Tuesday, August 12, 2014


...M-O-U-S-E....   :D   I crocheted a Mickey Mouse sleep sack and hat for the Pine Ridge OB Unit.   I think it is so cute! I want to keep it, but I don't have any use for it. ;P   I technically still need to sew the buttons on. Once I locate some white thread.

I had bought a Mickey Mouse Onesie at Dollar General a while back; but I ended up sending it to my girl Tia, because I thought it was so cute. :D  Then when I went back, they were all gone. :(  I looked at every Dollar General in town that I could find (so far, I have found four of them!? How many Dollar Generals does a town need? Lol..) No luck in any of them.  (I did find some other cute onesies that I bought, though..)   Anyway, I looked online for Mickey Mouse onesies, and found out that Kmart has them. Sooo....   Guess where I went?   They are sold in packs of three, though. So...   More money than just buying one or two at a time on clearance.  This is my big splurge. (Seriously, we are broke..)

This is a picture of what they look like, on the back of the package. Hopefully one of them will get placed with the Mickey Mouse sleep sack.  I hope to make a Minnie Mouse sleep sack, too..

I finished this sweater. It looks better in real life.  It's peach with turqoise.   I thought the colors would look good together?   Like I said, it does look better in RL...  I only had a little bit of peach left, and I made a hat to go with it, alternating stripes with the turqoise. But it came out way too big for a newborn. :( So I put it in the LOWO pile. I have three hats that were mistakes/came out too big, so far. Lol.  Hopefully this sweater will be able to get matched up with a hat that matches..

My latest box of what I sent Tia, yesterday.  I signed up for some freebies for newborns on facebook. I got the box of formula (there's two cans of formula, plus two bottles/nipples in there!) the other day. I immediately thought "Tia"  (that was why I signed up for it, in the first place..)  Her due date was the 9th. For some reason I had the 7th stuck in my head. I still don't know if she had the baby yet. Or what she is having... Boy, or girl..

This was a box I sent her a while ago. I'm only adding it, so you can see the Mickey Mouse onesie I was talking about earlier in my post.  It was $2.50 at Dollar General.

Eon is supposed to go on a two day field trip this week (not overnight).  I signed the form to be a chaperone, but no one has contacted me yet either way.  I am getting so annoyed with the schools here.  I emailed the teacher "in charge". I still haven't gotten an email back yet.    :/    On the one hand, I do not even want to really go (it'soutside a lot- they will be swimming, hiking, and other stuff).  Plus, what if I have to go to the bathroom? :(  But, on the other hand, because there will be swimming, hiking, and "bring your swim shoes to walk in the creek"; I want to go to make sure my baby doesn't drown, or get bit by a snake, or kidnapped, or mauled by a bear....   :(((((   And, I wanted to go to take pictures! I guess we will see...   Eon will get a "Souveniour T-shirt".  I think he is excited.  I do have to go get him some swimming shorts today (hopefully I can find some on clearance). He hasn't gone swimming in a long time.  I think his swimming shorts he has, are size 10 or 12. (Too small!)   


paula said...

I like your sleep sack . . . you are crocheting up a storm, woman :)

Tina said...

Thanks, Paula. I can't seem to stop. That's okay, though. At least I'm not in a slump again. :)