Saturday, February 22, 2014

Postcard Stamp, And... I Got A Job!!

I recently got a new rubber stamp (I don't know why, I didn't go out looking for one..) My husband gave me some money and said "Why don't you go to Hobby Lobby?"  I did. But I couldn't find anything I wanted or needed. (Can you believe it?) I guess I just wasn't in the mood to shop. (I haven't been, lately).  Anyway I was looking at all the rubber stamps to see if I could find anything I liked. Then I saw a stamp to make your own postcards. I wasn't going to get it, but I thought; "If I don't, I bet I will regret not getting it.."   Funny thing is, Eon made postcards with the stamp before I have even used it. :P  (He cracks me up.)  He was home from school again yesterday because he wasn't feeling good. He sounded congested and like he was getting a cold (I think it might be his allergies, too). And he hit his head at school on Thursday. He said his head hurt so I gave him the ice pack and some tylenol..  Anyway he still didn't feel good Friday so I let him stay home...  And he made some postcards. The palm tree and the coffee (to go) cup and words are stamps and he drew the backgrounds. He said "I'm going to start my own post card business." Lol  I asked him if I could buy his coffee cup one. He said "Sure. $100."  Lol! I think we are going to have to give him a reality check. ;) 

Here's the back, and what the stamp looks like.  The top one got a little messed up. He was mad about that (did I mention what a perfectionist he is about some things? I wish he was like that about his homework/school...)  Anyway. He tried so hard (he stamped about five stamps.. then the front of the postcard, too. So he did pretty good!) to get them all right.  He has been doing melty beads, lately. But the latest project he is working on, he needs more beads for. And he didn't want to try a different one. He wanted to do "Art".  :P

And, guess what?.. I got a job!!! :D  (Finally!!)  I had been applying for this certain job forever. It kept coming back up on the site, and I would apply again... Well on Wednesday afternoon she called me (I didn't know what the number was at first), and asked if I could come in for another interview (she already interviewed me once, in December last year).  I said Yes! Then yesterday she called me and said she wants to hire me!  I am not sure if I am supposed to say on "social media" where I am working..  But.. it is part time. Mon-Fri. It will be good for me I think. I didn't think anyone would hire me. No one would even call back after I applied, anywhere. I even went to the Career Center in town to get my resume re-done and see if I could take any classes. (They still haven't called me about my resume, yet; either..) It has been six and a half years since I have had a job.  I was thinking I am just outdated, no skills.. No one will hire me. Maybe I should just go be a waitress again. :(  I even had Eli help me (um, do it for me..) make a flyer to clean houses again.  I really didn't know if I could do that again, though..    So...  I hope I will do good at this job. :)  Really don't have the confidence in myself that I used to.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Buffy Dog

I finished my Buffy Dog yesterday. I still call him Boofle, since that's what he is supposed to be like.  I still need to get a button for his belly. He turned out pretty small.

Even smaller than the original Boofle. Next time I make one (if I do); I think I will use a bigger size hook and maybe even yarn. I used an E hook and Bernat Baby yarn for this one. The ears and arms and nose were really difficult to do.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Eli's Birthday

His birthday was last month. I don't know why I didn't post any pictures anywhere. I think I thought, "People are sick of 'photo albums' on facebook... No one cares.." (Plus, I had accepted a friend request from my MIL... That's a long story.. I have since unfriended her.)  But... I don't know why I didn't post them on my blog.   Here are the helium balloons I got..

I decorated his bedroom door. (All while he was at school, on his birthday.)

This isn't the greatest picture, but he was actually smiling. (He was smiling because there was money in his card..) So I *had* to take a picture. ;)  He is my hardest child to shop for. He "doesn't want anything." Not clothes, not shoes... I have bought him new jeans, he won't even try them on. I had to return them. He only has one pair of jeans, and wears them all the time...  The only thing he is interested is his xbox/games. (Sigh...) He wanted a gaming computer (and asked for money so he could save up for one.) We told him we couldn't afford to buy him one, and he would have to save up his own money. (We just bought him the xbox a couple years ago. ) But then I think he decided he wants an xbox one. They *do* get outdated fast.. (xboxes)   Anyway~~

Opening his present.

Vans shoes.. (I had to order them in the mail.)  I thought he might like these. He needed new shoes, bad. I thought if I bought him some special shoes, it could be a birthday present... (They are expensive.)

Trying them on.. They fit. :)

The cake on fire. :P


And this is what the cake looked like. He just wanted a "chocolate cake". So, I thought, "I'm just going to make him one myself this year."  I used The Best Chocolate Cake recipe.  I don't remember what frosting recipe I used. Just a basic chocolate buttercream one, I know..  I looked all over town for fun cake toppers. I couldn't find anything he would like. So, I just bought a basic "Happy Birthday" candle set at Walmart. And the numbers 17.  I can't believe he is 17 already..

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Late Valentine's Day Breakfast

I saw this on Pinterest. (Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast. There's the actual website..)I couldn't make this on Valentine's Day (it was a school day). And I wanted to make it on a day we would all be home for breakfast. Which is usually Sundays. But my husband didn't work yesterday. There wasn't any heat on the job they were doing, so they couldn't do it. So we got to see him all weekend.  I could have mad it yesterday, but I didn't have all the ingredients yet. (Is that the story of my life, or what? ;P Lol)  Anyway. It's pretty simple. I probably didn't do it exactly like I was supposed to. I just cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, made french toast..

Spread it with Nutella then a layer of strawberries.

Here it is after two layers..

Then I put whip cream on top (and another layer of Nutella. Plus the extra strawberry juice. We didn't even put maple syrup on. It was sweet enough. And I thought "Wow, three pieces of french toast? Who could eat all that?" But, by the time you cut them out with the cookie cutters, they are pretty small.. So it was probably only a piece and a half all together, or maybe two pieces...  You could totally make this just regular french toast, too. :) 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

It's a day late, I know. But.. I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day. We don't usually do much. But I decided to make a heart shaped cake yesterday. I was going to make a chocolate cake (same recipe as Eli's Birthday Cake- I don't think I posted that?). But I didn't have enough ingredients. Then I thought, "I could make a yellow cake with any frosting." Then I thought, "I should make it look like one of those Conversation Hearts!" I thought it was an original idea, but someone else had thought of it before... (I googled it to see.) Anyway, I did have to go to the store after all. For the frosting. Since I didn't have enough ingredients for that, either. I just bought some candy letters. They didn't even have red writing gel.  For the cake, I just made an 8 x 8 square pan (it might have been 9 x 9, I don't know). And a similar size round pan. Then cut the round cake in half. With the square cake laying like a diamond shape, put the two round halves on top. I had to "carve" some off of the round parts, since they were a little bigger and didn't match up. I put a little frosting in between all the pieces, for "glue". :)  I think this might possible be the only type of cake I could get away with putting hot pink frosting on, in a house full of boys! :P

Look what my Valentine got for me. :D  I love the little Panda.  I got my husband a card and a Boofle Dog. His dogs' eyes are not covered, and his heart says "You make my heart happy".  I should have taken a picture of him.

I got the boys both little goody bags. Nothing much, just a few things of candy. We went to Walmart later and got them some microsoft cards, too. And I got Eon some Melty Beads platforms (?) to put beads on. He brought all his Melty Beads with him when we moved, but only had one of the shapes and it doesn't work for what he wanted to do.

Which was this. :D  A Minecraft Sword.  During their two Snow Days (don't get me started on their "Snow" Days..) Eon got bored so I was googling things to do..  He really likes Minecraft, and always picks up the Minecraft Swords in Walmart or this one book store (which is super over priced) we go to..   So here's his sword.  He isn't happpy with it (sigh...) So today I have to re-do it.  He made a cool heart (for Valentines Day) too. Which he isn't happy with, either. And I have to re-do. (Sigh..)  Can you say "Perfectionist"? ;) 

And, I finished my Boofle dogs' head. I've actually gotten two legs and almost the whole body done, too. It's a free pattern. Here is the link on Ravelry.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some FO's

I'm still here...  :)  I have been neglecting my blog. And not crocheting much or knitting. I got burned out, and didn't pick up a hook or needle for at least a whole week. :(  I don't know why.  I am still looking for a job. I don't want to go back to work. Not because I'm lazy. I just don't know how I can do it all AND work again. I do have some things to show that I have finished..  This hat scarf and gloves set. (I bought the gloves.) I don't think I posted this here yet. I know I uploaded it to Ravelry. It's for the PR group BOJ on Ravelry.  I haven't sent it yet, though. I think I have until March 1st to send it.  The hat is the All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat. The scarf I just chained until it was long enough, then did hdcs or dcs in the back loops.

A sleep sack I finished using Suzie's Ripple Sleep Sack pattern. I cast on around the top edge and did k2, p2 ribbing for four inches.  For the PR OB Ward.   This, my friends, is what I think I got burned out on. Making baby stuff. I haven't done one single thing this month. And I liked working on baby things. I don't know what happened..

When I kind of got in the mood to do anything again, I did these. But...  Then I realized I totally forgot to add the black stripe behind the eyes. (Sigh...)   I started these with the intention of putting a few things in my Etsy store.  I almost didn't put them in there. But then I decided to do it, anyway. I just added them at a discounted rate.

A Bow Ear Warmer I also added to my Etsy store.

This has been sitting there, unworked on, too. I love the Boofle Dogs I see in Walmart around Valentine's Day. (I ended up buying one, too. Still haven't decided what I am going to do with it..)   I thought, "There has to be a pattern for that, somewhere.." So I started googling. There is. There's actually a couple. But I wanted one that was online, for free. So I am making Little Owl's Hut Buffy Dog.  I got it back out this morning, to try and work on it some more.   I also wanted to see if there was a pattern for the Android Robot. (There is..)  

I am going to make some Valentine's French Toast this weekend. I saw it on Pinterest. Here's the actual website. Looks yummy.