Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Stuff I Have Had Done for a While...

These are a potholder, dishcloth, and spiral scrubby set that I have had done for a long time. (All except the sewing up of the scrubby.) And taking a picture of them. The potholder pattern . (Something is wrong when I click on the link it says 'Bad Gateway'...) It is the 'Crocheted Double Thick Potholder'.) And I cannot seem to find the spiral scrubby pattern anywhere online. Woops, I lied. I posted a link for it right here on this very blog. Duh, me. Oh, and the dishcloth . I made a dishcloth like this one before. When we lived in Michigan. For the 'In Hot Water' dishcloth swap, I believe. :)
Remember this post? Well. I finally made the Homemade Mint Candies. Here they are. Basically, all they are is sugar, food coloring and mint flavoring. And that's what they basically taste like, too. But, I wanted to make them, and.... I finally did it. The roof of my mouth was all cut up when I first ate these. For some reason. I have ate one or two since then and it didn't hurt my mouth. (I am one of those weird people whose mouth gets cut up from eating cereal, too...)

And here's Barbie. I don't know if I ever posted this picture of her here or not... This outfit has been done for. ever. And a day. But I just am posting a picture of it now because I sent it out to the person I was going to send it to, today. Along with the dishcloth, potholder and scrubby. To the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, along with some other things. So, Barbie is naked, once again. Poor Barbie. I should really make her some of her own clothes... :P

Monday, September 24, 2007

Crab Apple Jelly and FO's

Well I went back and got some more crab apples from the peoples' house who originally gave me some. I don't know how many pounds I got, but it filled up the pot at least halfway, as you can see. (About eight heaping cups of liquid glass measuring cup.)
Only yielded about two cups (I had to add a little water to make it two cups.) I couldn't believe how red it was!! I put my red hot pad next to it for effect. :p
And thick, too. By the way, all I made this with was juice from the crab apples and sugar. There is supposed to be enough natural pectin in the crab apples that you don't even have to add any Sure-Jell.
And here is the finished jar. (One of them.) I only got two. And this one was the more full of the two. The other one I am giving to the people who gave me the crab apples. I tried a little bit of the jelly last night (licked the spoon after I was done putting it in the jars). It was yummy. And the kids have all said it is good. I better get some before it is gone! knowing how things *last* around here... (Or should I say *don't last*?) ;)

Here is a basket weave glasses case I finished testing for Cupcake. I sewed a *manly* button on it. I think it would be a nice gift for a man who wears glasses (my Dad, maybe?) :P Or a girl.
And last but not least, we have a knitted hat and 'Sockies' set I finished. With just enough left over to make the two little 'grannies daughters'. I had to do the I-cord and tassle on the hat in a different color. But at least I had enough to finish the hat and sockies. (They really are called sockies, they are in the book 'Socks, socks, socks'). The hat is called 'Chapeau!' and I cannot remember what book I (ahem) got the pattern from.... I want to say Minnowknits. But I don't know if that's right or not. I have already started another pair of sockies and finished one, due to insomnia last night. They are smaller (newborn size) than these. And light blue/green variegated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Contest Yarn

The yarn that I won from Lisa's contest came yesterday! The mail always comes at the very last second before I have to leave and go get my son from school. Yesterday it came even later so I waited (I saw the mail truck down the road)... our four year old said 'I wonder if we will get a box?' (I think my kids like getting mail as much as I do!) and sure enough, the mail man brought us a box!! :D Thank you Lisa! I opened it in the car since I was running late... I couldn't see what all was in it til I got home:
Look at all the yarn! All different colors and kinds... wool, acrylic, and chenille (?)... I love scrap projects and now I will have even more color options to play with. And, four new crochet hooks, too! Thank you, Lisa!!
By the way, I tried Lisa's recipe for Chicken and Veggie Bake, and it was soooo good! Last night we just had leftovers since I had so many, and we had so many of the potatoes and carrots left over (plus three pieces of chicken, too). So I warmed it up and it was just as good the second time around. (Actually, I thought it was better, since the flavor 'sunk in' more...) Thanks for the recipe I think it is going to be a favorite for our family, too.

Monday, September 17, 2007


We went to someones' house for dinner last night. The kids were outside and picked some crabapples (they ate some too--yuck.) This is what we brought home. I went online to see what you could make with crabapples. I guess crabapple jelly is about the only thing. I did find a recipe for crabapple schnapps, though! (Yuck.) You could also make spiced crabapples for a side dish with meat. There was a recipe for pork medallions with spiced crabapples, by Hormel.
You could use the spiced crabapple recipe to go with the pork medallions... Here's a different one: Pickled crabapples I don't know if I would like that one. But someone might.. Anway I will need to pick about three pounds more of crabapples to make some jelly with them. I think I am going to try it. I found a few different recipes. Here's one from the UK. I think crabapple jelly is a big thing over there, because almost all the crabapple jelly recipes I found online were from the UK. Did you know that Martha whipped up some crabapple jelly whilst in prison? I think we all know which Martha I am talking about... Here's one from Yankee magazine. I will post any results. There are a lot of crabapple trees around here, I should be able to find one to pick from without getting into any trouble.... :P

Monday, September 10, 2007

An F.O. and Pets...

Once again, this picture came out too dark. But... (sigh) I thought I'd share it anyway. This is the glasses case and make up case I have finished in testing for Cupcake. They turned out so cute! I couldn't find any buttons I liked in my sewing box. Then I thought, 'Don't I have some buttons in my jewelry box?' (I know, weird place to have buttons... But, they are all buttons from sweaters or whatever that I have ever bought... yes, I save everything..) So I used one of those for the make up case. I think I am sending these to my Grandma.
I don't know why, but lately I have been missing all my old aminals. (I know I spelled that wrong... on purpose.) :P This is our old dog, Sunny. She was so funny. I (lovingly) called her 'Dorkalina... she's a silly fluffy dork... dorkalina, (can't remember the rest I used to sing)' (to the tune of the 'Thumbelina' movie...) Here she is sitting next to my Crochetville bag that 'Peekaboo' sent me for a secret pals swap. I don't know why, but she wanted to get in on the picture. Silly woof!

Here she is outside. (This picture is actually before the last picture, timeline wise) She was super fluffy here. I don't know why, when it was the middle of summer. She did seeem to shed in the winter, and be fluffy in the summer...

And here she is with her three puppies! This was right after I got everything all cleaned up after the birth. She was kind of freaking out... 'What are these things?' So I helped her and put all the puppies by her to nurse.

This is one of the puppies. I am almost positive this is Koda. (Koda is the one we had the longest... long story. The people who came to buy them didn't choose him. One guy wanted a girl, and since there was only one... Duchess, he took her.) Our oldest son (if he were here, he's at school right now) would probably say 'No, that's Duchess.' (Just to argue with me.) Well it's one of those two, but I'm pretty sure it is Koda. The other puppy was also a boy, we called him Sumo. Because he was the biggest, chubbiest puppy. I would laugh (he was so chubby when they first started walking, he would always fall over. It was so cute...) and say 'He looks like a sumo wrestler' so I called him Sumo. Of course when they all went to their new homes, they all got new names. I miss the puppies too. But, I wouldn't want to breed a dog ever again, let me tell you.

And this is Mercedes. She was my cat for the longest time (even before Sunny). She was a kitten of my moms' cat. Litter #4 or 5... (I don't know why she just didn't get that cat fixed!) The mom was half Siamese. And Mert got the snotty gene, that's for sure. ;) She was a funny cat. She could play piano, too! I am serious. Our kids had a little Tykes (I think that was the brand) piano, and Merecedes would sit there and push the keys down and play it. (Of course, she couldn't keep a tune, but...) She also liked this other toy they had, where you push the button down and the balls go spinning around (it was a baby toy). She would push the button down, and then chase the balls around. She could never catch them, but...
We went to the Humane Society the other day, to "just look." I don't know why. We can't have any pets here. But... our lease is up in seven months... :D I keep telling my husband 'I want to get a Shiba Inu puppy' :( (And a kitten... or two... or three...) :) Anyway I just thought I'd share some of our old family pets with you.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tea Cozy Swap~ It's Coming!

Did you see these Too Cute Dolls? Oh my goodness, they are too cute!! (You knew it was coming, didn't you?) Seriously I do think they are adorable. Did you also know the tea cozy swap is coming up at Crochetville?!! Yup. I can't wait. I was in it last year. And, there aren't many swaps I join (especially lately). But this one I will. I have been looking for all things tea, tea cozies, anything... (If you scroll down and look at post #6 (here, I'll put a link in for you :P), I went back to the last years swap and found all the links I could for tea cozy patterns. (Some of them don't work. I think only two...) There's also this tea cozy (I can't remember where I saw it, and I'm not sure if it is in any of the other links... The one the person made was so pretty, the picture in the pattern does not do it justice.) You can buy tea stationery, tea cups, tea pots, and all kinds of things at Roses and Teacups. I found this page somewhere, too. It is exactly like the set of coasters I bought at a tea store out here, except mine were light green. (These are actually a lot cheaper than the ones I bought, too.) I was going to post pictures of some other tea cozies I have done. I didn't want to mess up my post or re-do the whole things, soo.... I'll put them in links... (Sorry) My Blue 'Wacky-do Scalloped Tea Cozy' (this is the first scalloped tea cozy I did, when I was testing it for Cupcake... I couldn't get it right. Cupcake said it was 'wacky-do'.. so that's what I call it now. :p I still have this one, I think it's all right.) This is a yellow and off-white scalloped tea cozy. I stupidly gave this one to my mother in law. I have another one somewhere started in one of my drawers. I forget what colors I had started it in.I should dig it out and finish it... and the rosy cozy I started, too. (Sigh...) :P My absolute favorite scalloped tea cozy I have ever done is the one I sent to my tea cozy partner, TamKing, in last years' swap. (It is also in the link to the post #6 at Crochetville, but if you didn't see it there...) I was trying to copy the colors of one that Cupcake did. I love how bright and cheery it came out. Well have a nice Sunday everyone.

*Update!* I found the cozy (scalloped one) I had started, and got the pattern out. I was making it just like my absolute favorite tea cozy I have ever done~ Yay!! And, I have all the yarn to do it. I don't know why I put it away, but... (story of my life, folks...) :P

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Crochet Mania and *Stuff*

Well I feel like it's been a while since I posted... I know I haven't posted any pictures lately. Sorry. I have been making things. But they have to be kept top-secret until further notice.... :P I joined a new crochet message board: Crochet Mania! I like it, it's not as big as Crochetville. (Not that that's a bad thing, but it just feels more 'homey' there....) I am working on putting the button in my sidebar.

I am testing the glasses cases (and other cases) for Cupcake!! I am sooo excited she is letting me test. I haven't tested anything for a while. I want it to be fun, you know? I have to pick a perfect color. I started one (glasses case) in lavender. That will probably be for my Grandma. Her favorite colors are lavender and blue. And, she has glasses. So I think it will work out good. ;)

I am also testing the Baby Hat, by Mimi. I have to admit I forgot I was testing this, Mimi! I have no idea where my brain is lately, I am so sorry! I have been sick, and preoccupied, though... with quitting my job, kids starting school, being sick, and all. I didn't want you to think I forgot about it, though!

I have been sick for almost the whole week. I feel sick one day. Then the next day I feel a little better. Then the next day I feel sick again. Ugh. Today I felt sick again. I actually was supposed to work tonight. But, I called in sick. I felt guilty doing it. But. I have not called in sick one single day, since I started this job (eight and a half months I've been there.) And, I have gone in sick or not feeling well, a lot. In fact, the last time I worked, I was sick. But, I went in, cuz I needed the money... And now, this might be the last day I would have been able to work. I'm not on the schedule any more this week. And my last day is the 17th. (Because I am not on the schedule-- I need something steady.) Not feast or famine... And usually it's *famine*, because by the time they put me back on the schedule, even if they give me a few days, I don't really catch up, since I wasn't making anything all along. You know? I'm sick of it. So I finally put in my letter of resignation. Now, I just have to find a new job. (Sigh....) More stress.

Well I hope you're all having a nice weekend. I did get a break from the kids tonight. We were invited over to someones' house for dinner. My husband took all three kids with him. So I got about a four hour :0 break!! Wow. It didn't seem that long. I mostly wasted it on the computer. But I did crochet some. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I Won! I Won!!

I can't believe it, but I actually won something!! And it was all because I talk too much. (Imagine winning something for that? LOL!) Lisa of A Playful Yarn was having a contest on her blog. All you had to do is leave a comment. For every time you commented, you got your name on a piece of paper. Then, at the end of the contest date, they would put them all in a hat and pick one. Well, I had so many in there they picked mine... :/ I honestly forgot about the contest after the first two days, but... I always remember something later, or look more closely at the picture posted, and just have to say something else.. I am so excited. I just love getting stuff in the mail, and yarn is just about the best thing there is to get in the mail. Thank you, Lisa and family! :D

Country Stores

One thing I miss about living in Michigan is the country stores.... I still have yet to see one out here. In Michigan, there was Rau's Country Store in Frankenmuth. We had to drive a little over an hour to get there, but Frankenmuth was awesome, and so worth it. (Especially the fudge...) :p One other place I used to go to was the Dixboro General Store, in Ann Arbor. That was about a half hour/forty five minute drive. Then there was a Touch of Country store, right by our sons' school... I miss them. :( The only thing I have seen out here is Cracker Barrel. Which doesn't really cut it for me. Unless I am eating there. And don't even get me started on the apple orchards out here (if you can call them that..) Spicer's Orchards back home was the best. And, they had their own little country store there, too. I wonder if it's anything like that at High Country Orchards... although it is peaches, not apples... I guess I will have to keep looking...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Candy Dish Doily and a Flufferfly!!

Well I have been in somewhat of a slump lately with my crocheting and picture taking and blogging... I just don't think any of it is any good... I didn't like the Broncos football. Or the grape pop can cozies... (Now I have three, which isn't even a 'set', but ran out of purple yarn.... sigh...) Anyway I started (and actually finished!! Woo Hoo!) this doily. I am in a yahoo group (Doily of the Month, the link is in my sidebar over there...), but you can find the pattern at Crochet Pattern Central, too: Candy Dish Doily
And here we have a 'Flufferfly'. :P Last night I was just looking through my crochet books for a fun fast scrap crochet project... I thought 'I should make some of these butterfly magnets'... (In '101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects'.) Then our four year old came in my room and said 'Can you make me one?' (sigh...) So, of course, I did. I told him 'I still haven't made anything for Eli yet. He is going to start feeling left out if I don't make him anything...' I thought it would be fun to put fur on the outside. Then I said 'It's a flufferfly!' and he liked that. So that's it's name. :P You can find a similar butterfly pattern here. Just use variegated for the first two rows. Then, a solid. Then (add a row of) fur for the outside. (Or variegated again, if you don't like fur...) Then glue a magnet to the back and stick it on your fridge. :D

Sunday, September 02, 2007

More on the Pansy Doily...

I thought I had made some of the pansies to this doily, too. I was looking through all of my purple variegated thread balls, trying to find them... But I couldn't... Well then I thought, 'oh yeah, I was using yellow, too...' so I started looking through all of my yellows, and found them~ yay!! I think I counted seven. Yup, there's seven in the picture. So I only have nine more to do. It's kinda fun finding things almost done. (If you still have the right yarn or thread to finish them, that is...) The variegated yellow is actually a ball of thread that I think my husbands' late great aunt gave me. She went blind later in life and couldn't see well enough to crochet any more. I felt guilty taking her threads. But she said she wanted me to have them. This was one of the balls that had any significant amount left. And I do love the variegated threads.... :p

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Broncos Football and Some UFO's, too

I finally finished this football. It is huge! I didn't know it was going to be so big. (I really don't like it.) But, our four year old does, so... :) He *loves* the Broncos for some reason... Well. I know why. Someone we know gave him a Broncos t-shirt. After that whenever we would see anything Broncos, he would get so excited and say 'Broncos!' so I would ask him 'Do you even know what the Broncos are?' LOL... One day I thought, 'Hey, I could crochet him a *Broncos* football!'... Well I am not too happy with how it turned out, but... like I said, he is. So. I guess that's what counts.
After finishing up the football, I thought, 'I should see what else I can finish up' (What an undertaking...) This is the Between Meals Centerpiece doily that has been an UnFinished Object (UFO) forever... I figured out what row I left off on, and started it back up... Here I am blogging... Can you tell I am sick of it already? I want to finish it, but I really don't even know where I am going to put it! It is way too big for any of our tables... I have no idea who to give it too... Except *maybe* my husbands' Grandma. She used to have a huge 'candy' table but since she has moved, I don't even think she has it anymore.... Her dining room table is big enough... Her sister (my husbands' late great aunt) used to crochet huge doilies. She didn't even use a pattern. She would just make them. (They weren't all that great if you ask me, but...) So I think his Grandma would appreciate it. If I ever finish it, that is.... :p

And, here is another doily that I haven't finished.... This one is going to be a pansy doily when it grows up lol... The reason I got this one out is because my mom sent me a page from a magazine she wants me to make her... I need to find that now, too.... (Sigh...) I can't remember exactly what it was. A bowl cover or something. It was almost identical to this doily. So I thought I would finish it and see if it *works* or not... I started this one even before I started the BMC doily. See how long it takes me sometimes to finish things....
I hope you are all having a nice weekend. My husband is making dinner tonight, it smells so good (mmmm~~ chili!)... I'm crocheting (and blogging)... A relaxing weekend night. And four days of it! Have a Good One everyone and be safe!