I had been meaning to try and fix it, because there is no way I'm going to waste more money buying a new one.

There is also two holes on the back side..

I measured past the hole, then cut out a piece of black fabric (it doesn't match but who cares?); folded down about 1/4 inch around the edges and ironed them flat, then pinned it on the bedspread.

Then I sewed it, by hand..  Took me a couple of hours (or less?). I wasn't really timing myself. I sat there and watched tv while I did it, so..  :)    You can't really even tell. Unless you get up right next to it and look. Now I just need to do the backside (maybe this weekend, who knows..) And then I can take it up to the laundry mat and wash it. :P

I also sewed a couple of pillowcases that kinda sorta match our bedspread.  We were in need of extra pillowcases, so I looked through my fabric to find something.  I actually had a paisley print I wanted to do but when I got everything out to actually sew it, I realized I didn't have enough of that. So I used a different fabric I did have enough of for the nine inch piece.. 

I think it looks better than the paisley print would have, with our bedspread. :)  I had enough fabric for two more pillowcases, too. I might make those for Evan and Jayce. Then I will have made pillowcases for all my kids. ;P

I also made some for my kids I sponsor on Pine Ridge. This one is for the little boy. I think he is 7 years old now. It's a crayon (Crayola, actually) fabric. I wanted to make them "Valentine Day" pillowcases, but Walmart doesn't have much selection for boys- for Valentines Day, anyway. Plus I wanted them to be able to use them all the time. So..

I picked this fabric out thinking the girls could use it anyday, too; maybe. I did two of this pillowcase, actually. I send things to two teenage girls.   I already bought some St. Patricks Day fabric, too. Lol. I'm going to be making pillowcases for every holiday. :P  They're fun to make. I think I posted a link on my blog here somewhere for the video tutorial I used for these, but I have no idea where it is, so..  Here it is again: Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial. Have fun!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

My Baby Got Married...

...and now I have a daughter. :D  Having had all boys, I always said "Well... Someday I will get a daughter." :)  They were married on January 18th. 

The rings

Our new family photo :)

The wedding cake (it was red velvet cake).

And the wine glasses (even though both the Bride and Groom are too young to drink legally). Someone in the Brides family crocheted them. So pretty. :)