Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burn Out

I think I am getting burned out from making baby things for the OB Ward. I like making baby things, but that is ALL I crochet or knit, lately.  It's kinding of sucking the life out of me.  :(  This month (August) I sent one package, with three sleep sacks (plus hats), two sweaters (one with hat and booties, one not because I ran out of the peach yarn), and seven onesies.   Then, it's like a week away from the end of August. And they still need like 28 sweaters and blankets... O.o  I said I would work on sweaters that week.  This is what I got done.  Another sweater like Tia's Baby's Sweater. (I also sent Tia a sweater booties hat, and a blanket this month, too).   Baby Sweater Pattern.

These three sweaters.  I made some booties to go with the navy blue sweater, but since the socks/booties slot got filled up, I will save those...  This is the Bundles of Love Baby Sweater by Beth Koskie. Free Ravelry download. 
And, a concentric stripes sweater I had knitted a long time ago but never weaved the ends in for, or had any buttons..   So the grand total (including what I sent Tia this month for her baby):  8 sweaters, 3 sleep sacks, 5 hats, 2 booties, 7 onesies, 1 blanket.  Sheesh...    It is supposed to be a "No stress group".   But that's not how I'm feeling. O.o  Besides the baby things, I also have been making hats/mittens/scarves for the Preschoolers.  I finished five mittens, four hats, and two scarves.  And I am burned out.   The other thing is, I am not working any more; so it isn't like we have extra money to send things.  Every time my husband gives me money to go spend, I end up spending on sending packages.  

Eon has been in a "Freddie Krueger/Jason mood lately...  It all started because I forced Eli to go school clothes shopping with me one day.  He picked out one shirt that was red stripes. It's this one.  Their Dad said "Eli looks like Freddie Krueger in that shirt."  (Eli didn't hear him, though.) So one day he was wearing it; and we were driving home from school, and I said "Eli you look like Freddie Krueger in that shirt." :P    So, now Eon is on a Freddie Krueger/Jason thing...  O.o  (What did I do?...)   He watched the last half hour of  "Freddie vs. Jason" one night..  This is what happended later...   "Take a picture of me"... 

"Take another one...."   Lol   He cracks me up...

I feel like I have to explain why the chairs from the dining room table are in front of the windows....  One word: Duke.   I try to keep him away from the windows (they go all the way down to the floor practically).  He looks outside and barks at every single thing that moves outside. God help me if someone is walking down the road, or riding their bike...  O.o  He drives me nuts.  Then Jetta will start, too...  So I try to barricade the windows... I know it's weird..  But that's why there are chairs in front of the windows.  :P

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Field Trip Pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures of the field trip...   Day One was makiing and playing with marbles, and swimming. But our group played with marbles first, then made them.  Here's Eon playing marbles..

And, making his marble out of clay. 

His marble after it was baked. 

Swimming.  :)  

Day Two was "Reptiles" (a snake), "Toys of the 1800's", and a hike.  This is Elvis, the corn snake. Eon was about to touch him.  Eon wanted a snake for at least two weeks after this field trip..  (Thankfully, his Dad said NO.)  ;P

A lesson in how to tell the difference between a venomous and a non-venomous snake. Venomous snakes have a pit on the side of their face (venom pit).  And, I have already forgotten how to tell by their tails.  

Here Eon was making toys of the 1800s.  

And playing with toys of the 1800's...

He tried the stilts. (One time.)  Lol  

One of the toys...

These are the toys we made. (I got to make some, too..)

A few pictures of the park..

The dam.

The other side of the dam.

After that hike (it was over an hour long!); Eon needed a slushie. :)

I have some good news (to me).  Thursday night, out of the blue; Eon said "I want to get a hair cut. I want to get three inches cut off."  :0    Of course, he wanted to go right then, at 7:30 at night and I already had my pajamas on. He even asked me to cut his hair.  ???   I wonder if someone said something to him.  :(  I cannot stand his long hair (and he has had it cut!)  It's always hanging in his eyes, and stringy and he doesn't take care of it.  It looks terrible.  So I am happy... I think we are going to go today, because I need to go pick up a prescription. The place I get my hair cut is right by there.  Now we will have to do picture re-takes. (Sigh..)  But I think it will be worth the wait. :D

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another F.O.

I finished another baby set for the O.B. Ward/Unit.  I have mailed my package, too.  I don't know why, but I have been liking mint green with hot pink together lately.  :P  So I thought I would do a baby set in those colors. 

Eon has been having "boredom spells" lately.  I try to think of fun things to do.. "Do you want to make a bird feeder out of a milk carton?" (I recently bought some bird seed, but then realized all my bird feeders are in storage still..) "No..."  "Do you want to make things with card stock?"  "No..."   Then he will come up with random things like this.   Or putting glue all over his hand and letting it dry then peeling it off. :P  He also likes to make his own "recipes".   O.o  Using bisquick, and different flavor combinations. It all started with making Cake in a Cup. I didn't have all the ingredients for it one night, so he just started mixing stuff with bisquick to make his own.   I don't care. But...  I tell him to clean up the mess. Plus, it gets stuck to the bowl he cooks it in the microwave.  Sigh...   :P   At least he isn't addicted to the xbox, like his older brother. O.o     Today we might go "Window Shopping".  One day this week on the way home from school, he said, "I want to go to a bunch of stores and just look at things that we might be able to buy someday."  I kind of laughed. Then said "You know there is a term for that, it's called 'Window Shopping'." He said, "No, it's called looking for stuff you want to buy. I just thought of it."  :P     I will have to post pictures from the field trip last week. I took a bunch of them.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


...M-O-U-S-E....   :D   I crocheted a Mickey Mouse sleep sack and hat for the Pine Ridge OB Unit.   I think it is so cute! I want to keep it, but I don't have any use for it. ;P   I technically still need to sew the buttons on. Once I locate some white thread.

I had bought a Mickey Mouse Onesie at Dollar General a while back; but I ended up sending it to my girl Tia, because I thought it was so cute. :D  Then when I went back, they were all gone. :(  I looked at every Dollar General in town that I could find (so far, I have found four of them!? How many Dollar Generals does a town need? Lol..) No luck in any of them.  (I did find some other cute onesies that I bought, though..)   Anyway, I looked online for Mickey Mouse onesies, and found out that Kmart has them. Sooo....   Guess where I went?   They are sold in packs of three, though. So...   More money than just buying one or two at a time on clearance.  This is my big splurge. (Seriously, we are broke..)

This is a picture of what they look like, on the back of the package. Hopefully one of them will get placed with the Mickey Mouse sleep sack.  I hope to make a Minnie Mouse sleep sack, too..

I finished this sweater. It looks better in real life.  It's peach with turqoise.   I thought the colors would look good together?   Like I said, it does look better in RL...  I only had a little bit of peach left, and I made a hat to go with it, alternating stripes with the turqoise. But it came out way too big for a newborn. :( So I put it in the LOWO pile. I have three hats that were mistakes/came out too big, so far. Lol.  Hopefully this sweater will be able to get matched up with a hat that matches..

My latest box of what I sent Tia, yesterday.  I signed up for some freebies for newborns on facebook. I got the box of formula (there's two cans of formula, plus two bottles/nipples in there!) the other day. I immediately thought "Tia"  (that was why I signed up for it, in the first place..)  Her due date was the 9th. For some reason I had the 7th stuck in my head. I still don't know if she had the baby yet. Or what she is having... Boy, or girl..

This was a box I sent her a while ago. I'm only adding it, so you can see the Mickey Mouse onesie I was talking about earlier in my post.  It was $2.50 at Dollar General.

Eon is supposed to go on a two day field trip this week (not overnight).  I signed the form to be a chaperone, but no one has contacted me yet either way.  I am getting so annoyed with the schools here.  I emailed the teacher "in charge". I still haven't gotten an email back yet.    :/    On the one hand, I do not even want to really go (it'soutside a lot- they will be swimming, hiking, and other stuff).  Plus, what if I have to go to the bathroom? :(  But, on the other hand, because there will be swimming, hiking, and "bring your swim shoes to walk in the creek"; I want to go to make sure my baby doesn't drown, or get bit by a snake, or kidnapped, or mauled by a bear....   :(((((   And, I wanted to go to take pictures! I guess we will see...   Eon will get a "Souveniour T-shirt".  I think he is excited.  I do have to go get him some swimming shorts today (hopefully I can find some on clearance). He hasn't gone swimming in a long time.  I think his swimming shorts he has, are size 10 or 12. (Too small!)   

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Another Hungry Caterpillar Sleep Sack

I finished another one. I think I like this one better than the first one I made.  :)

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Sleep Sack, and Mittens for Preschoolers

I don't know where this came from.  :P  I never really was into Pooh Bear when my guys were little. They had Pooh Bears. Eli had a Pooh Bear musical thing when he was a baby. (The kind you pull and it played music until it went back to it's original shape..)  But I wasn't really "into" Pooh Bear. I had a friend/boss who was. (Maybe that's why I didn't like it... Lol)    But recently, I have been thinking it is sooo adorable. Every time I see baby things at stores, I say "Oh that is soo cute." My husband looks at me like I've lost it. Lol  I am thinking about the babies at the OB Ward, though. Not having another one.  ;)    I just used Bev's Newborn Pea Pod Cocoon pattern (without the knitted top- I actually did the top edging for the Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon on this one... )  For the hat, I used two different patterns. Because I was using worsted weight yarn, and the hat kept coming out too big (I now have two hats to send to LOWO, lol). So I used the Newborn Hat pattern for the hat part, and the Infant Bear Hat pattern for the ears.  I have been looking for a Pooh Bear onesie or cute little sleeper; to send with this.  I haven't found any yet.  

I don't know if I posted any of the mittens I have done, yet. I think I did post when I had three pairs done.  Well now I have three more pair done.  I had to make a Minion pair! :D   The green pair I actually messed up on. I didn't do the four decrease rows. So they came out small.  I will have to measure them. Maybe I will put them in the LOWO pile.   I started (actually, it's almost done) an earflap hat to go with the purple variegated pair.  I wanted to make a hat for each pair of mittens.  We'll see...    These are for the Preschool Drive for the Bundles Of Joy group on Ravelry.    The mitten pattern I am using is the Crochet Mittens for All pattern from Red Heart. Same pattern for the Minions. I just "minionized" it. :P Bundles of Joy is a "Stress and Guilt Free" group. So I don't know if I will finish the hats for each pair of mittens or not...   It seems like all the crocheting or knitting I do lately is just for Bundles of Joy.  I kind of want to make something for just me.  But I don't know what..