Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Got Mail!!! :D

I was watering the trees yesterday, and kept checking the mail (well, looking down at my neighbors mailbox to see if his flag was down yet.. :P).  It was 4:50 pm and it still hadn't come!..  When I went out to move the hose to another tree a little later, I checked again. His flag was down! I looked inside my mailbox, and there was a big yellow puffy envelope!! :0  Then, I dropped another letter addressed to me. I got not one, but TWO RAOKs yesterday!! I am still so excited.  Look at the cute drawings on both of them.   A Dragonfly & Damselfly. A Giant Water Bug. And little notes about them. I love that.

And look, Jackie drew an Autumn Tree on the front. I LOVE it!!! I miss Autumn so much. I wonder how she knew.. (Maybe cuz I keep posting it all over, on Crochetville and here too probably? :P)  That meant so much to me. Thank you, Jackie. :D

And look at the drawings on the letter from Sandi, too. I just love it. She drew all kinds of things on the envelope, and in the letter, too.  So neat!!

See what the envelope meant by "Pen Pal"?  :P I love it!! And I love the pens. And the art on the envelope. And the card/letter.  I always want to draw things like that on my letters, but I'm not any good at it. When I was in high school, my friend and I used to write each other letters at least once a day, and fold them up and decorate the outside all kinds of ways..  (Dorky, but...)

Look at all the art!! Sandi made me a bookmarker with a scripture on it. It's so beautiful!!  Doesn't she have the loveliest handwriting?  And look at the loon she drew, I just love it.

And this is the back of the bookmarker.  
I just loved everything!! Thank you Sandi, and Jackie. I will be writing back to you both soon.
I was so excited reading them both; and looking at my pens, I forgot about watering the trees..  :/ Oops.  One got pretty flooded.  :P Maybe I could skip watering that one next time..   


Mimi said...

That is so cool, Tina, I'm loving the art and the pens! And your new pen pals are sweet :)
Lately I've been looking at our mailbox everyday, a bit frustrating since someone said she sent me a book and that was over a month ago - and I haven't gotten it :(

Vik said...

I like the small 4 pen set!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi and Vickie. I loved all the art, too, Mimi. :) I hope your book didn't get lost!! :(