Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some FO's, And Lots Of Wonderful Birthday Goodies

I finally finished a Minion Hat, and mitten set. The hat is Repeat Crafter Me's . For the mittens, I used a basic mitten pattern and minion-ized it. The pattern I used is Red Heart's Crochet Mitens for All.  I made this set for the Preschool Drive in a group I am in. (I still have not sent it yet... sigh..)

I have gotten so many awesome birthday goodies in the mail from my pen pals!! I got some roasted coffee beans from Linda. (Sooooo good!!)  Thank you Linda!

I got a card with lots of stickers as a surprise from someone in a pen pal group I am in on Ravelry, from Belgium!  And an awesome Birthday postcard from Maureen.   Thank you both so much!

Then I got another package from Eileen! I love the dishcloths (I still haven't used them- I don't want to "ruin" them. They're so soft... ) Some card/envelope sets, and a book which I am currently reading. Thank you so much, Eileen!

Then yesterday I went to the post office, because I got a "We tried to deliver but you weren't home" card in my mailbox. This is what it was! From Sue. She even sent a little late birthday giftie for Eon-  the Kreo Transformer. He had it built by the time we were at his brother's school to pick him up, and he said it's cool.   Thank you so much, Sue!
I feel so blessed to have so many pen pals as friends.  The things they sent me were the only birthday gifts I got, besides some birthday money. It really meant a lot to me, thank you all so much!!!!
I went to Hancock Fabrics. I have never ever been to one (as far as I know).   I went to get a $5 pizza deal from Little Caesars, and as I was leaving I noticed a big banner above a store front (I never really paid attention, it was Hancock Fabrics)..  It said "Fleece Frenzy 50% off" (something like that).  I said, "Oooo, I should go there and get some fleece to make baby blankets."  So I did...    I did not know Hancock Fabrics had so much crafting stuff!! I thought it was all sewing, for some reason.  They have almost everything! With my birthday money, I got some yarn to make a cowl neck poncho for myself. :D   And two kinds of fleece for $4 something a yard.  To match some sweater sets I had started. And buttons. 

This is one set I have since finished...   :)  I just have to sew the buttons on the sweater.    For the Bundles of Joy Ravelry Group. The other sweater set to go with the pink/purple fleece, is lavender. I am almost done with that one, too. Well. I have to do the skip stitch blade, and the crocheting on the fleece; and I have to crochet the booties. Then it will be done. I finished  the sweater last month and was going to send it to go with all the hats (we are making purple hats for  awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The past couple months we have had a hat column, and a purple hat column.   Anyway I never did get the lavender sweater in the mail. So now I am doing a whole set to go with it. :P    This week has been crazy (I will have to do a whole other blog post about that...).  Somehow, I did something (I don't know what because I don't remember even bumping into anything, or anything) to my knee.  I followed my Mom to get her car worked on, then we went to lunch.  Then later went to pick the kids up from school. When we were getting out of the car to go in the house, my knee just started killing!?  What the???  It hurt so bad, I could hardly walk.  I managed to get dinner done, and the dishes washed. Then I sat on the couch with the ice pack, a pillow under my knee, and I took an Aleve.  By the time it was bed time, it did feel better enough to go to bed. :P  I couldn't even move, it hurt to just sit there.  Then it was okay- until today. (I actually woke up in the middle of the night, it hurt so bad.)   :(   Soooooo.... The point of my long story is, I am going to be sitting on the couch with the ice pack again today. Crocheting.  :P