Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crocheted Coffee Cup

Well since my Bookmark Swap partner received her package, I guess I can post the coffee cup I crocheted her. (I also crocheted three bookmarks, and knitted a catnip mouse for her cat).  This is from the June 2008 Crochet World issue. I was "supposed" to use cotton. But I didn't have "cobalt blue" looking cotton. So this Red Heart was the closest I could come to it.  :)  There is some goodies in there, too. (The catnip mouse was in there, you just can't see it. It was the same color blue, too~ but in wool.)   Anyway~~ I should post a picture of all the stuff she sent me! I loved it all. And still am. :P She sent lots of yummy teas, and some Instant Hazelnut coffee "tubes".  I had one the other day. It was yummy.  Since I still can't figure out how to post more than one picture here...  I don't know what to do. She sent me a lot. Here is my Crochetville Thank You post, though. :P   Oh, and while I'm at it, here's hers! You can see the bookmarks I sent. :P  I think the one of her cat getting into the box is so funny. He (she?--oh, it is a she--just read on her blog..) must have smelled the catnip mouse! I sent one to my sister's cat a while back, Oliver's was green.  If you really want to see the cat w/ the mouse, Jackie posted a picture on her blog.

I think I finally caught my son's cold. (His cold just keeps hanging on, by the way.. He doesn't sound too good. He's got this cough that sounds like a barking Seal.)  Although I have been feeling like I have been fighting it off for three weeks now. Last night I felt pretty horrible. My nose was stuffed up. I made some lemon tea~ not the tea Jackie sent me, though :( since it has caffeine in it..  I didn't even finish it though; I was so tired, I just went to bed. 

My "Afghan With No Name" afghan is almost done!!!!  I am on the edging. It's all crocheted together. It's been laid out on the Living Room floor for about a week. I knew my husband was going to start complaining about it. (Plus I was getting sick of it being there/worrying someone was going to step on it/spill something on it/mess up my rows..) So yesterday I just finished crocheting all the rows together.  And last night, I started the edging. I need one more skein of the off-white now. So, stay tuned for a picture of the afghan. I need to come up with a better name for it. Hmmm...  "Aunt Mary Afghan"?..  "Flower Garden Afghan"? (The scrap squares are supposed to be "flowers")..  I don't know.  :P

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