Monday, March 30, 2015

It's froggy out this morning.I just took this picture about ten minutes ago, and the fog seems thicker since then.  When Eon (or was it Eli?) was a baby he used to say it was "froggy" out, instead of foggy. Actually, what he said was, "Fee-oggy". Since he couldn't say his R's, he would say a Y sound..   So cute.  So. I still say it's froggy out..  :P

I FINALLY (soooo relieved) ordered some Graduation Announcements.  I had to do a "photo shoot" with Eli (Oooooh, my God.... The end of the world!....)  He had to get some real clothes on and go outside...  O.o    I bought him this shirt set for pictures. But... They do senior pictures just with a tuxedo or a wrap, here.   Anyway, he finally got to wear this shirt for one thing. Lol...   (Sigh...)  This is the picture I used.  I don't know if it's the best. But, it is what it is. Eli does not care.  I think they will look good. I should get them in the mail this week. I can't wait.  Today was the kids' first day back to school after Spring Break.   Only eight more weeks, then Eli graduates.  :0 !!!!!   I am still not ready....      I decided to just do a small party here.  The thing is, we don't even know anyone here. Except what family of mine lives here.    But, with our house being so small, and our dogs acting like they want to kill anyone who comes to our door....   I thought we should just all meet at a restaraunt.   But, then I thought, I kind of want to do all the planning (oh yeah, and the cleaning...  not) for his graduation.  It will be more personal and memorable I think.

This picture I just took by the stone retaining wall for our driveway. :P   I think it looks cool...

Some booties I have finished....   This is Christal Dines Friends' "Impatiently Waiting for Baby" Booties pattern.  I love it.   I have done more than these booties. (Sweaters, and hats to go with them. For the OB Unit on PR..)   I just love all the little booties..   

And, I finished another shawl.   When one of my sister-in-laws (my brother-in-law's wife-- I cannot stand any of my husbands' sisters) saw my shawl, she commented it "would look good in purple".  So, I made her a purple one.  When her sister died a few months ago, she sent me some of her sisters' crochet pattern books.  I thought that was really awesome..

It's the Evening Shawl pattern.    She doesn't even know I made it for her, it will be a surprise.  I just have to wash it, and send it to her.   Now I am going to make my Mom one. Either white or black, she said...   I'm thinking black. I don't know. I might go blind trying to do a black one. Lol.  I haven't decided...    Oh, I used Red Heart with Love in Violet for this one, I had to use three skeins. But, I only needed the third skein for the last three rows.  And I used an I hook.   Different than the one I made myself..  

Saturday, March 07, 2015

"Evening Shawl"

I finished another shawl last night. The Evening Shawl. I dont know why I crocheted another one, when I don't even wear them.  But I wanted to...   So. I did. Lol   It only took me a week. That's because this is the only project I worked on. Mostly in the evening while watching tv...     

I did order a new dress, specifically to go with this shawl.  It will go with the white and off-white one, too; probably.  I guess I can try to be more girly...  :P