Saturday, August 30, 2014

Field Trip Pictures

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures of the field trip...   Day One was makiing and playing with marbles, and swimming. But our group played with marbles first, then made them.  Here's Eon playing marbles..

And, making his marble out of clay. 

His marble after it was baked. 

Swimming.  :)  

Day Two was "Reptiles" (a snake), "Toys of the 1800's", and a hike.  This is Elvis, the corn snake. Eon was about to touch him.  Eon wanted a snake for at least two weeks after this field trip..  (Thankfully, his Dad said NO.)  ;P

A lesson in how to tell the difference between a venomous and a non-venomous snake. Venomous snakes have a pit on the side of their face (venom pit).  And, I have already forgotten how to tell by their tails.  

Here Eon was making toys of the 1800s.  

And playing with toys of the 1800's...

He tried the stilts. (One time.)  Lol  

One of the toys...

These are the toys we made. (I got to make some, too..)

A few pictures of the park..

The dam.

The other side of the dam.

After that hike (it was over an hour long!); Eon needed a slushie. :)

I have some good news (to me).  Thursday night, out of the blue; Eon said "I want to get a hair cut. I want to get three inches cut off."  :0    Of course, he wanted to go right then, at 7:30 at night and I already had my pajamas on. He even asked me to cut his hair.  ???   I wonder if someone said something to him.  :(  I cannot stand his long hair (and he has had it cut!)  It's always hanging in his eyes, and stringy and he doesn't take care of it.  It looks terrible.  So I am happy... I think we are going to go today, because I need to go pick up a prescription. The place I get my hair cut is right by there.  Now we will have to do picture re-takes. (Sigh..)  But I think it will be worth the wait. :D


paula said...

Can't wait to see the haircut pictures :)

Field trip looked like fun.

Tina said...

Now he says he doesn't want a hair cut, Paula!! Ugh.... Kid changes his mind more than a woman. Lol