Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

It's a day late, I know. But.. I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day. We don't usually do much. But I decided to make a heart shaped cake yesterday. I was going to make a chocolate cake (same recipe as Eli's Birthday Cake- I don't think I posted that?). But I didn't have enough ingredients. Then I thought, "I could make a yellow cake with any frosting." Then I thought, "I should make it look like one of those Conversation Hearts!" I thought it was an original idea, but someone else had thought of it before... (I googled it to see.) Anyway, I did have to go to the store after all. For the frosting. Since I didn't have enough ingredients for that, either. I just bought some candy letters. They didn't even have red writing gel.  For the cake, I just made an 8 x 8 square pan (it might have been 9 x 9, I don't know). And a similar size round pan. Then cut the round cake in half. With the square cake laying like a diamond shape, put the two round halves on top. I had to "carve" some off of the round parts, since they were a little bigger and didn't match up. I put a little frosting in between all the pieces, for "glue". :)  I think this might possible be the only type of cake I could get away with putting hot pink frosting on, in a house full of boys! :P

Look what my Valentine got for me. :D  I love the little Panda.  I got my husband a card and a Boofle Dog. His dogs' eyes are not covered, and his heart says "You make my heart happy".  I should have taken a picture of him.

I got the boys both little goody bags. Nothing much, just a few things of candy. We went to Walmart later and got them some microsoft cards, too. And I got Eon some Melty Beads platforms (?) to put beads on. He brought all his Melty Beads with him when we moved, but only had one of the shapes and it doesn't work for what he wanted to do.

Which was this. :D  A Minecraft Sword.  During their two Snow Days (don't get me started on their "Snow" Days..) Eon got bored so I was googling things to do..  He really likes Minecraft, and always picks up the Minecraft Swords in Walmart or this one book store (which is super over priced) we go to..   So here's his sword.  He isn't happpy with it (sigh...) So today I have to re-do it.  He made a cool heart (for Valentines Day) too. Which he isn't happy with, either. And I have to re-do. (Sigh..)  Can you say "Perfectionist"? ;) 

And, I finished my Boofle dogs' head. I've actually gotten two legs and almost the whole body done, too. It's a free pattern. Here is the link on Ravelry.

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paula said...

Your cake makes me want to make from scratch brownies . . wonder if I will . . . LOLOL