Friday, March 26, 2010

I Got Tagged!

:0 !!!! I cannot believe all the goodies Marsha sent me! LOOK at all the scrap yarns! I am on cloud nine! I love it. I love all of it! She sent me so much stuff... TONS of stickers! She said she has been saving them since the 70's! (That's almost as long as I am old.) I LOVE them! There is even an A Team tatoo type set, which is SO funny, my husband watches the A Team a lot and I always tell him he is lame for watching it... How funny.
Fiskars scissors for card making etc... (I love these, I have several, but not this one) TEA!! And a lot of green tea, which is one I drink a lot! Thank you! A 2010 Planner. Maybe I can get more organized, eh? ;P PENS!! Look at the cool 'Paper Clip' pen! I love it! And three pens from 'places', cool! And a lottery pen. :D A page of faces she draws in her letters (we are pen pals, too.) And a dishcloth (I think)~ awesome!

I think this has to be the awesomest of all (although, I don't know~~ I love ALL OF IT!!) I have never seen this kind of thing before, Friendship Books. One person writes their name and address, what they are into, etc... Then sends it to someone (somehow?), they can put their name address in it... and send it to someone else... I think it is a cool idea but I am kinda scared to do it now. I don't know why...

There was also an envelope with stickers in it, "Take 5 you like, put 10 back in". This whole package was SO FUN!! I spent over an hour just looking at everything. :P Thank you so much, Marsha!!! Now it's my turn to "Tag" someone... :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

More FOs... But Not As Many As MY UFOs...

LOL. I did a second Bag Lady. She is all packed up in a box to go to a new home. :D I hope she will be liked there... (I am 99.9% positive she will be :P) I think I am burned out on bag ladies for a while, though..

I hunted down and bought CroJulee's round ripple dishcloth! Then proceeded to crochet two of them. The one on the left is for my sister. (To go with the other three dishcloths I have already either knitted or crocheted her... :P) The one on the right is mine and already needs to be washed. I like it. And I love the pattern.
And, a UFO that needed to be finished (was on my "list"--bonus, eh?..) Turtlelvrs Button-Up Bookmark Book Cover (?) My book "Three Cups of Tea" is inside...

I didn't have enough yarn to do the bookmark in the pattern, so I did a chain 45 or 48 then 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook, and sl st all the way back...
Here is the outside:
I used RH pink camo.
And I got another RAOK!! Well, technically, not really... But still. :D Suzee sent me a 'part two' of the Tag & Silly Swap. She didn't have to, but I LOVE everything!!! Isn't Maxine COOL!!? Her little bag says "Don't Worry Be Crabby" Ha ha ha! I love it. A little container that is Mary Engelbreit, says "Life Has No Blessing Like a Good Friend". And inside it is a little clip (money clip?) that says "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly". And, and awesome knitting needle holder! All mine are in an unorganized (MESS of a) bag. Thank you so much, Suzee!! :D

Well, I am sick (AGAIN). Yesterday early afternoon I just started feeling really bad. I just laid down and took a nap. :0 Then, didn't want to, but I got up for a while and crocheted. Then ate dinner (hubby made dinner, isn't he awesome?) and went back to bed. I still feel bad today, but not as bad. I think it's a cold or something. Sore throat, sinuses... headache. Tired. Sneezing. I probably got it from my husband. He had a sinus infection (but probably got the sinus infection from this whatever it is...) I need to start cleaning off the computer mouse more. I probably keep getting germs from it, and that's how I keep getting sick. Wipe down the cart at the store, use Purell... I am good about washing my hands, but probably not enough... Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend. :) Thanks for stopping by. :D

Monday, March 08, 2010

Bag Lady (A Plastic Bag Holder)

...and a doll, all rolled up into one. I had been wanting to make this, from "101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects", forever. I joined a 'Market Bag or Bag Holder' CAL on Crochet Mania. And this is what I made. I used my 'magic ball' for the top part (it just had enough, with a little left over), and mostly scraps for the stripes in the skirt, and the arms and head/bag were not scraps... That's what I love about crocheting: Making something out of 'nothing'... And this is useful. Although, it doesn't even hold one bag full of bags. Oh well. I can take the rest back to the store to recycle. Or keep saving them to crochet with... (Sigh...)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Lots of Random Stuff...

I still am crocheting and taking pictures of stuff, even though I'm not so good at keeping my blog up. This is a tent I have been working on. Long story. I might have mentioned it here already. I sent my friend a dishcloth I knitted. Her daughter confiscated it to use as a rug in her Barbie Dream House. :P I said 'Awwww.... I can crochet her a rug for her Barbie house!... I can crochet her a lot of stuff for it...' Well, then I thought, 'I can't just send her something, now I will have to make something for her brother...' So I thought of this tent, which our 7 year old also wants one of... (Sigh...) Soon as I am done with this one. It's from an issue of Crochet World, I forget which one. And this is the Barbie furniture, which is finished (woo hoo):
I tried out Tam's dishcloth pattern from her blog (saw it on Dishcloth CAL 2010 at Crochetville). I made a mistake on the middle garter stitch rib. I also knit it on size 7's not 10's. Oh well. I still think it's cute. I put it in my charity pile.
I got a couple RAOKs!! This one is a couple weeks old, from Serena at Crochetmania. I forgot she had said she was going to send me the afghan pattern book; and she sent me some scrap yarns. Yay!! (That's one of the things on my wishlist.) Thank you, Serena!
And just last week, I stopped by my PO box, and I got another RAOK! From Crochetville, this time. Some more scrap yarn!! And pens. (Another thing on my list.) There actually were three pens, but our 7 year old thought the third pen was SO cool. So I let him have it. (See why I have pens on my wishlist, I can never hold on to them in this house, LOL...) She also sent me two dishcloths, which I already have used and washed, even! :P You can see I already crocheted some yo-yos with some of the yarn she sent me. :D

This *was* the Forest Flowers Pullover I had started, from the Spring issue of Interweave Crochets, '09. I was using Red Heart in 'Aruba Sea'. I love how it was looking, but HATED how it felt. I got almost done with the whole front of it, then frogged it. I am going to try a different yarn. I think I'll make it in the colors they used in the mag. I got to go to JoAnns today (Wahooo!!!), and I got a skein of 'chocolate' and 'asparagus' to go with the off-white/ecru I am thinking about using for this... Going to put it on hold for a while til I get some other projects finished, first...

I started a new sweater with the Aruba Sea, too. (Same magazine) I forget what it is called. It's a cardigan, long... You can see what it looks like in the picture. :) Amazing Grace or something?

I also started a skirt!!!!! I am going nuts here. I guess I should just give it up, trying to scale down my WIP list. It's the only thing I can be *bad* with, I can't eat anything, cuz I'm trying to lose weight. Sigh. Anyway, the skirt is called 'Mauve' at Ravelry. (I am not making mine in mauve, though-- "Burgundy Sprinkles'; Wool Ease.) I became obssessed with crocheting or knitting a skirt, somehow. I went through all my patterns, searched patterns online.... I didn't have any of the yarn I needed to make any other ones, so I just decided to do squares and sew them up. I forgot to mention, I don't technically even have a pattern for this, just saw pics of some on Ravelry. But I do have the pattern for the square they used to do it with. So I am going to just wing the rest. I also bought fabric for a liner, and a pattern to do a skirt with. I really don't know if it will all work out... But it's fun doing it. I made an afghan for my husband, for one of our first wedding anniversaries; with this exact same square pattern, too. :P Well that's about all for now.