Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Couple Christmas Pillowcases

I finally got a couple pillowcases done this year. I bought the fabric for this one last year, to make for last Christmas- for Eon. He still loves Spongebob.

A close-up of the fabric. :)  I have another one all cut out to make for Eli (different fabric), but my husband came home early and wanted to go out; so it didn't get done today.  I'm hoping to work on it tomorrow. Eon has a play/musical tomorrow in the afternoon, but maybe I can get it done in the morning.

I worked on this one instead. I got this fabric just recently, at Walmart I think. I should have gotten more of this fabric, it is SOOO cute. :( I went today to look and the absolute only Christmas fabric they had left was Hello Kitty. (I got enough to make two pillowcases with it, though; since I am making some of these for charity- this Rudolph one included.)

A close-up of the fabric. I want a pillowcase out of this fabric for myself. I wonder if I could order it online anywhere. I might look (when I have time- HA when is that?)   I used this video tutorial to make the pillowcases with: Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial.

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