Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Eon said he didn't want to go Trick or Treating this year (he's been saying that for about a month-since I started asking him what he wanted to dress up as). Then, yesterday I pick him up from school. He gets in the truck and says "I changed my mind. I want to go Trick or Treating this year." (Sigh...)  Well I was like, "Okay".  I guess I will take you. (Thinking, "I took you by myself last year-this year your Dad is going too."  Then, later on; we find out it's supposed to be "severe weather" tonight. Including rain. (The rain has already started.)  :/  Sooo...  I don't know if we will go or not.   But, Happy Halloween everyone. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skyrim Sweet Rolls

I finally found a mini-bundt cake pan!! I only traversed 1,975+ miles, and to three different Walmarts to find this.. :D  I saw it at a Walmart I like to go to here, but didn't get it.. I mentioned it to my husband though. Yesterday he stayed home from work since it was raining. And we had a "date" (went to Walmart. Lol).  (We went to Dunkin' Donuts, too...)  He went to the Walmart that I don't like to go to. (It's toooo busy there.)  They had a mini bundt cake pan (it wasn't this kind.) But then we went to the Walmart that we should have gone to in the first place, and they had this one. I got it (I'm going to have to return that other one-- Or maybe let my husband do it since I hate going to that Walmart, lol...)  This one has the part in the middle that goes all the way up. The other one was just a little bit in the middle. (I know, how anal can I get?...)  But, I have to do Skyrim Sweet Rolls right! 

5 Baby Dragon Eggs

(No real dragons were harmed in making these sweet rolls...)
(They're just chicken eggs. Lol)

Getting ready to put them in the oven...

Ta-da...   :D  

I used this recipe for Skyrim Sweet Rolls. Her icing looks so much better. :(    But...

I think Eon really liked them! :)  He has been having a hard time adjusting to his new school. They had two weeks off for Fall Break (they go nine weeks on, two weeks off for school here). Monday was their first day back. They have a long day. Their bus comes at 6:20 in the morning (supposed to get here at 6:15, but..); and they don't get dropped off til 4:30 in the afternoon. It's a long day, and Eon has had (SOOOO much!! Grr!!) homework every night..  (I just want to scream about the homework!!)  Anyway, he has been having a hard time. So, I wanted to do something that would cheer him up.  I got him a pair of gloves (Halloween gloves, with "hand bones" on them) to try and cheer him up, on Monday (he needed gloves, so). I said "I got you something today." He said "Is it food?"   I guess I know what to get him (or, make him) from now on-- food... Lol     He actually did really good last night. (And, he had more homework last night than he did Monday night!). Maybe just that first day back was a hard one for him... (Plus, adjusting to a new school is hard..)   Besides his homework, he has a Civil War Project he has to work on. I don't know HOW he is going to finish it, he comes home, we eat dinner, he does homework forever...  When is he supposed to have down time?  I guess our weekend is going to be shot, doing this *&%@@#!!! project..    :(    If he doesn't have too much homework through the week, I told him he can work on his project, too.  

BTW, I think Eli liked them too. Even though he wouldn't even crack a smile. (I could tell he was forcing himself to NOT smile, though..) ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

...until Christmas!  :0  

Since I didn't have any other pictures to share or projects to share, I thought I would post this. :P  

Yesterday I saw Paula's Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe on her blog. I was craving it SO bad!! Even though I had never had it before. It just looked so good. And, something different.  I don't usually like Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken, so I had never had any kind of Buffalo Chicken..  (I don't like hot stuff, or hot sauce..)  But hers didn't look "hot".  Well, since I don't have a Crock Pot (and I didn't have ten hours to make it, either); I tried googling Buffalo Chicken Breast recipes, and last night I made some for dinner. It was SOOO yummy!   I ran out before I had to get the kids from the bus stop, and got some bleu cheese dressing (which I do not like- but my husband loves), hot sauce (which I also do not like- but everyone else loves in this family), and vinegar. (I already had some, but...  Couldn't remember, so now I have more.)  I had pulled some chicken out yesterday morning, and was thinking "I want something different.."  I think this is our new favorite dinner.   Thanks for the recipe, Paula. And the idea to make dinner last night. :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Duke's Dog Paw Stocking is Done!

I finished it last night. :D  I wanted to make him a stocking similar to Jetta's, that Paula made for her. I tried to do the cuff just like it. I used The Hook Hounds' Dog Bone Applique instead of the one in the pattern, since I wanted the bone to be smaller. Not bigger than the stocking.  Last night Eon said, "Can we go Duke and Jetta Christmas shopping tomorrow after school?"  :P   Dog Paws Christmas Stocking Pattern.  I used all I Love This Yarn, Sparkle. (Except for the bone- just Red Heart white.)   

They are all ready for the holidays. :D What do you think? There is a little baseball cap that goes with Dukes' bandana. But he will not let us put it on him.  He's turning into a little (not so little-he weighs more than Jetta now, I think!) Monster.  I told Steve last night, "I think he may be going through his puppy teeange years, or something.."  He's starting to growl and try to bite (usually it's only to Eon, because he's always trying to hug him. But sometimes he does it to me or Steve, too). That's a big No-No.      I am crocheting a Santa Sweater for Duke, too. Since Jetta already has a Mrs. Claus outfit. :P I am using the Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern, combined with the Santa Bunting belt (or, Cocoon-not bunting, I guess) from the Christmas in Crochet magazine.  I do want to make Jetta some kind of a regular sweater, too; though. It is really cold out there!! Especially first thing in the morning, or at night.     Today was the boys' first day back to school after their two week fall break.  They were only wearing their hoodies. :/  (Steve said "It will warm up after the sun comes out." Um, Shh!!??..) I hope they will be warm enough. They got too used to Nevada and not hardly ever wearing a coat or hat.. :/  

Some guys are supposed to be showing up today to re-build our deck. They've already NOT shown up, twice. I'm getting really annoyed...   Its a long story. (Why do we always get into these situations?)  The house had some work it needed done before we moved in. But we needed a place. So...  (Ugh..)  Three skylights had been replaced, but not drywalled in. The guys were supposed to have finished them. (We've been here over three weeks now?)  Like I said, they were supposed to have shown up twice now but haven't.  And, they were supposed to have done the skylights. Now I get a call (don't get me started on WHY did the landlord give this guy my phone number??) last night that they were going to show up today at nine am.  To do the deck?  Okay... WTF? There is alot more to the story, but.. Whatever.   We'll see if they even show up today. I'll be surprised if they do. My husband is ready to call the landlord and tell him we are moving out. :0  (I don't want to move AGAIN, though!...)  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Random Blog Thoughts..

I crocheted this.. It's supposed to be a Christmas Candle TP Cover. I had been wanting to try one, a combination of the Christmas Candle and a TP cover. I don't like it, though. I'm thinkin about ripping it out.  I don't know though.. I worked a long time on it. :( 

I made more cookies. These are "my Mom's" cookies. ;  Not technically her recipe, but she makes them all the time. My brother had made some (he likes to cook/bake), and sent a few with Steve to bring home. (They work together.) I thought, "I should make some of these.." I've had the recipe forever and had never made them. So I bought the stuff to make them one night. Eon said "Can you make them asap?" Lol  The next day I went to Walmart and started my Christmas shopping (I got all of the big stuff for Eon on layaway, and a pair of pajamas for Eli, and some wrapping paper). When I got back home, I started the cookies..

Of course, Eon had to make "one big one" for him. :P  He cracks me up.

Here they are, all done. I cut one hoping you could see the cherry, but you can't see it very well.  Here is a recipe for them. (They are called Party Time Cookies, I think..)  Here's another recipe (I think this is exactly like my Mom's.)

And my Best Baking Buddy helping me... :D   We don't have much counter room, so... We do it all on top of the stove (then preheat it when we're done.)
This is a picture I took yesterday morning. It was really foggy out..  I love the view from our back deck. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just a little Grumpy Cat Humour.. :P  I actually started my Christmas shopping today. I am so relieved, just to have it started. I put some stuff on layaway for Eon today, at Walmart. And I bought a pair of pajamas for Eli.  And I actually had one dollar left. :P  The rest of the stuff will be easy.

Our interent hasn't been working. It was working for a while, then yesterday (and today), it wasn't. I called yesterday, and a technician came out. After he left, it worked for about 10 minutes. Then quit. It never came back on. So I called again this morning. Turned out it was our phone jack. ? That's a new one to me.. It was so corroded, and old it wouldn't work.   So, while our internet was down, I actually got some crocheting done. :P  I just wanted to crochet something fun. For some reason I had an urge to crochet a cradle purse. I am trying to get stuff together for Pine Ridge. I have a few pairs of slippers done. But the one group I am in on Ravelry said the elders will give their items to their grandchildren. So if you can, try and send something for their grandchildren, too.  I haven't been able to find any of the little soft body three inch dolls they used to have at Walmart. The only thing I could find were these little Sparkle Girlz. And, they are all fairies. :/  So...  I will keep looking.

The purse..

My husband had today off because of the rain. So he started a fire in the backyard. :) Eon actually played outside today!

He found me this big leaf. :) These are all over our back yard. The tile is twelve inches across. So, that's how big it is.

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Creeper" Cookie

Today I started making cookies (just plain old peanut butter). I thought, "I'll just ask Eon if he wants to help." I was surprised when he said "Sure.."  :D Usually (well the last few times) he hasn't wanted to help. He is my Best Baking Buddy!!

Then he started talking about making one big cookie. He told me about one of his teachers who did that. I said we could make a cookie pizza some time. He said he didn't want to make one that big. I asked him if he wanted to make one of his own. So he got a big glob of cookie dough, and got to work. :P

Then he wanted to decorate it.. 

Making a Creeper face (it's a Minecraft thing). 

He got the colored sugars out from our Easter cookies, and made it green for creepers..

And here is the finished Creeper Cookie.  :D  I think he had fun. I had fun watching him.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crocheted Santa Bag Is Done

I finished it today. :D  I asked Eon if he liked it. He shook his head no. I acted like I was fake crying and said "That was going to be your Christmas present this year."  :P 

...Since I was still in the mood to crochet, I started Duke's Dog Paw Christmas Stocking.  I bought two skeins of ILTY. But I think I am only going to be using one. Yay, that means I will have one left for something else. :D The lighting is off and it looks orange-y. It isn't..

And, just to get you into panic mode if you already weren't. :P  I have NO shopping done, nothing. Except Duke's stocking I started. The kids only want things that are like $700...  O.o So, I think they will be sorely disappointed again this year. ;)

Crocheted Santa Treat Bag

This is the Nov/Dec 1995 issue of Crafting Traditions magazine that the Santa Bag pattern is in. I have been wanting to make one, well; since I got this issue. How many years ago is that? O.O  Lol 

Eight moves and four states later... I finally am crocheting one. :P  Can I just say, I am not a fan of the Loop Stitch?  But, I HAD to do it, cuz this bag is just so cute. (IMO.)  I was going to make this for Pine Ridge. But I think I will make two for the boys, too. To put in their stockings. I think a Microsoft card will fit in these. ;) And other little goodies... 

Look what I found!! Another box of yarn! Woo Hoo!! I forgot about this box. My husband had stuck some boxes in Eons' room to get them out of the living room. (That shows you how much I go in his room-- I hardly ever do..)  There's some pictures and UFOs in there, too. :)

The boys found a new favorite pop here. Mello Yello. :D  We didn't have that in Nevada. I don't remember seeing it in Colorado, either. (I don't remember though.)  They are already "bored" of this pop. O.o    (They drink too much pop, IMO.)

  Eons' sticker says, "I climbed the wall today."  He made it all the way to the top. :D  Yes, he wore a helmet and was tied off. ;) They never had that kind of stuff in Nevada. Did I mention that Eon is in middle school here? It's 5-8 for middle school here. In NV, it's 6-8. So he automatically upgraded to middle school. I was a little afraid he might not do well with 1. Going to a new school, but also 2. Transitioning to middle school overnight. But he seems to be doing fine. :D  And he already has a friend. (I asked him what his name was, and he didn't know. Lol)  But he knows now (Brady.)  A little bummed he is going to a different school than his cousin. That would have been cool. (She is in the same grade, too.) But..  Maybe they will go to the same school eventually.  (Well, they will for high school definitely. But.. who knows.. We could move again..  I can't believe I just said that. O.o )  Well I am going to go make more coffee and work on my Santa bag some more. A certain dog of black and white fur has been standing by the door to go outside for a while, too.  Have a nice Sunday. :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some Pictures..

I thought I would share a few pictures that I have taken since we got here. :)

Isn't this beautiful?  This is just along the side of the highway.

This lake is at the entrance to our subdivision. It is so peaceful, and beautiful here. I came and just sat there one day. I missed the lakes and trees, and grass..  Ducks and other birds were flying all over.  I saw a turtle (not by the lake, it was on the road). I so missed this! (I have never lived in TN, but it's somewhat like this in Michigan, where I am originally from.)  :) 

This is the area they seemed to like. They kept flying out of here. There was a few in there, I don't think I got them in the picture, though.

A big blue-ish bird was out there, to the left of the wood sticking out of the water. A Blue Heron? It was way out there, I took a picture of it and cropped it. I couldn't really see it very well.

Some ducks. The one closest to the camera was the friendliest (or, the most aggresive? lol)  There were a bunch of smaller ducks in the water. You can't see them very well here. But they were there.

One swimming by the bridge.. 

I can't wait to get some bird seed and fill my feeders. I bet there are some really pretty birds here. I missed that, too.

Eon on the retaining wall. :)  Duke loves to walk along the edge of this wall. Back, and forth; back and forth... He cracks me up. (Except first thing in the morning, when it's cold, and I'm tired...)

Both the dogs love it here. Especially Duke, though. He will run all over the place. Bury his head in the grass. Then take off running in the opposite direction. Then go up on the retaining wall and run back and forth. Lol  He never wants to come inside. I have to pick him up and carry him in.  (And he is getting too heavy to keep doing that!)  He didn't want to come in when I took this picture. He sits down and "resists". :P  We also have a big drop off wall at the end of the driveway. Jetta (and Duke) kept jumping off of it. (It's about three feet high.) It was kind of funny at first. But one time Jetta did it. I had Duke (Eon had Jetta on one leash, I had Duke on another.) I told Eon, "I'll hold her, you go down there and get here & I'll hand the leash to you." Well I don't know what she did, but she took off running, and I almost fell off there. I tried to catch myself, but my finger scraped on the wall (right on my ring finger, left hand). I was so mad! It hurt really bad. Fortunately I wasn't hurt worse. But...   We definitely need to get a (short) tie out chain.  Although I am afraid to do that, either. People just seem to let their dogs run around free here.  Jetta is fixed. But I'm worried about attacks. You know?..   :/  

It is beautiful here. I just wish I could get the kids to go somewhere. :/  We are going to take them fishing tomorrow (that's the plan, anyway).  Even Eli wants to go.   And it's so nice being close to some of my family again. Two of my brothers live here. And my Mom and step-Dad. (Even though my Mom is currently in Michigan right now helping one of my sisters).  Last night we went to one of my brothers' house for pizza and beer. I haven't seen their kids for over five years. They have a girl, Eons' age (six months younger). And a six year old boy.  We played a card game called "Pepper". Or "Shoot the Moon"? (I think it is technically called Pepper- or Bid Euchre- but if you take a hand all by yourself [without help from your partner], it's called Shoot the Moon?)  I had never played it before. It's kind of fun (once you get the hang of it. Which I kind of was, towards the end..) It's like playing Euchre (which I love playing, but it gets kind of old fast..)- on steroids. :P   What was funny, was; I won. And I didn't have a clue what I was doing half the time. Lol!  The only reason I knew what I was doing the other half, was because I know how to  play Euchre. But it got confusing at times. Like when you "play high", you don't have a trump suit. You just follow whatever was played, and highest card wins. So I would get confused when someone would put a Jack down..  Then the next hand, someone would call suit. So I kept getting confused at first. (You know how it is, trying to learn a new game.)
I applied for a job here (at an elementary school).  I hope I will get the job. It's 5.5 hours a day. Which is perfect. I needed a job that was at least five hours a day.  The one I applied for before we left Nevada turned out to only be three hours a day.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am actually really nervous. Trying to not think about it too much..  :/  But I do need a job, and one that I could have the same time off as the kids would be perfect. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy I Love Yarn Day

I would celebrate if I had only brought all of my yarn with me to Tennessee... :(  Well, I did bring a little. But not much. Only two projects and some odd ball bags of yarn.  I thought to myself, "I will maybe actually finish one project then." But...  That hasn't been happening either. I would have finished a pair of slippers, but after I got the second slipper done I realized it didn't look right. For some reason I made it an inch shorter. Sigh...  Now I will have to make two other slippers. :(  So I haven't worked on that in a while. (Making more minion slippers.)  I did buy about three skeins of yarn. Two Christmas Red yarn (I Love This Yarn!), with the glittery thread in it. (I want to make a Dog Paws Christmas Stocking for Duke.) And, I bought a skein of pale pink to make some Santa Bags with.  I will try to remember to take a picture of them. The pattern is from an old, out of print magazine I have. I was thinking about making some for Pine Ridge to put little goodies in. 

I will try to catch up here, soon. I've been so busy ever since we got here. :( Today I went to get Eon's shots updated, and I got him a flu shot, too. I had to get his immunization records switched over to Tennessee records. (I had never heard of that before..) Which meant I had to register at the Health Deparment (more paperwork... ugh..) But they were understaffed that day, so I had to come back AGAIN. Then they said Eons' shots needed to be updated. Ugh...  So I did that today. But, it wasn't just simple. "Do you have insurance?" "Well we did in Nevada. I'm not sure if it's still valid in Tennessee.."  If I did have insurance, they couldn't take me. If I did, I could go to Walgreens down the street. UGH...  So, I had to go out in the truck and call our insurance and find out. While I was on the phone, I thought I should probably cancel my mammogram appointment I had made for December, before we moved..   Then I thought I better see if I had any other appointments I made that I had forgot about... So, no insurance. So I go back inside and have to make an appointment. Ugh..  Now I have to wait around for an hour and a half. So we go "explore"...  O.o  Went to Books-A-Million. Now Eon wants everything. Poor kid..  :/  (We still have not celebrated his birthday, other than cupcakes in his classroom on his last day in NV.. I have a lot of catching up to do, here..)   Finally get back, go in for the appointment. More paperwork. Finally get back to the waiting room. More paperwork. Finally get back to the place where he is going to get his shots. Oh my God. More paperwork? WTF?  Finallly!! His shots are done. Had to check out... Sheesh.  Then we went to Arby's. I know he's 11 now, but I still felt bad for him getting shots...  :P   Now he is all set until he is 16. I asked when we were done, since I thought he was already done with all his shots. She said "Until he is 16. He can get the meningo..? booster. It wasn't necessary, but if he goes to college, it's mandatory. Ugh... Now I have to take Eli in. I should get him a flu shot anyway, since he has asthma. Nothing can be simple, can it?  ;)

I will try to catch up here soon.  Hope everyone had a nice I Love Yarn Day. :P
P.S. My secret project is finished and has been mailed. As soon as it has been recieved, I'll post about that, too. :)