Saturday, July 23, 2011

I somehow managed to finish a shrug. :P  This is from December 2010 Crochet World. It's called Simple Shrug. Which is basically what it is.  It was more time consuming than I thought. But not too bad. And it was easy enough for my pea brain. :P I just had to count to make sure I had the right amount of stitches each row.   I couln't get a very good photo of it. (I know.. On the floor?) But I put it on a hanger and it was too big.

I made it a size large. It's for a 16 year old girl I send things to on Pine Ridge. (Same girl I made the Tea Cake Box for..)  I'm planning on making another one for a 13 year old I send things to there, too.  I hope they like them.   I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease, "Burgundy Sprinkles" for this one. 

I finished a second SBT. This one is on it's way to someone...  :D 

And, I have been getting Friendship Squares!... This one is from Poland! I love the square, and the color. I had to go get some more black yarn. (I'm edging them all in black.)

This is from the US.  She sent me an adorable angel pin, too. And I love the card. <3  The colors in this one are so cool. I can't stop looking at it. :P

And another one! I love seeing all the different combinations everyone comes up with. Thank you everyone! <3 <3 <3  I think I am up to 17 squares now.

And, I got a Holidays In July RAOK! A Harlan Coben book, and a beautiful bookmark. <3  From someone in Colorado. I noticed the sticker on the back was a place by where we used to shop. (But, she lives in a different town~ so it wasn't the exact same store...)  It brought back memories, though. :)  I started reading this. I was going to read some more of it last night, but it was in my bedroom & my husband was already asleep in there. So, I read a crochet magazine instead. :P

A card I made for the Holidays In July. This idea came from an old Crafting Traditions magazine. The little bear is from Sue in Malaysia! I thought it would look so cute in this card.  <3  (And it did, don't you think?)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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Mimi said...

The burgundy shrug looks good on you Tina! From squares to bags to shrugs, and papercrafts too, you always manage to come up with something new! I still have to finish my WIPs, so I just posted some of my previous FOs :p