Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Semi-Family Reunion

Let's see if I can catch up some on my blog... This was actually the Saturday before Christmas. My sister (woman on the left) and her husband were driving down to Florida for a vacation. And my Mom got a ride with them to stay here. She is the woman next to my sister (between my sister and me). Then my brother is the guy on the very right, and his wife. So we had a "Semi" Family Reunion. Only three of the kids. And my step dad isn't there. It's been about four years since I saw my sister. I stayed with them when I went to Michigan for my Grandma's funeral.  Two years since I saw my Mom when she came to stay with us in Nevada. I don't even know how long it's been since I saw Nate. Oh yeah, when I came to Tennessee to stay with my Mom. I don't know... I think that was six years ago.  I can't keep track.. I know Gavin was just about 18 months or so? And Eon was five almost six.. So it had to be about six years.

The kids, and Porter (my sister's dog).  Not a very good picture. :( And I took it... (sigh)  And Eli took the picture of all of us.  He did a way better job.

I was in charge of desserts. I made a New York Cheesecake. First time I've ever made one. I did half cherry, half strawberry topping. Everyone loved it.  I don't remember the exact recipe I used for this. But, I do know it used four eight ounce blocks of cream cheese. :0

I also made my go-to (when I have chocolate chips) brownies recipe. Speedy Brownies.  I also made chocolate chip cookies.

This is Porter. He is an Australian Shepard. He's such a good boy! I want to trade one of my dogs for him. (Jetta). 

Eon, Gavin and Porter. Not in that order. :P

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Here's our tree... :)

I hung their stockings on their doorknobs, since we don't have a fireplace/mantle anymore. I didn't have energy or the money to try and find anything else, either.

On the tags, where it says "To:", I wrote "The Bear" on some of them. (Long story.. :P)  So Eon went and got The Bear. (Even though this isn't technically the Original Bear..)  :)

Eli opening his slippers I knitted him.

Duke checking out his stocking.

Oops, I meant to post the one of the ball I got Jetta. This was a chew toy I got Duke (which he won't even touch..).  I got Jetta an "indestructable" ball. Which, Duke immediately took away from her and destructed!! Brat!.

Eon in his Santa hat and Elf Slippers. :D

Close-up of the slippers on his feet. They're a little bit big. But that's okay. Room to grow. :D

Eli wearing his slippers.

Steve wearing his..

And I even made myself a pair. Nana Slippers pattern. It's a free Ravelry download. My neice is learning how to crochet. I might show her this pattern. When we went to their house (I still have to post pictures of that..) her Mom showed me a hat she had done on a loom, that my neice kept putting on her foot since it turned out too small for a hat. :P 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cleaning Closet(s)..

One of the things about moving here is we went from a four bedroom (huge kitchen with plenty of cupboards and counter space, too; I might add) to a three bedroom. And the bedrooms are too small. (So are the closets..)  Our bedroom is layed out so stupid. There's three closets in the bedroom. One is technically in the bathroom-which I don't understand. Why not just make the closet in the bedroom a lot bigger (The adjoining wall is in between the bedroom closet and the bathroom closet)? Then you could eliminate the second closet in the bedroom (which is the stupidest one), and also make the bedroom big enough?  Anyway, I have been trying to cram a whole rooms worth of stuff (and I don't even have it all-the rest of it is in storage in Nevada, still!) into two closets.  It's beyond maddening.  And my closet was the one thing that didn't get organized put away, because I kept closing the door to it saying "I'll try and organize it one day.."  Well it finally got to me enough and I started it last night. (Every time I opened the door, I would get so stressed out.. You could not even see the floor.)  This was one side I organized yesterday. 

This was the other side. It was worse than this. Can you see why I got stressed out every time I tried to get anything to wear?... 

Well today I finished it. It's not completely organized, but...  It looks a lot better. I put my dirty clothes (hand wash) basket in the bathroom closet. (It's pretty empty. ) I don't know what I'm going to do when we get the rest of our stuff. I have two big rubbermade containers, and two more big yarn bins..  I don't have any bookshelves, either. I don't know where I'm going to put all my books. :/       Between that and the new neighbors who just bought the house next door to us (grrrrr!!), I am thinking we might be moving when our lease is up. As much as I hate to move.  :/

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eli's Slippers Are Done!!

With only a minute to spare. Lol These were the last of the slippers I had to knit for Christmas for my guys. I thought I was going to have the rest of this week to finish them (I was almost halfway done with the second one). But then Eli said on Monday, "I'm exempt from attending on Thursday." (Because of his excellent grades and no absences, he didn't have to attend for finals. I called the school to confirm.)  So I thought I would have Tuesday and Wednesday to finish them. (But Tuesday I had a bunch of things to do, so I didn't get to work on them.) Then, Monday when I picked him up, he said he was exempt on Wednesday, too. (Sigh..) I was literally wrapping them, when he woke up.   Fortunately he sleeps until 1:30 or 2, so I locked myself in my room and was able to finish them. Woo Hoo!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have been so busy crocheting and knitting my fingers off.  I just sent a box today to the Pine Ridge OB Ward. This is a set that I sent (among other things..)  I used the Sue's No-Holes Hexagon Sweater (like the Hexagon Sweater I have done, but no holes..) I just made each hexagon four inches wide to make it a newborn size.  The hat, I started out with one pattern, then switched to a different one. I wish I had written down what I did, because I really like that hat. The mittens are my own pattern. The booties are the SLK Booties pattern. I like those.  
ETA: I did write down what I did for the hat! (Yay, because I am making another one right now..  :D )  It is Bev's Preemie/Newborn Hat in the Round. (The largest size -13".) I just did the band like the Lion Brand Preemie hat, which is chain 11 (then do the rest just like the pattern says). Then, do the rest of the pattern just like it says. I did until the hat measures 4" from the band part, though. Not from the beginning. That way I can turn it up. (Actually, I did 4.5" from the band for this hat.. But I also think that hat was a little bit too big for what the OB unit likes for a newborn size. So I am going by the pattern from now on.)   ;)

Some headbands I made for a friend. Actually, another friend asked me if I could make her daughter some. She posted a picture on facebook. I asked her where she saw the picture (Pinterest). So I did a search on Pinterest, and couldn't find anything like it. So I asked her if she could "like" the picture, on Pinterest, so I could see if there was an available pattern. And there was. Woo Hoo!! (Oops, it looks like it is temporarily sold out. But, it is called Bow Ear Warmer- here's my Pin.) It technically isn't a headband pattern (which is why I probably couldn't find it, since I was typing in "headband"..). It's an ear warmer pattern.  These are for the friend who originally asked me to make some. Then, I made two for another friend who I've made headbands for her daughter in the past. Hers were orange, and pink. But I forgot to get a picture of them before I packaged them all up. :(

Then I made two for another friends' daughter. Mailed the last two packages out today.

And, another Christmas present (same people/family as the ear warmers..) done. More Minion Slippers.

And a booties/mitts set (same pattern as the booties/mitts above)

And, a snowman card I made one day when Eon had a snow day. We did Arts & Crafts. :D  It's been a long time since we have done that. He made a folded "book" (?) with a picture of Santa in it. He folded about four different pieces of card stock (Christmas colors) and glued them all together. Then put the picture of Santa in the middle.  I thought, "Oh that would be cool to make a card like that.." Mine was off-centered, though. I made a snowman scene. Nothing big.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Eons' Elf Slippers

...are done! :D  I finished them Friday. I didn't think I would be able to work on them all weekend. But Eon slept so late on Friday (he was home sick), that I was actually able to finish them. Yay! I wasn't able to take a picture until today, though. :P I also finished a baby hat, booties, and mittens set for the OB Ward. I took a picture but I can't seem to find it on my computer. :/   

I had an interview this morning at the high school, for a cafeteria job. I am so excited!! I won't know until Wednesday if I am hired or not, but she said she was impressed. (She has a couple more interviews to do.) She said to not give up, if I don't get a call on Wednesday, because they always have something opening.   

I am going to get started on slippers for Eli now.  Have a great day. :D

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Eons' Elf Slippers Progress

They aren't done yet, but getting close! It's kind of hard to work on them the last two days Eon has been home sick (again). I don't know if it's his allergies, or if he is sick. :(  Hate not having a pediatrician/doctor in a new place..   I do have the fringe almost done. I am on the third one (you have to make four-two for each slipper.)  I guess I could work on Steve's Balaclava..