Monday, December 23, 2013

Cleaning Closet(s)..

One of the things about moving here is we went from a four bedroom (huge kitchen with plenty of cupboards and counter space, too; I might add) to a three bedroom. And the bedrooms are too small. (So are the closets..)  Our bedroom is layed out so stupid. There's three closets in the bedroom. One is technically in the bathroom-which I don't understand. Why not just make the closet in the bedroom a lot bigger (The adjoining wall is in between the bedroom closet and the bathroom closet)? Then you could eliminate the second closet in the bedroom (which is the stupidest one), and also make the bedroom big enough?  Anyway, I have been trying to cram a whole rooms worth of stuff (and I don't even have it all-the rest of it is in storage in Nevada, still!) into two closets.  It's beyond maddening.  And my closet was the one thing that didn't get organized put away, because I kept closing the door to it saying "I'll try and organize it one day.."  Well it finally got to me enough and I started it last night. (Every time I opened the door, I would get so stressed out.. You could not even see the floor.)  This was one side I organized yesterday. 

This was the other side. It was worse than this. Can you see why I got stressed out every time I tried to get anything to wear?... 

Well today I finished it. It's not completely organized, but...  It looks a lot better. I put my dirty clothes (hand wash) basket in the bathroom closet. (It's pretty empty. ) I don't know what I'm going to do when we get the rest of our stuff. I have two big rubbermade containers, and two more big yarn bins..  I don't have any bookshelves, either. I don't know where I'm going to put all my books. :/       Between that and the new neighbors who just bought the house next door to us (grrrrr!!), I am thinking we might be moving when our lease is up. As much as I hate to move.  :/

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paula said...

We have three bedrooms . . one across the front of the house with a tine closet above the stairs . . probably 3 feet wide by 4 feet deep, f that. The other two bedrooms are smaller with HUMONGOUS closets.

We each have one of the closets in another bedroom, but we never get into them, so our clothes just ly all over the place. Would L OVE to build a wall to wall closet acros the north ide of the bedroom, but not planning on being here longenough to enjoy it, so the next owner can s=do it.

Our kitchen in Logan was u shaped with three sides made of counters and upper and loer cabinets, Here . .v a single sink with two sets of lower cabinetsn and two sets of uupper cabinets.

I tell you, when we move back to INdiana I am getting what I want or we won'r be a moving!