Monday, October 14, 2013

"Creeper" Cookie

Today I started making cookies (just plain old peanut butter). I thought, "I'll just ask Eon if he wants to help." I was surprised when he said "Sure.."  :D Usually (well the last few times) he hasn't wanted to help. He is my Best Baking Buddy!!

Then he started talking about making one big cookie. He told me about one of his teachers who did that. I said we could make a cookie pizza some time. He said he didn't want to make one that big. I asked him if he wanted to make one of his own. So he got a big glob of cookie dough, and got to work. :P

Then he wanted to decorate it.. 

Making a Creeper face (it's a Minecraft thing). 

He got the colored sugars out from our Easter cookies, and made it green for creepers..

And here is the finished Creeper Cookie.  :D  I think he had fun. I had fun watching him.


paula said...

Let me know if you got the patterns. For some reason, the email ended up in my inbox and I don't know how that happened, but I wanted to double check here to see if it went to you too.

Tina said...

Yes, Paula. I did get it. Thank you so much! We were having internet problems; so I haven't been able to go online. (Our phone jack was too old.. Never heard of that one. Lol) Thanks again, Paula!