Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just a little Grumpy Cat Humour.. :P  I actually started my Christmas shopping today. I am so relieved, just to have it started. I put some stuff on layaway for Eon today, at Walmart. And I bought a pair of pajamas for Eli.  And I actually had one dollar left. :P  The rest of the stuff will be easy.

Our interent hasn't been working. It was working for a while, then yesterday (and today), it wasn't. I called yesterday, and a technician came out. After he left, it worked for about 10 minutes. Then quit. It never came back on. So I called again this morning. Turned out it was our phone jack. ? That's a new one to me.. It was so corroded, and old it wouldn't work.   So, while our internet was down, I actually got some crocheting done. :P  I just wanted to crochet something fun. For some reason I had an urge to crochet a cradle purse. I am trying to get stuff together for Pine Ridge. I have a few pairs of slippers done. But the one group I am in on Ravelry said the elders will give their items to their grandchildren. So if you can, try and send something for their grandchildren, too.  I haven't been able to find any of the little soft body three inch dolls they used to have at Walmart. The only thing I could find were these little Sparkle Girlz. And, they are all fairies. :/  So...  I will keep looking.

The purse..

My husband had today off because of the rain. So he started a fire in the backyard. :) Eon actually played outside today!

He found me this big leaf. :) These are all over our back yard. The tile is twelve inches across. So, that's how big it is.

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