Sunday, August 31, 2014

Burn Out

I think I am getting burned out from making baby things for the OB Ward. I like making baby things, but that is ALL I crochet or knit, lately.  It's kinding of sucking the life out of me.  :(  This month (August) I sent one package, with three sleep sacks (plus hats), two sweaters (one with hat and booties, one not because I ran out of the peach yarn), and seven onesies.   Then, it's like a week away from the end of August. And they still need like 28 sweaters and blankets... O.o  I said I would work on sweaters that week.  This is what I got done.  Another sweater like Tia's Baby's Sweater. (I also sent Tia a sweater booties hat, and a blanket this month, too).   Baby Sweater Pattern.

These three sweaters.  I made some booties to go with the navy blue sweater, but since the socks/booties slot got filled up, I will save those...  This is the Bundles of Love Baby Sweater by Beth Koskie. Free Ravelry download. 
And, a concentric stripes sweater I had knitted a long time ago but never weaved the ends in for, or had any buttons..   So the grand total (including what I sent Tia this month for her baby):  8 sweaters, 3 sleep sacks, 5 hats, 2 booties, 7 onesies, 1 blanket.  Sheesh...    It is supposed to be a "No stress group".   But that's not how I'm feeling. O.o  Besides the baby things, I also have been making hats/mittens/scarves for the Preschoolers.  I finished five mittens, four hats, and two scarves.  And I am burned out.   The other thing is, I am not working any more; so it isn't like we have extra money to send things.  Every time my husband gives me money to go spend, I end up spending on sending packages.  

Eon has been in a "Freddie Krueger/Jason mood lately...  It all started because I forced Eli to go school clothes shopping with me one day.  He picked out one shirt that was red stripes. It's this one.  Their Dad said "Eli looks like Freddie Krueger in that shirt."  (Eli didn't hear him, though.) So one day he was wearing it; and we were driving home from school, and I said "Eli you look like Freddie Krueger in that shirt." :P    So, now Eon is on a Freddie Krueger/Jason thing...  O.o  (What did I do?...)   He watched the last half hour of  "Freddie vs. Jason" one night..  This is what happended later...   "Take a picture of me"... 

"Take another one...."   Lol   He cracks me up...

I feel like I have to explain why the chairs from the dining room table are in front of the windows....  One word: Duke.   I try to keep him away from the windows (they go all the way down to the floor practically).  He looks outside and barks at every single thing that moves outside. God help me if someone is walking down the road, or riding their bike...  O.o  He drives me nuts.  Then Jetta will start, too...  So I try to barricade the windows... I know it's weird..  But that's why there are chairs in front of the windows.  :P


paula said...

Chairs in front of a window . . makes perfect sense to me . . Indy doesn't even need t see someone go bt . . once she gets the scent she starts . . I have learned to turn her out. Now, if I could just turn out the hubster telling her to be quiet I wold be a happy camper.

The other day she did her morning "BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! . . . " at the mailman. Before I realized it I heard him say, "Hi, Indy. What's up today?" LOLOL

But my favorite was this . . . we made an appointment to see about getting our yard cut by a family down the street who were starting up a new business. When I told her my address she said, "Oh, is that where Indy lives?" She had delivered mail and always talked to Indy too . . . LOLOL

Did the haircut happen yet?

Tina said...

That is too funny, Paula.

No, the haircut didn't happen yet. He said he doesn't want one now! UGH... I was soooo happy. I swear that kid changes his mind more than a woman. I should have gone out at 7:30 at night, in my pajamas and just gotten it cut that day! :/