Monday, October 21, 2013

Duke's Dog Paw Stocking is Done!

I finished it last night. :D  I wanted to make him a stocking similar to Jetta's, that Paula made for her. I tried to do the cuff just like it. I used The Hook Hounds' Dog Bone Applique instead of the one in the pattern, since I wanted the bone to be smaller. Not bigger than the stocking.  Last night Eon said, "Can we go Duke and Jetta Christmas shopping tomorrow after school?"  :P   Dog Paws Christmas Stocking Pattern.  I used all I Love This Yarn, Sparkle. (Except for the bone- just Red Heart white.)   

They are all ready for the holidays. :D What do you think? There is a little baseball cap that goes with Dukes' bandana. But he will not let us put it on him.  He's turning into a little (not so little-he weighs more than Jetta now, I think!) Monster.  I told Steve last night, "I think he may be going through his puppy teeange years, or something.."  He's starting to growl and try to bite (usually it's only to Eon, because he's always trying to hug him. But sometimes he does it to me or Steve, too). That's a big No-No.      I am crocheting a Santa Sweater for Duke, too. Since Jetta already has a Mrs. Claus outfit. :P I am using the Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern, combined with the Santa Bunting belt (or, Cocoon-not bunting, I guess) from the Christmas in Crochet magazine.  I do want to make Jetta some kind of a regular sweater, too; though. It is really cold out there!! Especially first thing in the morning, or at night.     Today was the boys' first day back to school after their two week fall break.  They were only wearing their hoodies. :/  (Steve said "It will warm up after the sun comes out." Um, Shh!!??..) I hope they will be warm enough. They got too used to Nevada and not hardly ever wearing a coat or hat.. :/  

Some guys are supposed to be showing up today to re-build our deck. They've already NOT shown up, twice. I'm getting really annoyed...   Its a long story. (Why do we always get into these situations?)  The house had some work it needed done before we moved in. But we needed a place. So...  (Ugh..)  Three skylights had been replaced, but not drywalled in. The guys were supposed to have finished them. (We've been here over three weeks now?)  Like I said, they were supposed to have shown up twice now but haven't.  And, they were supposed to have done the skylights. Now I get a call (don't get me started on WHY did the landlord give this guy my phone number??) last night that they were going to show up today at nine am.  To do the deck?  Okay... WTF? There is alot more to the story, but.. Whatever.   We'll see if they even show up today. I'll be surprised if they do. My husband is ready to call the landlord and tell him we are moving out. :0  (I don't want to move AGAIN, though!...)  


paula said...

LOVE Duke's stocking. . . . abd where did you move to?

Tina said...

Thanks, Paula. We moved to Tennessee. In between Nashville and Knoxville. :)