Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy I Love Yarn Day

I would celebrate if I had only brought all of my yarn with me to Tennessee... :(  Well, I did bring a little. But not much. Only two projects and some odd ball bags of yarn.  I thought to myself, "I will maybe actually finish one project then." But...  That hasn't been happening either. I would have finished a pair of slippers, but after I got the second slipper done I realized it didn't look right. For some reason I made it an inch shorter. Sigh...  Now I will have to make two other slippers. :(  So I haven't worked on that in a while. (Making more minion slippers.)  I did buy about three skeins of yarn. Two Christmas Red yarn (I Love This Yarn!), with the glittery thread in it. (I want to make a Dog Paws Christmas Stocking for Duke.) And, I bought a skein of pale pink to make some Santa Bags with.  I will try to remember to take a picture of them. The pattern is from an old, out of print magazine I have. I was thinking about making some for Pine Ridge to put little goodies in. 

I will try to catch up here, soon. I've been so busy ever since we got here. :( Today I went to get Eon's shots updated, and I got him a flu shot, too. I had to get his immunization records switched over to Tennessee records. (I had never heard of that before..) Which meant I had to register at the Health Deparment (more paperwork... ugh..) But they were understaffed that day, so I had to come back AGAIN. Then they said Eons' shots needed to be updated. Ugh...  So I did that today. But, it wasn't just simple. "Do you have insurance?" "Well we did in Nevada. I'm not sure if it's still valid in Tennessee.."  If I did have insurance, they couldn't take me. If I did, I could go to Walgreens down the street. UGH...  So, I had to go out in the truck and call our insurance and find out. While I was on the phone, I thought I should probably cancel my mammogram appointment I had made for December, before we moved..   Then I thought I better see if I had any other appointments I made that I had forgot about... So, no insurance. So I go back inside and have to make an appointment. Ugh..  Now I have to wait around for an hour and a half. So we go "explore"...  O.o  Went to Books-A-Million. Now Eon wants everything. Poor kid..  :/  (We still have not celebrated his birthday, other than cupcakes in his classroom on his last day in NV.. I have a lot of catching up to do, here..)   Finally get back, go in for the appointment. More paperwork. Finally get back to the waiting room. More paperwork. Finally get back to the place where he is going to get his shots. Oh my God. More paperwork? WTF?  Finallly!! His shots are done. Had to check out... Sheesh.  Then we went to Arby's. I know he's 11 now, but I still felt bad for him getting shots...  :P   Now he is all set until he is 16. I asked when we were done, since I thought he was already done with all his shots. She said "Until he is 16. He can get the meningo..? booster. It wasn't necessary, but if he goes to college, it's mandatory. Ugh... Now I have to take Eli in. I should get him a flu shot anyway, since he has asthma. Nothing can be simple, can it?  ;)

I will try to catch up here soon.  Hope everyone had a nice I Love Yarn Day. :P
P.S. My secret project is finished and has been mailed. As soon as it has been recieved, I'll post about that, too. :)

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