Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Late Valentine's Day Breakfast

I saw this on Pinterest. (Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast. There's the actual website..)I couldn't make this on Valentine's Day (it was a school day). And I wanted to make it on a day we would all be home for breakfast. Which is usually Sundays. But my husband didn't work yesterday. There wasn't any heat on the job they were doing, so they couldn't do it. So we got to see him all weekend.  I could have mad it yesterday, but I didn't have all the ingredients yet. (Is that the story of my life, or what? ;P Lol)  Anyway. It's pretty simple. I probably didn't do it exactly like I was supposed to. I just cut out hearts with a cookie cutter, made french toast..

Spread it with Nutella then a layer of strawberries.

Here it is after two layers..

Then I put whip cream on top (and another layer of Nutella. Plus the extra strawberry juice. We didn't even put maple syrup on. It was sweet enough. And I thought "Wow, three pieces of french toast? Who could eat all that?" But, by the time you cut them out with the cookie cutters, they are pretty small.. So it was probably only a piece and a half all together, or maybe two pieces...  You could totally make this just regular french toast, too. :) 


paula said...


Great idea :)

Tina said...

Me too. :D