Thursday, September 30, 2010

Troublemaker Cupcake Treats

If you are on Facebook and play the game Petville, you know what these are. :P  You can give your pet treats and our pet has a "troublemaker" personality. There's also "Creative Cupcake" personality, and "Social Butterfly Cupcake" personality. I have had this idea to make real live troublemaker cupcakes for a while now.. Well, today was the day I made them. :P

This is what a troublemaker cupcake looks the most like. Except the liner is black, and it's a bigger, three-pronged "pitchfork".   The little red fork was the closest thing I could find in this town.. 
These are the ones I made leftover when I got sick of picking out all the red decorations.. Besides, the little hordevous (sp?) forks only had six red ones anyway. So these can be called "Blubmaker Cupcake Treats". LOL  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Got Mail!!! :D

I was watering the trees yesterday, and kept checking the mail (well, looking down at my neighbors mailbox to see if his flag was down yet.. :P).  It was 4:50 pm and it still hadn't come!..  When I went out to move the hose to another tree a little later, I checked again. His flag was down! I looked inside my mailbox, and there was a big yellow puffy envelope!! :0  Then, I dropped another letter addressed to me. I got not one, but TWO RAOKs yesterday!! I am still so excited.  Look at the cute drawings on both of them.   A Dragonfly & Damselfly. A Giant Water Bug. And little notes about them. I love that.

And look, Jackie drew an Autumn Tree on the front. I LOVE it!!! I miss Autumn so much. I wonder how she knew.. (Maybe cuz I keep posting it all over, on Crochetville and here too probably? :P)  That meant so much to me. Thank you, Jackie. :D

And look at the drawings on the letter from Sandi, too. I just love it. She drew all kinds of things on the envelope, and in the letter, too.  So neat!!

See what the envelope meant by "Pen Pal"?  :P I love it!! And I love the pens. And the art on the envelope. And the card/letter.  I always want to draw things like that on my letters, but I'm not any good at it. When I was in high school, my friend and I used to write each other letters at least once a day, and fold them up and decorate the outside all kinds of ways..  (Dorky, but...)

Look at all the art!! Sandi made me a bookmarker with a scripture on it. It's so beautiful!!  Doesn't she have the loveliest handwriting?  And look at the loon she drew, I just love it.

And this is the back of the bookmarker.  
I just loved everything!! Thank you Sandi, and Jackie. I will be writing back to you both soon.
I was so excited reading them both; and looking at my pens, I forgot about watering the trees..  :/ Oops.  One got pretty flooded.  :P Maybe I could skip watering that one next time..   

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Cards I Have Made..

Here are some cards that I have made.. I don't think I ever posted about them. I may have posted a couple. I made a card just like this red & blue balloon card, but the balloons were pink & purple. For my neice.  This is to see the "3d" ness of it.

This is the front of the card. I don't know if I mentioned, I just made this card up for our son last school year. He was having a hard time and was into "3d" stuff big time. So I made him a card.

This is another kind of 3d card, it's hot air balloons. I did this almost like the one in a magazine I have.

And this is one of my favorites I make, to send a couple tea bags.  I sent one overseas in a Greeting Card Swap I am in on Ravelry. And, I recently sent one as a little RAOK to someone on Crochetville.   Well I don't know how I did this or if I will ever be able to post more than one picture again, but... Yay!   A bunch of cards I have made... :P

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mmmm.. Food Post

Chicken Pot Pie. Yummy...    It always makes me bloated and gassy (TMI?...), but I still love it. I made this for dinner last night. I had three pieces of chicken in the freezer (not enough for a family of 5).  So I thought "Chicken Pot Pie". I love Chicken Tettrazini, but my husband "hates" it. Our 18 year old "hates" Chicken Pot Pie. Oh well. I can't please everyone..   Oh, note to self: Do not buy the combo packs of chicken anymore. The "three" pieces of chicken had two backs (?). Like one tiny scrap of meat on each. I know they put those in there just to add poundage to the package and make money off you for nothing!! It's so irritating. So I only technically had one piece of chicken.  Anyway~ I had three bags of frozen (yuck, I hate frozen vegetables) green beans, so I used up a little of those, in this... I just put whatever vegetables that would work, in there. Corn, carrots..  Make all the vegetables, meat..  Then I make the sauce, saute onions and make a Veloute (?) sauce (which you should be able to find anywhere online? It's basically, butter, put in flour to thicken, then add chicken broth. That's how I make mine). Then I make the crusts. Put the chicken on the bottom, then the onions, then the vegetables. Then the sauce. Put the top crust on. I also put an egg yolk mixed w/ a Tablespoon of water brushed on the crust.  Eon (the 7 year old) said last night "Is this a 'Pie pie' or a dinner pie?"  Funny boy..  He loves to eat the leftover pie crust. He loves it so much; he was scraping it off the rolling pin. I kid you not. :P

Anyway.  I am crocheting an Ami for an Ami Swap I am in on Crochetville. I don't know if it's technically an official swap, or not. It's in the Friendshipghan CAL thread..  We're just sending an Ami. That's all I can say. But I am done with the head and I think it turned out SOOO cool!! I'm going to have to keep it hidden from my kids. I know they'll be like "Are you making that for me?" "Can I have it?"..  And then I'll say "No, it's for a Swap I'm in".  Then they'll be all mopey and walk around like, "poor me, I never get anything"... lol (This is not true, you should SEE all the toys I have crocheted them. I should set them all up and take a picture of them someday just cuz..)  Anyway. I'm glad it turned out good. The head is the part I worry about the most. I almost got panicky because I couldn't remember for nothing where I packed my eyes (the little lock on eyes). I can only get them at Hobby Lobby. (We have a new Hobby Lobby here, did I mention? I haven't been there yet and don't know how to get there but maybe my husband could take me there someday..)  Anyway. I looked everywhere! In every single bag and box I have in the closet. Nothing. Took everything out of my sewing box. Nope. I have three big Rubbermaid totes. Took everything out of those (twice!). Nadda...  Well today I went over by my bookshelf for some reason and looked down, and there they were!! In a hat. ?? I have been making cards since we've moved here, I've been there like 20 times. Sigh...  Oh well. I'm just glad I found them, and I could finish the head now. :D (That was what I wanted them for.)  I just the past couple weeks had been looking for something else I couldn't find; since we moved. I couldn't find that anywhere, either (the Barbie Doll furniture, since I finished the tent.) I was getting really upset, because there was NO WAY I was going to re-do all that Barbie Doll furniture.  I found that by "accident", too. It was underneath the pile of clothes we have had sitting there for the "garage sale". (Which we are probably never going to have... sigh) I can never find anything when I'm looking for it.  Only when I am looking for something else, totally unrelated (which I almost never find, until I am looking for something else, another time...) :P  Oh well. We need to stop moving so much, and get an extra bedroom so I can put all my craft stuff in it. Then maybe I could get totally organized.    Wow, I said a lot for that being "all I can say", huh? ...  :P   I hope everyone has a great weekend,if anyone even reads my blog... :P  Almost TGIF, yay!!  (Get to sleep in!...) 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crocheted Coffee Cup

Well since my Bookmark Swap partner received her package, I guess I can post the coffee cup I crocheted her. (I also crocheted three bookmarks, and knitted a catnip mouse for her cat).  This is from the June 2008 Crochet World issue. I was "supposed" to use cotton. But I didn't have "cobalt blue" looking cotton. So this Red Heart was the closest I could come to it.  :)  There is some goodies in there, too. (The catnip mouse was in there, you just can't see it. It was the same color blue, too~ but in wool.)   Anyway~~ I should post a picture of all the stuff she sent me! I loved it all. And still am. :P She sent lots of yummy teas, and some Instant Hazelnut coffee "tubes".  I had one the other day. It was yummy.  Since I still can't figure out how to post more than one picture here...  I don't know what to do. She sent me a lot. Here is my Crochetville Thank You post, though. :P   Oh, and while I'm at it, here's hers! You can see the bookmarks I sent. :P  I think the one of her cat getting into the box is so funny. He (she?--oh, it is a she--just read on her blog..) must have smelled the catnip mouse! I sent one to my sister's cat a while back, Oliver's was green.  If you really want to see the cat w/ the mouse, Jackie posted a picture on her blog.

I think I finally caught my son's cold. (His cold just keeps hanging on, by the way.. He doesn't sound too good. He's got this cough that sounds like a barking Seal.)  Although I have been feeling like I have been fighting it off for three weeks now. Last night I felt pretty horrible. My nose was stuffed up. I made some lemon tea~ not the tea Jackie sent me, though :( since it has caffeine in it..  I didn't even finish it though; I was so tired, I just went to bed. 

My "Afghan With No Name" afghan is almost done!!!!  I am on the edging. It's all crocheted together. It's been laid out on the Living Room floor for about a week. I knew my husband was going to start complaining about it. (Plus I was getting sick of it being there/worrying someone was going to step on it/spill something on it/mess up my rows..) So yesterday I just finished crocheting all the rows together.  And last night, I started the edging. I need one more skein of the off-white now. So, stay tuned for a picture of the afghan. I need to come up with a better name for it. Hmmm...  "Aunt Mary Afghan"?..  "Flower Garden Afghan"? (The scrap squares are supposed to be "flowers")..  I don't know.  :P

Friday, September 17, 2010

Scrap Yarn Love..

I got an RAOK today! Look at the box of scrap yarns that Crochetmouse and her Mom sent me, from Oregon!! (Her Mom paid for the mailing of the box~ Thank you, Mom! :D)  I already divided all the yarns into: Scrap Afghan yarn, Yo Yo yarn, Baby Stuff yarn, Sock yarn (yay!!), and Miscellaneous yarn. :P   I was really running low on colors for scrap projects. I keep a freezer bag of  scrap balls and a hook in my car for while waiting in car pool for the kids. I had one ball of light blue left. So you can see how low I was getting!  And I LOVE the "Yarn Cakes"! They're so cool! I am not going to want to ruin them by crocheting with them. :P  Thank you so much, Crochetmouse and Mom. You don't know how much you brightened up my whole week!! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Afghan Progress...

These are all the squares for my "Afghan With No Name"; the afghan which my husbands' Aunt sent me a diagram/graph of the squares (and instructions on how she did each square); all laid out. The scrap squares are supposed to be "flowers"; with the light green & darker green the buds and leaves.  Some of the squares turned out smaller than the others. I don't know why, but I don't have the same amount of stitches on each edge. And, I ended up with two extra green squares, and an extra "flower" square. Which isn't a problem, since I'm in the Friendship Square RAOK CAL at Crochetville. :D  Anyway, this afghan is going to one of the elders I send things to at Pine Ridge. I also have another afghan I am about halfway done with, that I wanted to send to the other elder I send things to.  I am going to crochet the squares together on this one, with the wrong sides together and in the back loops. So there will be a "ridge" on the top. I already have two rows crocheted together. My husband is working again (he's had to work every Saturday for I don't know how long-- I shouldn't complain, but I miss him)  :(, I worked on it a lot today.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Friendship Squares

Here are all of the Friendshipghan Squares I have received so far. I layed them all out & took a picture of them.  I wanted to edge them in black. But I'm not so sure now. I'm so indecisive.. lol.  I have a couple squares to mail out. I didn't have an updated list. (Now I have one.) I have been finishing up things for the Bookmark Swap I am in. I completely finished all the projects for that, today. Now I need to finish the Lamb Sweater for my nephew. (Sigh.) I thought I was done with the neck. But it looked really tight. So I tried finding the end to unravel it. That didn't work and now I have a big mess.  :(  I hope I can undo it. I hate picking up stitches around necklines.  Maybe I can just sew up the sides/sleeves meanwhile.  I want to mail it to my sister before it is too small for him.  I am getting really burned out on knitting and crocheting. I think it's because of things I "have" to do...  Oh well. I haven't started any new projects. So that's good.  

I hope everyone is having a nice three day weekend. Back to the grind, tomorrow...  :/