Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summertime Fun

I feel like I am crocheting my hands off lately. But I don't have anything to show for it...  lol. Here is a couple things I have done, though. Another Iris Folding Card, a snowman. I got the "pattern", here.  All my kids thought it was cool. Even the 19 year old, who stopped by; thought it was cool. The scarf was an old school newsletter. :P  And the center, "Iris", a Hershey's bar wrapper. Hee hee.  I love making something neat out of "nothing" like that, though.  My 19 year old wants one. He said he didn't know what kind he wanted, though. But I have something in mind, that I think he will like. If it turns out okay....

Here is something I finished crocheting. For the Holidays In July RAOK at Crochetville. I used this pattern: Little Wilds Crochet Business Card Holder. I did everything exactly the same, except I chained 28 to begin with. So it will be big enough for coupons (hopefully).

The lining fabric I sewed in. It turned out so cute. I want to make one for myself, and I don't even use coupons. :P  Oh, and I used this flower pattern for the flower: crocheted flower tutorial.  I am doing another one, in a different color; too.

Pool fun!! This is not our pool. (I wish!) We went over a friends' house this weekend for a BBQ.  They said "Bring your suits". I didn't bring mine. I did put my feet in the water, though. It was SOOOO hot. I had to go inside after a while.  The kids had fun, though.

They threw some water balloons at each other. :P

The 14 year old got a sunburn, because he wouldn't let me put sunscreen on him. It wasn't too bad, though. 

I think even he had fun. :) 

Then yesterday we went to the Fireworks in the Park, here in town. It was fun. But smoky (and HOT).  I was having a hard time breathing. I was worried about this guy, since he has asthma (and cigarette smoke will trigger an asthma attack). Plus there was all the smoke from all the fireworks... But he didn't have one. So that was good. :)

I hope everyone's summer is going well ~ or whatever season it is where you live! :) 

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