Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Semi-Family Reunion

Let's see if I can catch up some on my blog... This was actually the Saturday before Christmas. My sister (woman on the left) and her husband were driving down to Florida for a vacation. And my Mom got a ride with them to stay here. She is the woman next to my sister (between my sister and me). Then my brother is the guy on the very right, and his wife. So we had a "Semi" Family Reunion. Only three of the kids. And my step dad isn't there. It's been about four years since I saw my sister. I stayed with them when I went to Michigan for my Grandma's funeral.  Two years since I saw my Mom when she came to stay with us in Nevada. I don't even know how long it's been since I saw Nate. Oh yeah, when I came to Tennessee to stay with my Mom. I don't know... I think that was six years ago.  I can't keep track.. I know Gavin was just about 18 months or so? And Eon was five almost six.. So it had to be about six years.

The kids, and Porter (my sister's dog).  Not a very good picture. :( And I took it... (sigh)  And Eli took the picture of all of us.  He did a way better job.

I was in charge of desserts. I made a New York Cheesecake. First time I've ever made one. I did half cherry, half strawberry topping. Everyone loved it.  I don't remember the exact recipe I used for this. But, I do know it used four eight ounce blocks of cream cheese. :0

I also made my go-to (when I have chocolate chips) brownies recipe. Speedy Brownies.  I also made chocolate chip cookies.

This is Porter. He is an Australian Shepard. He's such a good boy! I want to trade one of my dogs for him. (Jetta). 

Eon, Gavin and Porter. Not in that order. :P


paula said...

SP THRILLED you were able to have family over the holidays . . . they can be the best of all presents :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend :0

Tina said...

I was so happy to see everyone again. Happy New Year, Paula!

Mimi said...

Lovely family you have, Tina... Happy New Year!!