Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Beer Sweater Is Done!

...Not the best picture (sorry). But it's done!!! Yay. :D  With five days to spare. :P  Now I can relax; and work on my other bazillion UFOs.. Lol   Now I have to hide all evidence and get dinner started before my husband gets home from work. :P

Done, and Almost Done (Lol)

I finished the miniature knitting bag ornament; and it has been mailed. :) It is really super easy to do. The most tedious part (for me) is making all the little "yarn balls". Making the little knitting needles was kind of fun. (I hope they don't break in the mail.) I had her write "fragile" on the box, and it should be okay. But..  

And, I am *almost* done with the Beer Sweater, too! YAY!!  I have been trying my best to work on it during the day when my husband is at work. But, he has been getting done early a lot this week (which is nice, but... Not nice.)  Especially when we get the check. :/  I haven't been getting much else done, but..  I also have been sick. So, I kind of have an "excuse". :P  (Now Eon has it too. I don't know but I think it might be the flu. It's a virus, whatever it is..)   Well back to work while my husband still isn't here. (He has tomorrow off, too. So I hope I can get it done today.) 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Christmas Crunch

...No, I'm not talking about the cereal. :P  I wasn't going to do ANY knitting or crochet projects this year for Christmas. Now, with ten days left til Christmas, I decide to do not just one, but three things..  O.o   I was *only* going to do a beer sweater for my husband. Just something to put in his stocking. He likes a beer every once in a while, and I thought this would be a cute "Gag" gift. Plus he is so hard to shop for, cuz he doesn't ever want anything. I didn't have much in the way of sport weight yarn, so I used a ball I had that looked like sport weight. Plus I thought the fuzziness would add to the the humor of it. (Too bad I don't have pink, lol.)  Someone gave it to me.

Here is the label. It was made in Spain. Nice. :)

And, I decided to do a little ornament for a gift for someone. Someone else I write to was telling me about one she had made for someone, and I looked it up on Ravelry: Miniature Knitting Bag Ornaments  I put this one aside and started my husbands beer sweater, though. So I can work on it while he isn't here, and work on everything else while he is here. :P

I also started a pair of green slippers. I don't know why.....    I might put these aside too. I was thinking "Elf slippers", maybe. But none of my kids want any. Sooo...  I might just make them for the charity pile of stuff I got going. I'm using the Yarn Lover's Room Slipper Sock pattern.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Finished Eli's Pillowcase

I got it done, yay...   Now I can just do pillowcases for fun/to donate. I dug out every single piece of fabric that I own; that I could possibly use for pillowcases, last night.  I almost had.... What's that word that starts with an "F".... Oh yeah, Fun! :P  Making the pillowcases is fun, too. (As long as I don't run out of thread or have any other issues with my sewing machine. Too bad I don't have someone to do all that for me, Lol.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Couple Christmas Pillowcases

I finally got a couple pillowcases done this year. I bought the fabric for this one last year, to make for last Christmas- for Eon. He still loves Spongebob.

A close-up of the fabric. :)  I have another one all cut out to make for Eli (different fabric), but my husband came home early and wanted to go out; so it didn't get done today.  I'm hoping to work on it tomorrow. Eon has a play/musical tomorrow in the afternoon, but maybe I can get it done in the morning.

I worked on this one instead. I got this fabric just recently, at Walmart I think. I should have gotten more of this fabric, it is SOOO cute. :( I went today to look and the absolute only Christmas fabric they had left was Hello Kitty. (I got enough to make two pillowcases with it, though; since I am making some of these for charity- this Rudolph one included.)

A close-up of the fabric. I want a pillowcase out of this fabric for myself. I wonder if I could order it online anywhere. I might look (when I have time- HA when is that?)   I used this video tutorial to make the pillowcases with: Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I saw some Candy Sleighs on Pinterest. Sooo cute, right?! I loved them and knew I had to make them. Our internet was down the other day, and this is what I did. (And cleaned my craft room, among other things.. :P)  I ran out of candy before I finished all these. But the kids didn't care, they ate them anyway. I didn't even get to finish them, with the bow and ribbons..

I did manage to save three, for Eons' teachers.

I took them up to his school today, with fuzzy socks and some cocoa butter with shea lotion in each gift bag. Just a little something.

And, I fnished another of Mimi's Santa Hats; for a friend I went to high school with. This is my last thing I will be sending out. Now I want to make one or two things for just us. I saw this on Ravelry and thought it might be fun to put in my husbands' stocking. (Knowing me, I will get it done maybe by next Christmas... If I get all my knitting/crochet projects and one other fun thing done, I'm doing good. :P )

Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Hats

I finished these five Santa Hats for a family of friends. They are the ones who got my husband the job here to begin with. And they (husbands) worked together when we lived in Colorado, too. I never actually met them though; until we moved here. They have invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner every year for the past three years, I think. She saw my Santa hat on facebook, and I don't remember how, but we got on the subject of it once; and she said she wanted to do a family picture with them all wearing Santa hats.  Sooo... This year I crocheted them all hats. Using Mimi's Playful Santa Hat pattern. My favorite. :)  Now I have one more to do for another friend (who I've known since high school) - oh, the crunch... it's killing me..  :(  After that, I am free to make what I want. I was thinking about some slippers, or start Eons knitted Striped Hat. Just like the blue one, with the red stripe. I didn't link to the actual pattern page, but you can get to it from there. He wants one just like that.  I have had the yarn, and I got some 16 inch circulars to do it on. I was just trying to get all the Santa hats done. I've never done a hat (nothing besides a baby afghan) on circulars. So.. We'll see.   Oh, I did the girls' hats in more "blingy" yarn than the boys'. So that's why two of them look different. :)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Books For The Angel Tree

I got all these books (a couple of them are like brand new) for only $13.50 at the used book store in town today. Booyah!! 

I went there to see if they had the 50 Shades of Grey book(s); and to look for some books for gifts, and for the Angel Tree at Eons' school.  Well, I didn't end up getting the 50 Shades books (they did have the whole set, brand new -but for full price and I only had $20 cash on me-plus I kind of decided maybe I will just tell my husband and he can get me them for Christmas).  Anyway.. I did find a few books for gifts. I was looking mostly for the two high school girls I send things to on PR.  I asked the woman if she had any suggestions (having all boys myself, and having liked Stephen King books when I was in high school; I figured I am probably not the best judge of what a high school girl might like to read, lol). She suggested most of these. I got the "Ghostgirl" book, cuz it is Brand New. And I only paid $2.50 for that one. (Booyah, again!!)  And "Angela's Ashes" for an elder I send things to. It is just the best book ever, IMO. I have one but I don't want to give my copy away. Lol.

Here they all are so you can see the covers.  I think I am going to see if my library has the 50 Shades book. I have been hearing about it a lot and thought I might read it. Maybe I will try before I buy, if I can. Lol ;P