Friday, April 29, 2011

We Got a New Baby (Dog :P) ~~Adorableness Ahead..

This is when she was first brought home.  (She was so scared!..) She kept trying to go under the car or back into the car.  My husband drove four hours to go get her. And four hours back.  (She threw up in the car. She threw up two more times that first day, too.)  She was so scared; she would just lay under the computer table. Our 14 year old was complaining that he didn't want her because she wouldn't even walk. :(   We said to give her time, she is a baby dog, she was just taken away from her litter mates...  :/   

Eon meeting our new puppy. :)  We named her Jetta, by the way..  Eli wanted to name her Jet, because she's "jet" black. I said I liked Jetta. He said that was okay...  So that's her name.

He doesn't know what to think about her..  (I think he secretly loves her...) Last night, they were all going to bed. He came over to the couch (she was laying there with me.) I said "Here's your baby." He said "She's not my baby (smiling). She's cute; but I don't like her attitude." I said "Just like you! You're cute, but I don't like your attitude."  (Ha ha- that was perfect!!..)  I got a smile out of him, at least.. :P 

Adorable..  :D

In her "safe spot". (Under the computer table..) Portia liked it under there, too. :(
She is a Border Collie/Australian (Blue) Heeler mix. You can see her front legs look like Heeler markings. :)  She's 12 weeks old, and was the runt of the litter. The whole litter were "throw-aways". :(  Too bad we couldn't have gotten one of her sisters. We liked Page, too. It would be pandamoneum with two puppies, though. :0  There were three girls, and two boys in the litter.  Our puppy is still on Petfinder. (She is "Pinto".) There was Pebbles, too. And the two boys were Packer and Pauncho. They were all mean to her and wouldn't let her eat. :(  So they put her in with two (??) Otis dogs (from Milo & Otis). :P    (Pugs?)

Here she is when we first brought her home. She was looking at Eli, over the back of the couch, here..   We think she is warming up to us. She decided to do this last night~~ at 1 am. lol....  She was howling and whining..  So my husband took her out, and she decided to be a real puppy. (At one am.. Sigh :P)   She was running around and playing, for an hour. Then she went back to sleep.  She was running around playing today, too. Being super cute.  She is already stealing toys from Eons' room, chewing on the computer cords, shoes, anything she can get her little teeth on.   She loves ice cubes. And I got her a "Bully Stick".  I asked the guy in the local "pet" store for a chew toy that wouldn't splinter in her throat. He said Pig Ears or Bully Sticks.  I have heard things about Pig Ears making dogs aggressive. (Maybe it was just the dog?...)  I don't know if Bully Sticks do the same thing or not.  So far she hasn't acted aggressive.

Thank you everyone for your comments about Portia. We still are heart broken over her. :(   We aren't letting this puppy out of our sight.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Portia was hit by a car last night. Actually, she was hit by three or four cars.  My husband and son were out there, by the road. My husband was shining a light trying to get people to stop. Not one person stopped. They just kept running her over.  Our hearts are broken... 

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Been a Year...

... since we got Mia!!! <3  Here she is today... :P  I took about 30 pictures of her, trying to get one of her being still. (That'll be the day..)  I actually did get a couple more later.  She was being pretty still, because she was in a shoebox out here; and all the hamsters are deathly afraid of the dog. They can see/ or sense (or smell?) her, and just lay almost completely still. Or move very slowly. It was so funny (well, not that day, but later on it was funny), the first day we brought her home. It kind of freaked me out a little. They would not move, for hours. When I tried picking Mia up, she was like a limp, dead rat.  :(      I had to go get her a new water bottle today because I would fill her water bottle up and the next day it would be empty. She had chewed holes in it. I figured, it lasted a year...  I got her some chewy cheese "stones" (?) too. Maybe it will keep her from chewing on her water bottle. (They do need to chew on something, I guess..)  
We <3 you, Mia :D  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crocheted Jewelry

I have been in the mood to crochet jewelry lately..  Well, for a while now.  This is Mimi's Summer Crochet Band. I love it! I want to make one for myself.. 

Used a button for the closure. I hope it fits the girl I am sending it to. I have skinny wrists. :/  (I know she is bigger than me...)

Here is another bracelet I tried this weekend. (And finished.)  The Crochet Beaded Bracelet

I am sending this one to another little girl on Pine Ridge. (I think she is 12 or 13?...)  I don't know if this is too "old" for her?.. 

And some earrings I have also been making. I think I made the earrings first. Then Mimi's band, then the beaded bracelet/band, then more earrings.. :P  I have made two of each of these colors (grey w/a a silver thread, and pink variegated).  I thought to make up some little cards to put the earrings on.  To send as gifts. (I kept the first pair of silver ones I made. I actually finished the second earring sitting in the car, waiting until 9 o'clock so I could go in~~ I wore them to "school" on Friday. :P For my volunteer job..)  My husband was actually impressed I made these! Well, I showed them to him and he said something like "Where'd you get those?" "I made them." "You made them?"  He probably is just happy now I can crochet jewelry, he won't have to spend money on me buying any more... Hee Hee ;P  (I am not really into jewelry that much, anyway..) 

This is a green pair w/ beads I made. Eon confiscated these to give to his teacher. (Sheesh..) :P  Anyway, these earrings are the Dainty Earrings.  I also like these Crochet Flower Earrings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember This?!...

It's been a while...  I should call this the Well Traveled Afghan..  :P  I started this when we lived in Colorado. Then pulled it out off and on (not very often, though.. But somehow I've gotten this far); from Colorado to Las Vegas, to here...  I started it August 12th, 2007~ for the Smoke Signals CAL.  (Only almost four years ago...) My husband has been bugging me lately, "When are you going to finish my afghan?". Soooo....  I've been trying to work on it. I laid it on my son's bed to see about how much farther I have to go on it. (Ugh...)  About 28 more inches, at least.  (Sigh...)  Well at least I am more than half way done with it, anyway...  Sc's take forever.  And I have to count every single stitch to make sure I didn't put the long dc in the wrong spot. (I have done that a couple times before and had to rip out a bunch of rows. So I make sure I count each time I finish a row.)  Maybe I will finish it before August 12th, 2011. I'm actually hoping to finish it before our wedding anniversary. So I can give him an afghan on July 20th, in the blazing summer heat. :P 

I (don't ask me why!!!?) started another afghan, too. This is going to be a total scrap ghan this time. Whenever I feel like working on it. Whatever scrap color I have enough of. Another Pressed Flowers one. I love that pattern. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our Newest Family Member..

We got a dog!..  She's a Border Collie, "adult". She loves to play fetch, and loves kids. That's all we know. :)  We got her from the Animal Shelter today. Well, "I" got her from there.  ;)    She seems like she is going to be a really good dog. I haven't heard her bark once yet. My Dad's dog is like that, too. (He has a Border Collie, as well) I wonder if it's a Border Collie thing?    I thought we had decided on the name Portia (like the car~ although my husband says "You're spelling it wrong." I said, "No I'm not, you can spell it that way- it's pronounced the same way as the car.." Sheesh..) But I don't know if we are going to call her that for sure; or not...   :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

He Did It!...

He graduated!.... 

Our son Evan graduated from high school on March 11, 2011.   He was home schooled for all but (less than) half a year of ninth grade. But he ended up having to take the whole ninth grade over again. 
Congratulations, Evan!!!