Saturday, February 11, 2017

Scrap Strips Blanket

I finished the twin sized scrap strips blanket. I started it early last year like March? I don't think it took me a whole year. But close..  And, I noticed the first strip (which was actually the last strip, I work backwards...) Is a lot lighter than all the other ones.  Hmmm. 

I was digging through my bag of paper/card making stuff today and saw my Iris Folding papers/printouts..  I thought "I want to do one of those."  Since I don't have any double sided tape to finish the actual cards I made...  I do have regular tape.   I haven't done a cat one yet. 

I racked my brain trying to think of a good background color to go with orange...  I think this is pretty good.  I really enjoyed making this. Which is something I can't say often..   I still do need double sided tape to finish it though.  I can wait a few days til payday though.  This is technically "scrap strips", too. But paper. And you need more than just strips you do need a couple strips of each color. Depending on what you are doing. Small shapes you would need less..  I think I posted the link for Iris Folding before but it has been a long time...  Here are a few I did before.  A snowman one I did..  I had another guitar one I started, too.  It's actually all done, I would just need to do the handle.. 

We had a 60 degree day a couple days ago (or maybe it was yesterday?).  And all the frogs came out!  I noticed this one on our house. It was there for two days. It's gone now.  Well I "had" to show it to Duke....  Ugh...  He was obsessed with trying to get it. But, fortunately for the frog, his legs are too short. :P   There was another frog on the pavement, but I think it was already dead because it wasn't moving when he tried to get it. We had to get it out of his mouth and throw it out of the backyard. 

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I finished another row on the mitered squares blanket. I actually have done five more squares since I took this picture. I decided to change it up and do one, two, then one on top of the first one, then another and another. Instead of straight across.  Isn't it amazing...  :P

Not a very good picture, but I started a Hufflepuff Scarf for Eon.  :D  He said he wanted one that was online (it was fleece, and had an emblem on it). I said (all excited). "I can knit you one!".  Of course he rolled his eyes and said "I don't want that crochet stuff." :0  I said "I can knit one, not crochet.." He wouldn't even look at any on Ravelry. :(  Well, later on I asked him again and he said, "Maybe THAT one." So, I started it. It's the Vintage Hufflepuff Scarf, a free download at Ravelry. We missed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, in the theater. So, now we have to wait until it comes out on DVD..

Saturday we were low on food. I was thinking about making  french toast, but we didn't have any syrup. Or butter... I thought pancakes, but again, no syrup. Then I remembered the gazillion blackberries in the freezer... So I made some blackberry syrup. My husband would complain about all the blackberries this summer. But I said "It's free food, and it might save us one day." Well that day came..   :P We have since gone grocery shopping.

And I made oatmeal raisin cookies cookies, too,.