Saturday, August 02, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Sleep Sack, and Mittens for Preschoolers

I don't know where this came from.  :P  I never really was into Pooh Bear when my guys were little. They had Pooh Bears. Eli had a Pooh Bear musical thing when he was a baby. (The kind you pull and it played music until it went back to it's original shape..)  But I wasn't really "into" Pooh Bear. I had a friend/boss who was. (Maybe that's why I didn't like it... Lol)    But recently, I have been thinking it is sooo adorable. Every time I see baby things at stores, I say "Oh that is soo cute." My husband looks at me like I've lost it. Lol  I am thinking about the babies at the OB Ward, though. Not having another one.  ;)    I just used Bev's Newborn Pea Pod Cocoon pattern (without the knitted top- I actually did the top edging for the Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon on this one... )  For the hat, I used two different patterns. Because I was using worsted weight yarn, and the hat kept coming out too big (I now have two hats to send to LOWO, lol). So I used the Newborn Hat pattern for the hat part, and the Infant Bear Hat pattern for the ears.  I have been looking for a Pooh Bear onesie or cute little sleeper; to send with this.  I haven't found any yet.  

I don't know if I posted any of the mittens I have done, yet. I think I did post when I had three pairs done.  Well now I have three more pair done.  I had to make a Minion pair! :D   The green pair I actually messed up on. I didn't do the four decrease rows. So they came out small.  I will have to measure them. Maybe I will put them in the LOWO pile.   I started (actually, it's almost done) an earflap hat to go with the purple variegated pair.  I wanted to make a hat for each pair of mittens.  We'll see...    These are for the Preschool Drive for the Bundles Of Joy group on Ravelry.    The mitten pattern I am using is the Crochet Mittens for All pattern from Red Heart. Same pattern for the Minions. I just "minionized" it. :P Bundles of Joy is a "Stress and Guilt Free" group. So I don't know if I will finish the hats for each pair of mittens or not...   It seems like all the crocheting or knitting I do lately is just for Bundles of Joy.  I kind of want to make something for just me.  But I don't know what.. 

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