Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jetta Has a New Cousin!

Oh, just look at the adorable-ness!! Isn't he the sweetest thing? Meet Max, Jetta's new "cousin". Hee hee.  My brother got a new Boston Terrier puppy a couple days ago. He's six weeks old. He's SOOO cute! My brother fell in love with him. (He originally was going to get another full grown one, a female. But then he saw this puppy..)  :)

Sweetness <3

Look how little he is! That's my brother's foot. :P

Jetta is so happy she has a new cousin! (Not!...  Ha ha..)  I took this picture of her yesterday. She was acting like a Wild Dingo. (Yeah, like I have ever been around a Wild Dingo..) She was being crazy, though.  I got her pictures, in a few calm moments...  She will be six months old next Thursday. You can compare my profile picture of her to this, and see how big she's gotten. :)

This is the closest she has EVER been to one of the hamsters, and not ran away cowering, or thrown up. (For real.)  She just sat there, and watched the hamster.
:0 !!! She even smelled it! My husband said "The next step is eating it".  (He just is hoping..) I got the keyboard down for Eon yesterday and he was "playing" it. I said "Don't you want to take Piano lessons so you will know how to play some real songs?" He said "No I just want to do this"  (Boys...)  I did a couple videos on my phone. But I don't know how to upload them to my computer. :((((   I used to be able to, but we downgraded my phone plan (toooo expensive).   Oh well. At least I could make a video.  :)  

Here is a picture of a shrug I am crocheting for a (now) 16 year old girl on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I am completely done with the ribbing on one side, and about to this point on the ribbing on the second side, now. I worked on it a little last night; but I was too scatterbrained, and put it down...  I had been working on an SBT (Stash Buster Tote), but I ran out of yarn. This is my second one. Sue (TurtleLvr) gifted me two of her patterns on the Friendshipghan Squares CAL. I picked the Pockets-A-Plenty one, but she gave me the SBT, too.  <3

This is the first one I did. I thought it came out way too big, but then I went back & looked at the pattern and it said 14 inches tall. I didn't actually measure it, but... I think I'm good.  :)   I am sending this one out in the Holidays In July RAOK.   I made it with "Royal" blue, and "Delft" blue.  
Tomorrow we are going out to dinner with my friend from high school. She's coming in to town and we're going to meet for (Anniversary) dinner. She married her high school sweetheart (I knew him, too. Went to his house a lot, actually.)  I'm kind of excited. And really nervous. I don't know why?...  (Maybe because I haven't seen her in about twenty years..) 


petrow said...

I love the Boston pic looking thru crochet sites and came across the pic - have one myself my babe and never leave my side...the love of my life...they are darlin doggi's and your brother is going to fall in love more en more each day believe me...keep in touch and post as she grows older South Africa

Mimi said...

Omg, Max is so cute!...looks like Bob on Ravelry ;) Jetta has grown indeed, love the pic of him being cool with the hamster :)

Vik said...

Hello Tina! Max is adorable! I had the same thought Mimi had: it´s like Bob on Ravelry!
Molly my scottie liked this post very much and she finds Jetta and Max both beautiful ;-)

Tina said...

Thank you, all!! <3 My brother says his puppy Max is a handful. :P