Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Cards I Have Made..

Here are some cards that I have made.. I don't think I ever posted about them. I may have posted a couple. I made a card just like this red & blue balloon card, but the balloons were pink & purple. For my neice.  This is to see the "3d" ness of it.

This is the front of the card. I don't know if I mentioned, I just made this card up for our son last school year. He was having a hard time and was into "3d" stuff big time. So I made him a card.

This is another kind of 3d card, it's hot air balloons. I did this almost like the one in a magazine I have.

And this is one of my favorites I make, to send a couple tea bags.  I sent one overseas in a Greeting Card Swap I am in on Ravelry. And, I recently sent one as a little RAOK to someone on Crochetville.   Well I don't know how I did this or if I will ever be able to post more than one picture again, but... Yay!   A bunch of cards I have made... :P

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