Saturday, July 09, 2011

Iris Folding Cards

This is my latest fun thing to do. Especially when it's just too hot to crochet. Even inside with the air conditioning on...  O.o   My 19 year old came over and saw the "hamster" card I made for his little brother (last picture).  He thought it was really cool. He kept going on about how cool it was and couldn't stop looking at it. I kinda laughed and said "Do you want me to make you one?"  "Yeah... But I don't know what."  So...  Since he likes to play guitar, I thought I would try and make him a guitar one. :P  It turned out pretty cool, huh? Well I think it did, anyway.  I actually didn't make this one for him, even. But since I like how it turned out so much; I will try and make one for him, just like it. :D

Here is the very first Iris Folding Card I ever made. I made this one up, too. I didn't post about it, since I sent it to someone for the HIJ in Crochetville. But since she has gotten it now, I can post about it. :)   I have since then printed out an Angel pattern from this site. (Which is my new favorite site..)  :)

And, here is the "Hamster". I don't think I have posted about this one yet. It doesn't much look like a hamster to me. It looks more like a tail-less cat to me... Lol.   (It is the "Squirrel", I just didn't put the tail part on..) But..   Eon likes it.  (This is the one Evan saw & liked so much, too.)  So...  I guess it's all good.  :)

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Mimi said...

Those are really cute, Tina! So detailed and so unique...the guitar is wonderful!