Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some Pictures..

I thought I would share a few pictures that I have taken since we got here. :)

Isn't this beautiful?  This is just along the side of the highway.

This lake is at the entrance to our subdivision. It is so peaceful, and beautiful here. I came and just sat there one day. I missed the lakes and trees, and grass..  Ducks and other birds were flying all over.  I saw a turtle (not by the lake, it was on the road). I so missed this! (I have never lived in TN, but it's somewhat like this in Michigan, where I am originally from.)  :) 

This is the area they seemed to like. They kept flying out of here. There was a few in there, I don't think I got them in the picture, though.

A big blue-ish bird was out there, to the left of the wood sticking out of the water. A Blue Heron? It was way out there, I took a picture of it and cropped it. I couldn't really see it very well.

Some ducks. The one closest to the camera was the friendliest (or, the most aggresive? lol)  There were a bunch of smaller ducks in the water. You can't see them very well here. But they were there.

One swimming by the bridge.. 

I can't wait to get some bird seed and fill my feeders. I bet there are some really pretty birds here. I missed that, too.

Eon on the retaining wall. :)  Duke loves to walk along the edge of this wall. Back, and forth; back and forth... He cracks me up. (Except first thing in the morning, when it's cold, and I'm tired...)

Both the dogs love it here. Especially Duke, though. He will run all over the place. Bury his head in the grass. Then take off running in the opposite direction. Then go up on the retaining wall and run back and forth. Lol  He never wants to come inside. I have to pick him up and carry him in.  (And he is getting too heavy to keep doing that!)  He didn't want to come in when I took this picture. He sits down and "resists". :P  We also have a big drop off wall at the end of the driveway. Jetta (and Duke) kept jumping off of it. (It's about three feet high.) It was kind of funny at first. But one time Jetta did it. I had Duke (Eon had Jetta on one leash, I had Duke on another.) I told Eon, "I'll hold her, you go down there and get here & I'll hand the leash to you." Well I don't know what she did, but she took off running, and I almost fell off there. I tried to catch myself, but my finger scraped on the wall (right on my ring finger, left hand). I was so mad! It hurt really bad. Fortunately I wasn't hurt worse. But...   We definitely need to get a (short) tie out chain.  Although I am afraid to do that, either. People just seem to let their dogs run around free here.  Jetta is fixed. But I'm worried about attacks. You know?..   :/  

It is beautiful here. I just wish I could get the kids to go somewhere. :/  We are going to take them fishing tomorrow (that's the plan, anyway).  Even Eli wants to go.   And it's so nice being close to some of my family again. Two of my brothers live here. And my Mom and step-Dad. (Even though my Mom is currently in Michigan right now helping one of my sisters).  Last night we went to one of my brothers' house for pizza and beer. I haven't seen their kids for over five years. They have a girl, Eons' age (six months younger). And a six year old boy.  We played a card game called "Pepper". Or "Shoot the Moon"? (I think it is technically called Pepper- or Bid Euchre- but if you take a hand all by yourself [without help from your partner], it's called Shoot the Moon?)  I had never played it before. It's kind of fun (once you get the hang of it. Which I kind of was, towards the end..) It's like playing Euchre (which I love playing, but it gets kind of old fast..)- on steroids. :P   What was funny, was; I won. And I didn't have a clue what I was doing half the time. Lol!  The only reason I knew what I was doing the other half, was because I know how to  play Euchre. But it got confusing at times. Like when you "play high", you don't have a trump suit. You just follow whatever was played, and highest card wins. So I would get confused when someone would put a Jack down..  Then the next hand, someone would call suit. So I kept getting confused at first. (You know how it is, trying to learn a new game.)
I applied for a job here (at an elementary school).  I hope I will get the job. It's 5.5 hours a day. Which is perfect. I needed a job that was at least five hours a day.  The one I applied for before we left Nevada turned out to only be three hours a day.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am actually really nervous. Trying to not think about it too much..  :/  But I do need a job, and one that I could have the same time off as the kids would be perfect. 

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Mimi said...

Glad to know you're liking it there, Tina, it looks lovely! And nothing beats having family close by :)